Does Coach Have A Credit Card? Other Payment Method


Coach is one of the major fashion brands specializing in selling leather handbags. And so… If you are looking for a trusted brand to make all your handbags purchase, then, you definitely need to give Coach a try.

But does Coach offer Credit cards? Credit cards, undoubtedly, are one of the most common payment methods available today, literally, 98% of in-stores do accept payments via customers’ Credit Cards. 


Therefore, in this article, I will be answering the question of whether Coach has a credit card, just like other stores, which have credit cards and are made available for use during purchase payments.


Does Coach Have A Credit Card?


Unfortunately, Coach currently does not have a credit card. However, you may wish to make your payments with other major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex, etc from other card issuers.


Coach does offer several programs that give buyers better purchasing power, such as the Coach Insider.

The Coach Insider is a loyalty program available at Coach that allows customers to earn rewards, have access to exclusive sales, products drop, get reward points, get cash backs as well, and get free customization…


With the Coach Insider program, you have stronger purchasing power. 

Another program available at Coach is the Coach Re loved exchange, if you have a handbag, and you wished to exchange it for a new one at Coach, this is quite possible with the Coach Re Loved Exchange.

This program is a sub-part of the Coach Insider, therefore, if you are in the Coach Insider, you can as well benefit from the Coach Re loved Exchange.

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Other Payment Methods at Coach


Other Payment Methods at Coach


There are several ways you can make payments at Coach for your purchases. Coach offers the following payment choices at checkout.

  1. Card Payment
  2. Kredivo
  3. E-Wallets
  4. Virtual Account


Card Payment


Coach accepts both Credit and Debit Card, mostly from major card brands such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex, etc. Therefore, if you have your payment card with you at the point of checkout, you can simply make payment using your card, by presenting the card to the cashier, who will then put it into the card reader.



Coach also accepts payment via Kredivo, this allows customers to choose how they intend to pay: you can choose 1, 3, 6, and 12-month (s) installments.

Making a payment with Kredivo offers you a lesser interest rate and no down payment.


Virtual Account

Virtual accounts (VAs) enable various types and sizes of businesses to accept payments via bank transfer, without having to open a dedicated bank account with each bank.

By using Xendit, merchants get access to virtual accounts at the largest banks: BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, and Permata, allowing you to easily collect payment regardless of which banks your end customer is using.




E-Wallets also known as digital wallets, allows customers to make payment far more easily and securely than the order payment methods available at Coach.

If you want to make a payment using your device at Coach, then you can consider paying with a digital wallet, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. 


Paying with QuadPay at Coach


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Similar to Kredivo, QuadPay is a popular Buy Now, Pay Later app, that allows you to make payments in 4 installments, here is how it works, whenever you purchase anything at Coach, the total amount is divided into 4 installments, which at the time of purchase you will be required to pay the first part.

For example: if you made some purchases that cost 500 dollars with QuadPay, the total amount which is $500 will be divided into 4, making $125 per installment. At the point of purchase, you will be required to make the first payment, the balance will therefore be paid after every two weeks.


Coach Financing

You are entitled to coach Financing while making purchases at Coach, through Klarna, Klarna is a Buy Now, Pay Later program that allows customers to make their purchases, and make payments every two weeks. 


However, you will have to make the first payment at the point of purchase, subsequently, every two weeks, you will make a part payment, until the payment is completed.


Other Clothing Brands Offering Credit Cards


Today, there are many clothing and fashion brands offering their customers credit cards in making payments for their purchases.

However, some of the fashion brands currently having their own credit card are listed as follows:


  1. AEO Credit Card
  2. Ann Taylor Credit Card
  3. Banana Republic Credit Card
  4. Buckle Credit Card
  5. Express Next card
  6. J.Crew Credit Card
  7. Lane Bryant Credit Card
  8. Love Loft Credit Card
  9. mymaurices VIP Credit Card
  10. Runway Rewards Credit Card
  11. Old Navy Credit Card 
  12. TJX Rewards Credit Card
  13. My Place Rewards Credit Card
  14. Torrid Insider Credit Card
  15. Victoria’s Secret Angel Card



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You can not get a credit card at Coach, however, in order to gain more buying power at Coach, you may want to join several programs, such as the Coach Insider program, which gives you the opportunity to many benefits while purchasing.

Coach also takes all major credit cards, as well as debit cards, making it possible to make payments using your debit card, also, payment via digital wallets is also possible at Coach. 

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