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Growing up as a young boy, I thought that my parents are rich. I got to know that my parents are in the lower grade of middle class. All we can afford is 3 square meals per day. Financial literacy was all I wanted. Growing up with an educated Dad that overworked himself for a paycheck and complain every month’s end of not meeting up with the bills.

I wanted something different for myself, making and managing money is a lifetime lesson. With no second thought, I took on the journey of money-making building from scratch. 

I failed in many businesses and offered freelancing services while I try building my own business. After failing in about 7 businesses within 4 years, I had my breakthrough. My first successful business took off and grew to $5,000 per month with a compound value of $140,000 evaluation. I enjoyed the return and reinvested to build others. 

My Name is Jon, I created this website to share what learned and how I achieved this milestone. My financial journey is just getting started




Our website/Blog is focused on giving you tutorials on how to enjoy Internet banking and Other Financial Information.

We intend to help you understand how finances/money works.

From time to time this blog will be updated with information on money making, investment, and how to manage your wealth.

You also give insight into building a business. How to build an asset and basic information about various banks around the globe.


Why Us


This blog has many researchers, each article goes through a financial editor before it is published. 

Over the years have grown this website and shared my experience on the quest of making money and gaining financial freedom. 

What I share on this website is what I try out myself. The articles are 100% informational ranging from the use of cash app, chime, and apple pay to other online payment platforms.