How To Dispute A Charge On Wells Fargo?


Disputing a charge is something you will certainly find yourself doing, not only does it give you total control over the Billing process, but it also helps you get a refund of a particular payment dispute that you have identified.

Banks, both traditional banks, as well as online banking and several financial institutions, offering debit or credit cards, try as much as possible to allow their customers to engage in disputing a charge.


Therefore, Wells Fargo doesn’t seem exclusive in this rave, if you have recently made a payment with your Wells Fargo bank card, either the debit or credit card and thereafter, you notice an unusual charge, then you can simply file a transaction dispute to get a refund.

People do dispute a charge for several reasons. Therefore, the reason why you might want to dispute a charge may be quite different from the reason why another person will want to dispute a charge.

Therefore, in this article, I will be showing you how you can dispute a charge on Wells Fargo, without any difficulty.


How To Dispute A Charge On Wells Fargo


It is completely legal to dispute a charge made with your Wells Fargo Card, so you shouldn’t have any worries, unless, if you are disputing a charge for the sole aim of fraud, then that will attract several legal punishments.


As mentioned, there are several reasons why you might want to dispute charge, which is as follows:

  1. Ordering a product from a merchant and not getting it received.
  2. Transaction Error, debited twice from a merchant payment system as a result of a network glitch, or whatever that might have caused the double debit.
  3. Card Fraud, is when you identify a payment not authenticated by you, or therefore, have been a victim of identity fraud.


So if you happen to fall under any of these categories, you can simply file a charge dispute to get a refund of money.

If you want to dispute a charge on Wells Fargo, it can be done in two steps, either by contacting Wells Fargo, or rather contacting the Merchant, in a case of a buyer-seller issue.


Contact the Merchant


This is the first thing you will have to do, to dispute a charge on Wells Fargo, the process can be easy and likely produce faster results.

Once you can have the merchant contact address, which can be found in the platform where you had purchased the product, then you can simply request a Refund of money, if truly you didn’t receive any product ordered.

However, this method may not end as successful as you may think, in a situation, where the merchant is not ready to refund the money, then, you can simply follow the second method of disputing a charge on Wells Fargo.


Dispute a Charge on Wells Fargo


This is also another process, where you can simply dispute a charge, that is if the first method doesn’t turn out successful.

Every card issuer has support for disputing a charge by their customers, this can be done, either by filling a dispute for a charge on their Online platform or rather you can simply contact Wells Fargo customer care.

This method of disputing a charge will work just fine with every situation you may have gotten that made you want to file a dispute.

The downside of this method is, that it could take longer to get a refund of money, unlike the first method, in which a refund can take place once the merchant replies to your request.


How Many Chargebacks Are Merchants Allowed?


Wells Fargo frowns on merchants having too many chargeback cases, therefore, it is recommended not to have more than one 1 chargeback for 100 transactions. 

In getting it right, the number of chargebacks you can get is 1% of all your transactions.


How Do I Dispute a Charge on My Wells Fargo Credit Card?


If you notice a particular unauthorized transaction on your credit and you want to file a dispute for the transaction via Wells Fargo, then you can simply contact Wells Fargo customer care at 1-800-390-0533.

Or you can sign up on their online platform, where you can file a dispute at the Account Service in the More Menu. Wells Fargo tries to ensure that payment disputes are resolved within a short period.


How Can Merchants Prevent Wells Fargo Chargebacks?


It is not a good business to have a lot of charge disputes, therefore, to get this right, there are certain things you need to pre-do, to prevent chargebacks on Wells Fargo.

Therefore, if you are offering a true and honest service, you can prevent chargebacks through the following ways:


  1. Providing an accurate description of the item you intend to sell, can be done by stating every feature associated with the product you are selling, adding photos, and short videos which will portray a good view by the buyer in knowing what he or she is buying.
  2. Make a defined and clear terminology on refund policy on your website or business platform, and let it be in a place where it will be easily seen and understood by your buyers or customers.
  3. Provide accurate contact information, this is because, if your customers can get your contact information, they will be able to contact you regarding an issue, instead of filing a dispute with the financial institution.


Can You Dispute a Debit Card Charge?


It follows a similar process to file a dispute for a credit card, you have to first of all contact the Merchant and if no response from the merchant, then you can consider contacting Wells Fargo customer service.



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In this article, I have shown you how you can easily dispute a charge on Wells Fargo, therefore, if you have experienced a transaction not authorized by you, or rather a merchant failed to deliver certain goods, then, you have no option but to file a charge dispute.


Wells Fargo tries to ensure that the customer has a refund of money if a customer is legit. on the other option, if the charge dispute seems to be a fraud, then you have no money refunded back to you.



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