Cash App Instant Deposit Fee Calculator


Let’s face it, no one likes charges, but do we have a choice?

Service providers keep up their services with money, and we are usually the ones to pay that money. In the case of Cash App, there’s barely a difference.


Although Cash App provides many services for free, you’ll always find that it’s throwing some charges to you here and there, and they’re hard to track.

That’s when the Cash App instant deposit fee calculator comes into the scene. While you may not be mature enough to make these calculations yourself, these tools are here to help.


But what exactly are they?


What is a Cash App Instant Deposit Fee Calculator?


It’s a piece of software on the internet that you use to calculate Cash App’s most annoying fees.

Cash App is good at charging for the leftovers of our money, and it piles up quickly. If you want to know how much Cash App will be charging for a transaction, maybe for comparison purposes, a deposit fee calculator is a good solution.

However, as with everything on Cash App, there might be deposit fee calculator scams out there. These calculators exist to scrape your Cash App account details.

To be safe from these scams, here are some things to look out for.


How to Recognize A Fee Calculator Scam


A legit fee calculator will not ask for personal details.

“Sign up with your Cash App account to view your fees.”

If you ever see that on a website, it’s always a scam; close the tab before it closes your bank account.

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Instant deposit calculations are the same for all Cash App accounts and don’t buy into any fake exclusivity.

Remember, once your money is out of your Cash App account, it can never return.


Best Cash App Instant Deposit Fee Calculators for 2021


If you need to be sure that you’re not using a fake calculator, you should try to avoid choosing one for yourself.

If you’ve decided not to choose one for yourself, we’re here to help you choose some of the best ones out there.

The ones listed below have been carefully vetted for scams and accuracy, and we assure you that you’re in safe hands, provided that you used any of our recommendations.

Here you go.


  • Cash App Fee Calculator (


Just like you might have guessed,’s Cash App fee calculator isn’t just for calculating Instant Deposits, like most of the solutions we’ll be listing over here.

This calculator has one of the most intuitive interfaces that you’ve ever seen a calculator have, and it calculates accurately and quickly each time.

As there are different fees for Business and Personal Cash App users, all these factors matter to this Cash App fee calculator.

While Maniac’s calculator was up to date at the time of this writing, they acknowledged that they can’t assure you that it will always be up to date.

However, there is a roundup of the numbers they use to calculate the fees below the calculator. We recommend running that against the official figures on Cash App before using this calculator.

It’s my personal favorite for its simplistic interface and gentle blue interface.


  •  Cash App Calculator (

While not as intuitive as that of, Mysocialgod’s Cash App calculator also packs a punch.

It allows you to enter specific details of your transaction, and it will give you how much you should expect to shell out in fees.

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Maybe the developers are aware that the app might not be as intuitive as we want, so they created a usage guide below it to guide you through the app.

This calculator isn’t one of our favorites, but it just works. However, we’re confident that there are better and more visually appealing options out there. If you don’t give a damn about the interface, you’re good to go with this.


  • US Cash App Fee Calculator (


While all earlier options never specified what country they serve, this specific one took the bold step, of telling UK users to step back.

Of all the listed calculators in this article, this Cash App fee calculator is the only one that can rival Maniac’s calculator in design.

The design is nothing complicated. It is just a couple of text boxes and dropdowns for selecting the details of your payment. Once you’ve entered all the required information, the calculator automatically displays the fees, no need to hit Enter.

This calculator was last updated on the 12th of January, making it one of the most frequently updated Cash App fee calculators you can find around.

Also, this calculator provides the values that it calculates against under the calculator. You can compare it with the one on the Cash App website for accuracy.

This calculator isn’t the only fee calculator on the website. The website exists to calculate eBay fees. You can find a couple of other calculators as you might need them again someday.


How much will Cash App Charge For Bitcoin Transactions?


We know how much Cash App charges for cash transactions, all thanks to the various calculators on the internet, but what about Bitcoin transactions?

Well, Cash App charges you a 1.782% fee for every bitcoin transaction. While you mightn’t find a specific calculator on the internet for calculating this, you can tell your Google Assistant or Siri to tell you 1.782% of whatever amount of bitcoin is in question.

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You’re welcome.




Cash App transactions charge some minute fees, but they add up pretty quickly. If you’re not a math fanatic, you might discover that using a Cash App instant deposit fee calculator is pretty convenient.

All of these calculators we’ve come across are free. If you want our recommendations, you should go through the article above.

NOTE: we don’t own any of those calculators, and you should use them at your discretion.

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