Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend [50+ Messages]

Long birthday messages for boyfriend. I know you have been searching for the perfect gift to give your boyfriend. I am a guy I will tell you the truth, no gift will my girlfriend give to me that I will value more than that heart touching message, text or letter that shows how much she loves, value and have been wanting to be with me.  This can serve as birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance.

Writing heart touching birthday messages to your boyfriend will not only show him how much you love him but it will increase the love bond and relation. No other way is best to prove your love to someone than your words from your heart.

Do you know one funny thing, after you are done giving him this romantic birthday letter? He will read it over and over in secret places, when he misses you, before he goes to bed etc. Think you are about to serve your boyfriend the best gift in the words because is from the heart. Fill his day with long birthday messages for boyfriend.

Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

The following are birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance, copy and paste for him.

“Shouting Happy birthday to the love of my life, I can’t ask for a better boyfriend because you are the best. You have taught me so many things and I really appreciate. Today I will tell the world that I am the luckiest girl on earth having you as my boyfriend. You gave me the true meaning of love. Happy birthday baby, happy birthday sweetie! Happy birthday the love of my life!!”

“Happy 25th (year) to my gossip partner, my best friend and the love of my life. Happy birthday to the father of my unborn sons and daughters. Thank you so much babe, for making me your girlfriend. I love you so much, thanks for been there for me.”

“Happy 20th birthday to the love of my love. I am expecting you to grow old here you are younger (emoji for laugh). I pray this your new age will be special as you look. You mean the world to me, I love you so much. You are a blessing to my life. I look forward to spending many years with you. Happy birthday honey.” Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

“Happy birthday to you sweetheart, I know you hate celebrations but I can’t stay without celebrating you. Thanks for always putting my need first, taking good care of me when am sick. I love you so much. I love the way you hug me and tell me and beautiful. I love the way you kiss me and tell me that I am the best. I can’t put all into words how much you truly mean to me. Thanks for your impact. Thanks for being the best teacher in the world. Thanks for being you; I am happy that I have you in my life. Happy birthday my heart bearer.”

“Happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend, I love you so much. I am grateful to God that you have completed another 365 on earth. You are nice and kind heart. In all am glad I found you in my life.” Happy birthday text message for boyfriend

“Happy birthday to the most handsome man on earth. Before I met you, I taught will is my purpose of existence. Now I know why I am on earth, just because of you. Thanks for been there for me. Thanks for you love and care; you are the best boyfriend on earth. Happy birthday love”

Emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend

“Screaming Happy birthday to my precious. Hope I am the first to wish you happy birthday because I want to be. I want to appreciate you for all your good deeds. I love the want you kiss me. I enjoy your company so much. I love all about you. Happy birthday dear, enjoy your day.”

“Happy birthday to the selfless, sweetest, kindest, amazingly perfect man. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as her boyfriend. Life is better and sweeter with you. I love you so much. Hope you are ready for the fun filled day.”

“Happy birthday to my most caring. Have in mind that I am always here for you when you need me most. Thanks for being my spiritual companion. Let’s continue to serve God with all our heart.” Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

“I thank God so much for sending an angel into my life. I want to say thank you for everything, thanks for your love and care. Happy birthday to my world, you are the best. I wish you the entire good thing in life and more blessings from God. Happy birthday sweetie”

“I must say you are the best, talented and funny boyfriend. You inspire me and make me to be the best of who I am. You are always there for me. Thanks so much for being in my life. Thanks for you care and motivation. Good to know this is the 2nd birthday I am spending with you. More birthdays together dear.” Birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance

“If someone prophesy to me a year ago that you will be my boyfriend, I will say is a lie. Here we are today and is reality. Being able to call you my boyfriend puts the biggest smile on my face. I hope you got a surprise this morning. Happy birthday my cupcake, I love you so much.”

“Happy birthday to the most precious person on earth. Happy birthday to my special, awesome boyfriend, husband and dad! Thanks for being there for us. Happy birthday to my heart bearer.”

Happy birthday message for boyfriend long distance

“Happy birthday sweetheart, I wish all the men in the world will be like you because you are the best boyfriend in the world. You such an amazing partner, I love you so much. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart!”

“I want to wish you the happiest birthday on earth. Happy birthday you sweetie, I want to thank you for your care. You have been there for me during happy and difficult moments. I love you so much; I can trade you for anything.”


“Happy birthday dear, on your day I want to wish you for our love to always stand by each other. I promise to always be there for you. Happy birthday, enjoy your day.” Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

“Today is a special day just because of you. I know they will be no wish enough to tell you how much you mean to me. But I must tell you that I am happy for the world we are building together. Have a beautiful day, happy birthday to my charming boyfriend.”

“Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. Today, I am not only celebrating your birthday but our years of been together. I celebrate the man you have grown to be and you are becoming. I celebrate you for all you love, care and time for you. I celebrate you because you are the best. Hope you are ready to catch fun it.”

“Happy birthday to my favorite man, happy birthday to my second half, you make me feel complete and perfect. Continue to be the best that you have always been. Have the best and fulfilling New Year. Happy birthday to my extraordinary boyfriend.”

Cute birthday messages for boyfriend

“Happy birthday pretty, yet you are the only guy that’s pretty. You are too fine to be called handsome, you are beautiful. You are the only boyfriend that deserves everything perfect. I pray for more blessings this new year.”

“Happy birthday to my one in a million boyfriend, you are as precious as gold. May the New Year bring sunshine, blessings, open doors, and positive vibes to your ways. Are you ready to catch fun today?” Birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance

“I can’t forget how you make me feel, you make me feel whole and completely perfect. On your birthday I want to want you tons of goodness and blessings. Keep working hard, a lots of goodies are waiting for you in this new path. Happy birthday handsome, the cutest boyfriend in the world.”

Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

“Happy birthday to my charming angel, I am sending a precious gift to you. Ten thousand kisses, hope you got them. I am thankful for having you as my boyfriend. You are so compassionate and understanding, happy birthday to the man I love.”

“Happy sweet birthday to the man I love. Your love is as hard as rock and it is unchanging. You know that you are a special person to me. Me and you forever, enjoy your day baby.”

“I lack words to describe our love. I am so happy for you, happy birthday dear hope you are ready to catch fun today.”

Birthday wishes for boyfriend funny

“You are smart, sweet, strong, and incredible, when it comes to boyfriend you have it all. I wish you happy birthday, prosperous new age.”

“I am not wrong when I call you mister Right. I don’t know how you mange to know all the right things. You are amazing and handsome. Big thanks for your love and care, happy birthday sweetheart.”

“Life with you is a dream that turn into reality. Today, I want to tell you thanks for being the best lover on earth. I love you boy, happy birthday.” Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

“Thanks for treating me like a princess. Today, on your birthday I want to treat you like a prince. Hope you are ready to party, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET”

“Since I met you life have been better. Happy birthday to you dear, thanks for all your positive influence. I love you.”

Birthday wishes for boyfriend romantic

“Life is much better since I met you. Thank you for being the best boyfriend in my life so far. Happy birthday my lover boy, I pray nothing will sent us apart.”

“Happy birthday to my first love. Happy birthday to the boy that is the first thing on my mind every morning and the last one on my mind each night. I can’t wait to see you on this special day.” Happy birthday wishes to my lover

“How can I explain the love I have for you. Wish words can describe it. Happy birthday to the one that holds my heart in  his hands.”

Final Words On Long Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

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