Does Paypal Refund Money If Scammed?


PayPal has grown so vast and has gained millions of users, making it a good option for business owners and merchants to integrate into accepting payments from their prospective customers or clients.

It works in a business fashion, making it a good payment method for most e-commerce platforms available.

However, being a popular payment system doesn’t make it exclusive from fraudulent activities engaged by scammers.


How do you get a refund of money? probably when you have purchased a particular product you ended up not receiving the goods or rather what was expected wasn’t what was delivered.

PayPal offers quite several policies that protect its users from payment Scams, in cases where you are a victim of being scammed through online purchases, then, you are covered through the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy.

Haven said much, let’s dive into how you can easily get a refund of money after being scammed.


What is the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy


PayPal does have a purchase protection policy that guides its users from online purchase scams. 

When you buy something online, and you make payments via PayPal, and probably what was delivered isn’t what you were expecting, or rather, you end up not receiving the product(s) you have ordered.

PayPal claims that the purchase protection policy will help buyers get a refund of money from the seller or the merchant.

PayPal’s Purchase Protection Policy is a part of protecting buyers from purchase fraud, by giving them safe guarantees.


According to this policy, you are protected if:

  1. Buyers noticed a charge on their account, which wasn’t agreed for.
  2. Not Receiving Item Ordered
  3. Receiving an entirely different item, from the one that was ordered.
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Once you are a victim of any of these situations mentioned above, you are covered by the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy. Therefore, you have to make a payment dispute within 60 days, and it could take up to 180 days to resolve your payment dispute.


Does Paypal Refund Money If Scammed


Through the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy, you can get a refund of money back to your account, however, this is only possible when you file a payment dispute with the seller.


The steps to open a dispute with the seller are as follows:

Step 1: Open the PayPal Resolution Center Resolution Center 

Step 2: Log in to your PayPal Account.

Step 3: Tap on Report a Problem

Step 4: Select the Transaction which you want to dispute.

Step 5: Provide Reasons for disputing a transaction.

Step 6: Submit Dispute.


Once you have submitted a dispute, the merchant will be contacted, in the request for additional information regarding the payment. However, if the merchant fails to provide the information, then the money will be refunded back to you.

However, before the seller is requested certain information, you will be asked to provide information regarding the purchase and so on, which will enable PayPal to effectively carry out their investigations more easily.


How to Get a Refund From Your Bank Instead


How to Get a Refund From Your Bank Instead


If you couldn’t get your refund from Paypal themselves, then you can easily request a refund from your bank itself, this normally works in the form of Chargeback.

Chargeback implies sending a payment dispute to your bank, the card issuer in regards to a particular payment scam.

Chargeback also has its policy. To apply for a chargeback to your respective card issuer, you can simply get that done by contacting your bank customer care or rather through their online services.

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Therefore, when PayPal receives a chargeback request from your bank, then they freeze the amount, making it no longer accessible by the merchant until the investigation is completed.


Chargeback does cover the following areas of payment Issues:

  1. Ordering a product from a merchant and not getting it received.
  2. Transaction Error, debited twice from a merchant payment system as a result of a network glitch, or whatever that might have caused the double debit.
  3. Card Fraud, is when you identify a payment not authenticated by you, or therefore, have been a victim of identity fraud.


Therefore, you can as well make use of chargeback, probably when you identify a payment not authorized by you.


Can You Get Your Money Back on Pay Pal if You Get Scammed?


Yes, if it’s covered within the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy, then you can simply dispute a such transaction, by contacting PayPal Customer care, through the PayPal Resolution Center.

Ensure to inform PayPal not less than 60 days, and further investigation will begin in getting the money refunded back to you. If the person who scammed you refused to provide the necessary information, then you will get the money refunded back to your account.


What Do I Do if I Get Scammed on Pay Pal?


What Do I Do if I Get Scammed on Pay Pal?


Whenever you are scammed on Paypal, you can simply contact the PayPal Resolution Center, by login into your PayPal account, once you successfully dispute such a transaction, you will certainly get your money back, after a couple of days.

If the process taken by PayPal is seemingly to bring no results, then you file a dispute with your credit card issuer, probably the bank who issued the bank card to you.


Will Pay Pal Cover Me if I Get Scammed?


PayPal does have several protection policies, one of them is the Purchase Protection Policy, this policy helps to get you covered in terms of scams related cases.

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Therefore, if you are a victim of being scammed, then you can simply dispute the payment on Paypal, and the necessary investigation will begin.



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If you are being scammed in PayPal, PayPal does get you covered, through the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy. Once your dispute is covered by this policy then you are good to go.

Hover to the PayPal website, navigate to the transaction where you were being scammed, and file a dispute regarding the transaction.

Filing a dispute on PayPal is quite easy and Straightforward.

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