First Bank Sort Code In Nigeria 2022 (UPDATED)

first bank sort code

The first bank has over 300 bank branches in Nigeria. Each first bank branch has its unique sort code. This page contains a list of the First bank sort codes and their branches in Nigeria. Sort code is a 9 digits number that represents the bank branch. This code is used especially when you want to transfer money.

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List Of Heritage Bank Sort Codes In Nigeria 2022

heritage bank sort code

Heritage bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. In this article, I will be sharing with you the latest Heritage Bank Sort Codes. Sort codes are required when you are making some bank transactions. It is required when you are transferring money from a heritage bank to another bank.

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Sterling Bank Sort Codes And Branches In Nigeria 2022

sterling bank sort code

Sort code identifies the bank branch where an account is a domicile. It is used when you want to transfer money from one bank branch to another bank branch. You will also need to sort codes when you want to perform some online transactions.

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Union Bank Sort Codes And Branches 2022 (UPDATED)

union bank sort code in nigeria

This page contains a complete list of Union Bank Sort Codes and branches in Nigeria. Each bank Branch has its unique sort codes. Sort codes are 9 digits code, the first three digits represent the bank and the next digit represents the area code where the bank branch is located. While the last three digits represent the bank branch.

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Unity Bank Sort Codes And Branches 2022 (UPDATED)

unity bank sort code

Have you been searching for Unity Bank Sort Codes? You don’t have to worry any more. This page contains all sorts codes for Unity banks in Nigeria. Each bank branch has its sort code. I have taken my time to arrange these codes for you.

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