Does Bed Bath And Beyond Take Apple Pay? PAYMENT GUIDE


If you want to make some purchases at Bed Bath and Beyond, you may be wondering if it is possible to make payments using your Apple Wallet.

Most especially if you are already used to the system of making payments through digital wallets, and how increasingly acceptable, digital wallets have tends to be.

Today, a large percentage of in-store and online stores are currently accepting payments from their customers through Apple Pay.


Therefore, if you want to know more about making payments with your Apple Wallet at Bed Bath and Beyond, then, you can keep reading to have a complete understanding…


Does Bed Bath And Beyond Take Apple Pay?


Yes, Bed Bath and Beyond does accept payment from Apple Pay, this is recently a new development to begin accepting payment from its customers using a contactless means.

However, even though it is great news that Bed Bath & Beyond does accept payments from Apple Pay, it is still uncertain if literally all Bed Bath Beyond is already on this wave.


However, to make a confirmation, you can consider using the Apple Map app, to be sure that payment via Apple Pay can be possible at a particular Bed Bath and Beyond store.


You can follow the steps below to confirm

  • Step 1: Open the iPhone’s Apple Maps application.
  • Step 2: Search by the name of the store you want to go to.
  • Step 3: Choose and tap the appropriate place.
  • Step 4: Scroll down to find out more about that store.
  • Step 5: If the company accepts Apple Pay, a checkmark and the words “Accepts Apple Pay” will display beneath the title “Useful to Know.” The Apple Pay logo is another sign you’ll see.
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Once you have followed the steps above, if true payment can be done using your Apple Wallet at Bed Bath and Beyond, then it is necessary to consider setting up your Apple Wallet. This is done by adding a bank card to your Apple Wallet so that you can follow the steps below.


  • Step 1: Go To Device’s Settings 

Open the Settings app on your device, and look for Wallet and Apple Pay.


  • Step 2: Add Card by Entering Details

Tap on the Add Card and tap on Continue, you will be required to fill in all necessary information regarding your card, and enter All information correctly, else, you might get your card rejected, for a faster process, you can consider scanning your card.


  • Step 3: Verify Card.

Apple Pay will have to verify the card you have entered, once you agree to the Apple Pay terms and conditions, you will be directed to where you will have to verify your card, following the process correctly.

By now, you should have your Apple Wallet ready for payment at Bed Bath and Beyond.


How to Make Payment at Bed Bath and Beyond using Apple Pay?


How to Make Payment at Bed Bath and Beyond using Apple Pay


To make payment using your Apple ID is possible through the file steps.


  • Step 1: Alert the Cashier or whoever is receiving payment, in expression that your payment method is Apple Pay. 

This is necessary because the process of paying with your Apple Wallet is quite different from how other payment methods’ processes are.


  • Step 2: Open Apple Pay on your device. You have to consider unlocking your security, by entering your passcode, or probably, your fingerprint.
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If you are using a face lock, you can as well unlock your security, by placing your camera directly on your face, until it captures your face.


  • Step 3: Place your device closer to the reader

To make a payment with your Apple Wallet: you have to consider placing your payment device closer to the NFC reader. 

The NFC reader commonly known as a Near Field Communication reader uses a contactless means of accepting payment from customers.

Once your payment has been approved successfully, then, you will hear a beep sound, and probably, get a mark display on your device.


  • Step 4: Collect your Receipt, as well as your purchased items, and you are good to go.

If you are using other Apple devices such as Apple Watch, or iPad, then you also need to consider the steps above, because they also follow the same process which I have explained above.

If you still have any issues regarding making a payment with your Apple Wallet at Bed Bath and Beyond then, you can consider seeking assistance from the cashier or probably, the sales representative.


Are Other Payment Methods Available at Bed Bath and Beyond?


Bed Bath Beyond offers quite many payment methods to consider. Allowing its customers to have total control over their choice of making payment.


Therefore, the following are payment methods available at Bed Bath and Beyond:

  1. All major credit cards
  2. Cash
  4. Laybuy 
  5. After Pay
  6. Farmers Card(In-stores only)
  7. Q Card (In-stores only)
  8. Apple Pay
  9. Debit Card.


Does Bed Bath and Beyond Take AfterPay? 


Yes, at Bed Bath and Beyond you can make payment for your purchases using AfterPay. You’re After wallet can be used to make payments both at Bed Bath and Beyond in-store and online.

It follows a similar process of Making payments using Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay is a popular payment method available, allowing its users to make a contactless payment in-store. Today, a large number of in-stores currently accept payment via Apple Pay, therefore, once you have linked your card to your Apple Wallet, you can begin making payments at stores where it is accepted as a payment method.


Luckily, the system of accepting payment via Apple Pay is relatively new at Bed Bath and Beyond, therefore, at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can consider paying for your purchase using your Apple Wallet.

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