30+ Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend From The Heart

Are you looking for Long distance relationship messages for boyfriendIf so don’t worry I have taken my time to compile long distance messages for boyfriends. Pick any that suits you and send to him.

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Long distance text. Love letter For boyfriend long distance Relationship.

In every relationship to succeed they is need for effective communication. Especially for long distance relationship, partners need to keep in touch both calls and text messaging.


This article contains Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend.

Long Distance Relationship Messages For Boyfriend

The following are long distance messages for boyfriend you should send to him once is about two months of meeting him.

“I went to chase my dreams to make life better for us. I know that I have to chase my dreams to make a better tomorrow for us, but I just realized that my dreams are not complete without you. I am really missing you dear”

“The very day you told me that you are leaving home to work, from that moment I felt the loneliness I never thought of. I know you are doing all for our future together. Each day I keep thinking of you, I hope you will come back soon.”

“You baby, I know we have to make sacrifices for our future and our kids. The words you told me that night that gave me the strength stay alone without you is still popping in my head. I am proud of the sacrifices you are making. Stay safe for me, I miss you. ” Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend From The Heart.

“Though we are few miles apart but I want to assure you of my love. You are the only one I still think about. I don’t have the change to hug and kiss you the way I want but my heart is always with you. I hope you are feeling same for me?”

“I don’t feel that you are far away from me. The text you send me every day, your lovely good morning messages to wake up to. Even during work you text me to let me know that you are thinking of me. I appreciate how you message and text me, you always say HI at the middle of the night even when you are weak.”

Romantic Words For A Long Distance Relationship

“I dream of you every night, my heart beat increase anytime I hear your name. This is to show you how much I’m missing you. I miss all the good moments we have shared together. I miss the way you carry me around the living room. I miss the way we play with pillow at each other. I am lucky to have you in my life. Wish time will fly; I can’t wait to see your charming face again. I MISS YOU

“You know if love is small absence ends it but when love is big absence increases it. My love, I miss you so much. I can’t wait to see you, what guess? I will kiss and hug you for days. Darling I am sending kisses.”

“I know you are not worried about me and you are not in doubt of my feelings for you. My love for you is harder than that of diamond, cooler like ice, beautiful like rose, shining like gold. My love for you can across any distance, LOVE YOU MORE”

“I have not been comfortable from the day that you left home. Why? You left me incomplete; half of my soul is with you. When will you return it because I miss you badly.”

“I appreciate God for such a wonderful gift he gave to me. Someone that can give me all I need even when we are few miles apart. You are not with me but you comfort me in distress and clean my things when am crying. Hurry home, I miss you.”

Heart Touching Long Distance Relationship Messages For Boyfriend

“I hug the pillow tight when I miss you. I see you in my dreams every. I hug and kiss you passionately. Get back home sweetie, the room is getting smaller.”

“It is hard not to hug you a for a day. It is hard not to plant a kiss on your face every day. It is hard not to have someone to make me laugh hard. It is hard not to show you how weak I am. It is hard not to show you how am crazy about you. I pray that time flies, I need you here Baby.”

“I hope you know that all is for good. I have to let go of your hands to hold on to your heart. I believe this will help grow our love. It will make us stronger. I know you miss me, I do here.”

“Missing you is the worst feeling in the world but it let me know how much I love you. Over here am dying and can’t wait to play with your mouth (kissing). I know distance can’t destroy our relationship but it will keep out heart together. When are coming back?”

Passionate Love letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

“The way that I am missing you, I can’t get you off my head”

“We are born to love and to be loved. Anyone who gives love deserves to be loved. You deserve it all, I want to let you that distance is not a barrier for my love for you. Also know that I am missing you. I am patiently waiting for you to come back.”

“You thought me the meaning of love. You proved to me that love exists. I thank God for giving me a perfect match for me. I will do everything to make you mine.”

“Every knock on the door make me think that it is you. Distance cannot reduce my love for you, it keeps getting stronger.” Heartwarming Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend.

“I know that it is difficult for us to cope. I know it is not easy for us but we are making the right choice for our kids. I hunger to kiss you each day.”

“I want to let you know that even if the distance between us is long, that my love for you wouldn’t change. I miss you mostly when I feel down, hope you feel same.”

Long Distance Relationship Messages For Boyfriend From The Heart

“You are always in my mind, even though you are far away. Thanks for trusting me and loving me with all your heart. I know is hard for you to cope with the distance issue but it worth it. Be strong sweetheart’ we will soon be together.”

“I am missing you that I feel so much emptiness in me. I wish am right there with you. I wish you are here to hug and hold me tight.”

“No matter how long you are not close to me, things wouldn’t be different and my love for you will not change.”

“truly am missing everything about you, starting from your hair to your toes. I am missing the way you smile and laugh. I hope we will soon be together. I LOVE YOU.”

“The code here is too much, but no one to hold me tight and make me feel warm. Please when are you coming back?”

“Lonely nights, it is always longer. I pray that each night pass that I may see your nice face in the morning. I just want to be with you.”

“I love everything about you. Though you are distance away from me but you make me smile each day. Thanks for your texts and sweet messages. Me and you forever.”

“Hello baby, I miss you so much. I thought I can stand alone in the darkness of the world but I couldn’t because my light is missing.”

“We are forever together but can never be apart. Though you are few miles away but my heart is always with you.”


Sweet Love letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

“The doctor has requested that my second heart should be returned, am writing this to inform you. Will you bring it back soon?”

“If only I can kiss you instead of missing you. I know we will be happy together but let’s do what’s right now. I MISS YOU SO MUCH”

“We may not be distance apart but my love for you is inseparable. I don’t just miss you, I MISS YOU”

“If is possible to close the eyes of people that saw you today, because am jealous of them seeing you. I don’t like to wait, but if it implies that I have to wait for the whole of my life waiting for you. I WILL”



Final Words on Long Distance Relationship Messages For Boyfriend From The Heart

Sending regular messages to your long distance boyfriend is important. It helps him understand that you care and love him though you guys are far away. Always make him miss and feel your absence.

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