Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received (Solved)


In this article, we will be discussing how to solve the problem of cash App payments completed but not received.

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received is a transaction that has been initiated but not fulfilled.

There are a few reasons that can result in this problem cash app payment is completed but not received.

Some of these problems include; connection problems, an unreachable server, insufficient funds, an exceeded daily limit, an anonymous sender, spam and frauds, typos, expired credit or debit cards, and older app versions.

Let’s get into how to solve the problem of cash App payments completed but not received, and how to solve other common cash App problems.


Why is Cash App Completed Payment but Funds Not Received


With Cash App, sent and received payments are generally available immediately. However, this isn’t always the case. Occasionally, you might find yourself facing a Cash App “Payment Pending.”

A completed Cash App payment but not received means that the transfer has been successfully initiated but can’t be fulfilled at the moment.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a common issue, and Cash App suggests you wait for a couple of hours for it to resolve itself.


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Reasons Why Your Payment is Being Delayed


Let’s further continue this article on Cash App payments completed but not received by discussing some of the common reasons why your Payment is being delayed.

There are a few different reasons why your payment is being delayed. The most common ones include connection problems, an unreachable server, insufficient funds, an exceeded daily limit, an anonymous sender, spam and fraud, and typos.

Some less common ones can be expired credit or debit cards and older app versions.

Let’s have an in-depth look at each.

  1. Connection Problems 

A slow and unstable internet connection is one of the most prominent reasons a payment may be marked as pending. If your device disconnects at any point during the transaction, your Cash App payment will not go through.

To avoid this, always make sure your device has a reliable internet connection before starting your transaction session.

  1. Unreachable Server 

At times, connectivity problems can occur on the other end. For example, bank servers and Cash App servers sometimes suffer from connectivity issues, or the two servers may fail to communicate with each other appropriately.

This issue significantly impacts the not-to-blame user and their user experience. Cash App usually takes care of the issue but, if you like, you can contact both your bank and the Cash App support team to locate the source of the delay.

  1. Insufficient Funds 
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Cash App can’t send what isn’t there. Although this one is a given, people sometimes fail to notice it. An account balance needs to have at least the payment amount sum to complete the transaction.

When this occurs, Cash App leaves your payment hanging until your balance is recharged. Once your account has sufficient funds for the transaction, Cash App will proceed with it.

To avoid this altogether, always double-check your balance before starting a transaction session. If you are running low on balance, click here to learn how to refill your account balance both online and in-stores.


  1. Exceeded Daily Limit 

With Cash App, you can send anything up to $250 within any week and receive anything up to $1000 within any month.

However, because this is not very practical, the app does let you increase this limit by verifying your account.

To verify your Cash App account, prove your identity by using your full name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your SSN.

So you can’t send payments if you’ve exceeded your account limit. Similarly, you won’t be able to receive payments from accounts that exceed their limits. To get around this, either verify your account or simply wait for time to resolve this issue.

  1. Anonymous Sender 

Because Cash App handles money, safety, security, and protection need to be optimal. In an attempt to protect your account from possible threats, Cash App automatically places payments from unknown and anonymous senders on hold.

The app will give you access to such payments only if you choose to accept them. You’ll be doing this at your own risk, so be careful who you choose to accept payments from.

  1. Spams and Frauds

Slightly different from the anonymous sender situation, Cash App has accounts marked as either spam or fraud.

If one of these accounts tries to send you anything, Cash App will directly block it before it reaches your account. A transaction blocked by Cash App can’t go anywhere.

  1. Typos 

Errors occur, especially when typing. A payment will fail if the $Cashtag, ID, or any other piece of information contains an error. Therefore, always double-check for any typos before completing a transaction.

  1. Expired Cards

Another reason for a stuck payment is an expired debit or credit card. When you use an expired card, the payment may not go through, and your bank may hold it until you get back to them.

You can check if your card has expired or not from the expiry date on your card’s backside.

  1. Outdated App

Application updates are made for a reason. So yes, your pending payment may be due to an outdated version of your Cash App. Hence, make sure you have the downloaded newest version of the Cash app on your device.


Receiving a Payment 


Cash App keeps track of all your received payments in your activity feed.

To access your activity feed through the app, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Cash App application and tap the “Activity” tab on your home screen
  2. Choose your payment of interest and check its status
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Missing Payments


Payments that seem to be missing could have been alternatively sent to other emails or phone numbers associated with you.

You can locate these payments through the following steps:

  1. Open your Cash App application and go to the profile icon on your home screen
  2. Choose “Personal”
  3. Append any missing phone numbers or email addresses.



Possible Reasons Why Cash App Says Completed But Not In Bank


  • Selected Standard Deposit method

There are two types of deposit methods in Cash App; one is standard, and the other is instant to transfer funds to the bank account.

Standard Deposits are free and take 2-3 business days.

Instant Deposits require your debit card, cost 1.5% per deposit, and are instant.

So, if you have not selected the instant deposit method, then your funds will not arrive instantly, and it will take 2-3 or even more working days to arrive in your bank account.


  • Cash-out on the weekend

If you cash out the funds from Cash App to your bank account on the weekend or a national holiday, it might take a few working days to complete the payment and reflect it in your bank account.

As most of the banks are closed or operate with less staff on weekends, your payment may take longer to arrive in your account.


  • An issue with your bank servers

If you have sent the payment or funds to your bank account on a working day and still they are not showing up then it might be the case that servers of your bank are facing issues.

The issues with the bank servers might get resolved in a few hours or even take a few days sometimes, you never know.

You can check the server status of your bank account by searching for the bank server status on Sometimes companies post status updates on Twitter as well, so, look out for that as well.


  • An issue with Cash App servers

Square owns Cash App and it has over 26 million monthly active users. With thousands of transactions going on in real-time, sometimes the Cash App servers might have technical issues.

This may fail your payment.

You cannot do much about it, besides, keep checking out the update from the support team.

You can check the status of the server of Cash App on the down detector page here.

You can also visit the Cash App’s server status page.


  • Your debit card is expired

If you are trying to cash out from Cash App to your bank account using your debit card, then it might be the case that your debit card has expired.

If your debit card has expired, then payment might be stuck in the middle, and your bank may hold it until you contact them.

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To check whether your card is expired or not, you can check the expiry date printed on the backside of the card.


What to do When the Cash App Says Completed But Not In a Bank


Have Patience;

Although many users ‘Cash app says completed but not in bank issues’, almost all of them get resolved sooner or later.

So, if your Cash App payment is pending, it is best to have some patience for a while before taking another step.

Contact Cash App support

If your payment is not showing up in your bank account even after waiting for some time, the best idea will be to contact the Cash App support team.


How to Check Your Cash-out Status on Cash App


The final point we will be discussing in this article on Cash App payment completed but not received is how to check your cash out on the Cash app.

To check your Cash-Out status:

  • Tap the Activity tab on your Cash App home screen
  • Select the transaction
  • Press the button at the bottom of the window
  • How to increase cash-out speed on Cash App

Having a debit card linked to your Cash App may let you convert pending Standard Deposits to Instant Deposits:

  • Tap the Activity tab on your Cash App home screen
  • Choose the deposit to expedite
  • Select Deposit Instantly

If the button is unavailable, then the funds have already been sent. They should arrive within 1–3 business days.




Finally, if you go through this article thoroughly you will find that all your problems regarding cash App payments completed but not received have been solved.

After having read this post, we hope that you understood why Cash App says payment is completed, but it is not showing up in your bank account.

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