Is Rewards Giant Legit? Rewards Giant Review From User


The user’s review shows that Reward Giant is a scam website. Therefore, it is seemingly that reward giants don’t offer to their users what they claimed, many users have expressed how they were scammed by Reward Giant.

Meanwhile, let’s get to know what Reward Giant is,

You might have certainly seen the reward giant advertisement while browsing through a website or navigating through a mobile app. Reward Giant is a cash-back reward program that is located in New York.


According to Reward Giant, you will be rewarded with a $750 worth of gift card, or Amazon card, by doing several activities or deals on Reward Giant.

These activities range from playing games online to downloading mobile apps, subscription offers, etc.

Reward Giant is similar to Flash Rewards, you have to complete certain deals before you can be rewarded.


We live in a world, where everyone keeps searching for means to make legit money, however, due to the $750 SheIn gift card offer, you might be attracted to get started with a reward giant.

Therefore, you may be wondering if the reward giant is actually legit and truly offers what they propose.

In this article, I will be giving you a comprehensive review of the reward giant.


Is Rewards Giant Legit?


This is the first question anyone who wants to engage in a reward giant will ask, however, the reward giant does claim that you will be rewarded with a Shein gift card by completing several deals or offers.

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Determining if reward giant is real depends on the reviews made by users, however, reviews from Trustpilot, show that reward giant is a total scam.

Therefore, you shouldn’t put your personal information or money in it.


Some of these offers will require you to make a subscription by paying some amount of money or buying game characters. Once you can complete a deal, then you will be rewarded with a Shein gift card.

The amount of gift card that you will be given depends on the present level you are, at and the number of deals you have completed.

If you are to get the $750 Shein Gift card, then you need to have considered making up to 20 deals and must be in level 5.

While for a $1000 Shein gift card, you must have completed up to 25 deals and so on.


Rewards Giant Requirements


Before you can begin getting rewards on Reward Giant, you must have met certain requirements stated by the reward giant. If you do not meet these requirements, then you may not be able to redeem your rewards.


However, the reward giant requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be a resident of the US and must be at least 18 years.
  2. You must complete the respective deals, at each level, you should also know that some deals will require you to pay some amount of money.
  3. You must provide accurate and correct information, such as full name, a valid phone number, home address, etc.
  4. You must have a US ID to get your rewards.
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Is Reward Legit Real?



User’s Reviews, source:


  • By Setman

I nearly fell for it but I had a feeling that Google isn’t going to be in the habit of giving out £1,000 amazon vouchers for free. I checked out the website reviews and I’m so happy I did that. This is a scam!!

ALWAYS check a website’s trustability before putting in personal details…


  • By BOGO, 

Scam site. Don’t know why IT allows them to advertise their runaround scams. Always read the T&C’s, there is no way you will get a $750 voucher from a non-affiliated “business”.

You can read more reviews from Reward Giant Review (Trust Pilot)


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Reward Giant seems to be a scam website, and therefore, you can save your money and personal information, by staying away from them.

Most users have expressed how they were scammed by reward giant, therefore, if you are looking for another legit platform, where you can simply spend your time doing a few activities, and get rewards, then you can try flash rewards.

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