How To Get Academy Sports Credit Card Login


In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about the academy sports credit card. Starting in 1938, Academy Sports managed a $5+ Billion sale in the 2020 financial year.

Customers can purchase sports items through the online website and 259 academy stores located in different cities in the United States.

Keep reading this article on the Academy sports credit card login to know more about the academy sports credit card.


Academy Sports Credit Card


Let’s briefly look into some of the features and important benefits of the Academy sports credit card before we can go on discussing the academy sports credit card login.

Academy offers Academy Sports and Outdoors Credit Card to all eligible customers in partnership with the Comenity Bank and all customers can take the benefits of a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience with the help of the Credit Card.

Cardholders will also be eligible to earn reward points and access the exclusively discounted products. There are many benefits of this Credit Card mentioned below.

  • Get a 5% discount on all products purchased online or through the stores.
  • Cardmembers will be eligible for free standard shipping if they make a purchase of $15 or more on the online website
  • If you apply the first time you will get $15 off on your first purchase as an introductory offer.

Fee and charges:

There is no annual fee for this card. You will have to pay a $41 Panel for late fee payment and Returned payment. However, if you were not charged a penalty in the last six billing cycles then the penalty fee will be $30.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be 26.99% which will vary according to the prime rate.

You will have to pay a minimum of $2 interest in case of an interest charge. Foreign transactions will be chargeable.


Academy Sports Credit Card Login


All existing Academy Sports Credit Card members can log in online and manage their accounts. The login process is given below. Please have a look.

Academy sports Credit Card Login process:


  • Step 1: Open the official Academy website

First of all, you will have to open the official website which is accessible at

  • Step 2: Open the Credit Card page

The Academy Credit Card link is located at the end of the official website (as shown above). Move down the homepage and click this link.

  • Step 3: Open Academy Comenity credit account page

On the next page, you will see Academy Credit Card information. Now you will have to click the Manage link (as shown above).

  • Step 4: Click the Sign In link
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After clicking the Manage link, the Academy Credit account page on the Comenity website will appear on the next page (as shown above). You may also visit this page directly by clicking the link.

As you can see there is a Sign In link available below the top menu. Click this Sign In link to open the login form which is invisible right now.

  • Step 5: Login by entering your login credentials

Once you click the Sign In link, a login form will be visible on the right side (as shown above). Now enter your Username and Password and click the Sign In button to log in on the account management page.


Register Your Credit Card With An Online Account


If you already have a Credit Card then you must register online and create an account to take the exclusive benefits of online account members. After making an online account you will access the below-mentioned facilities.

  • Check online account summary and balance.
  • View and download your monthly Card statements.
  • Pay your Credit Card bill online and set up the automatic payment through any bank account.

Manage your alerts online and set the preferences according to your convenience.

Manage and update your personal information.

Enroll in a paperless statement through your account.

Register an online account:

2-Click the Register Now link located at the top right side. Register link is also available below the login form.

3-On the next page, you will see a registration form.

You will have to enter the below-mentioned information in this registration form.

Credit Card Account Number

ZIP Code

Last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number (SIN).

  • Step 4: After that click the Find My Account link. The system will search your account information according to the details you have provided.
  • Step 5: Once the system identifies you, you can create your User id and password for our account which will be used for future login purposes. Now you are all set to use your online account.


How to Apply For a New Academy Sports Credit Card


Applicant must fulfill the below-mentioned basic eligibility criteria:

Be at the age of majority in your state or territory;

Applicant must have a valid ID Proof and Tax Identification number such as SSN or SIN issued by the government.

Have a street, rural route, or APO/FPO mailing address. PO Box mailing addresses will not be accepted.

If you fulfill the above-mentioned basic eligibility criteria you may proceed with the online application process mentioned below.

Online application process:

  • Step 1: Open Academy Sports Credit Card page.
  • Step 2: Click the Apply Now link. A new Credit Card application form will appear in a new window on the same page (as shown below).
  • Step 3: There are two steps in this online application form. You will have to complete both parts to apply for the Credit Card. Now fill in all required details and click the Continue button.

The online system will check the basic eligibility criteria as per the information you have provided.

  • Step 4: If you are eligible to apply for the Credit card then you may proceed with the second part of the online application. After filling in the 2nd part submit this registration form.
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After the verification and final approval, you will receive your Credit Card within 10 business days at your address.


Academy Credit Card Bill Payment


If you are using an online account then you can use the online facility to pay your Credit card bill. This facility is free for all customers. All customers can use the online bill payment facility 24/7. Online payment is possible through banks located in U.S. only.

  • Sign in by using your login credentials.
  • Got to the Payments tab.
  • Pay your bill by entering your checking account details, the amount you want to pay, etc.

Note: In order to avoid late payment penalty cardholders must make a payment before 6 pm on the payment due date.

Payment by phone: Customers can also pay their card bills through phone calls. The phone payment option is chargeable and you will have to pay a $15 fee for each payment. You may call the customer service number to pay your bill.


Customer Service


In case of any emergency or if you are looking for any kind of help, you may call the Customer Service Phone Number at 1-877-321-8509 (Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST).

You may get any kind of help such as closing your account, Getting an account statement and summary, Requesting for credit limit increase or decrease, Managing your scheduled payments, etc.

If you have an online account then you can also send a secure message after login related to any query or concern.

Customer Service Mail Address:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003


How to Apply for Paperless Communication?


You can opt for Paperless communication for your account. Just login into your account and navigate to the Paperless option. After that enroll yourself in the Paperless communication facility by sharing E-Sign Consent.

You will receive important communication through email and text messages such as statements, and other reminders.


Can I Set up Automatic Payment?


An automatic payment facility is also available through your online account. Just open your online account, enroll yourself in the autopay facility, and forget about the due date.

  1. Login in to your Credit card account
  2. Navigate to the Payments tab.
  3. Go to the Automatic Payments section.
  4. Connect your checking account and schedule automatic payment of the minimum amount, statement due, or the amount as per your choice.
  5. Now every time your checking account will be debited for the credit card bill with the amount you have chosen.

Note: If you set other amounts less than your minimum due then your account will be deducted by minimum due.

If the other amount is greater than the statement balance then your account will be deducted by your statement balance only.

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Automatic payment will increase or decrease according to your minimum due or statement balance in case of setting up the other amount of your choice. You can also cancel automatic payments through your account.


What is the Easiest Way to Pay My Academy Credit Card bill?


The easiest solution is to pay your Credit Card bill is Comenity’s EasyPay. You can pay your Credit Card bill without even login into any account. This is a secure way to pay your bill.

  1. You can open the Comenity’s Academy EasyPay page at
  2. You will see an online form, Just enter your Card account number, ZIP code, Last four digit of your Social Security number, and click the Find My Account link.
  3. The system will check your account information. Once you are sure that you are paying your own Credit Card bill, you can finish the bill payment process through any available online payment mode.


Can I Change My Due Date?


Customers can also request for change in due date once every 12 months if their credit card is in good standing. Due date requests will take two billing cycles to take effect.

If you don’t find the option to change your due date then your account is not in good standing and you must improve your account profile first.



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Finally, This article discusses the academy sports credit card login, we also used the opportunity to discuss other important points to note when using the academy sports credit card.

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