Food Delivery That Takes Cash App


Cash App has evolved from a peer-to-peer app for money transfers to a payment platform, a bitcoin trading platform, a stocks trading platform, and now, a payment service? Like it or not, more and more restaurants across the United States and the United Kingdom accept Cash apps as a payment method.


There are arguably better platforms to use when buying food, but you shouldn’t go hungry because you can only access your Cash App account. At this point, having money on Cash App is just as good as having it on any other bank account, and in some cases, even better.

If you wonder if there’s any food delivery that takes Cash App, I’ve got your back; in this article, you’ll have a list of all food delivery services that accept Cash App as a payment method. Get your account and money ready, and let’s jump into it.


Food Delivery That Takes Cash App


Is There Food Delivery That Takes Cash App?


Before blabbering on in the article, it’s crucial to confirm that we’re not wasting our time with this entire article. An excellent way to waste time is to write epistles on food delivery services that accept Cash App when none of them exist in the first place.

Thankfully, several food delivery services take Cash App for payment. However, it’s not as literal as you’re thinking. It’s more like using the debit card that the app issues ordering food from a food delivery that takes Cash App.

The entire process is based on the concept of the Cash App card, which is a Visa card that Cash App issues to verified customers. The card works like every Visa card and can be used to make payments online, in stores, and restaurants.

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If the restaurant or food delivery service that you’re patronizing accepts Visa cards for payment, you can certainly order using your Cash App card. Fortunately, you can count how many US restaurants don’t accept Visa for payments on one hand without utilizing all the fingers.

However, getting the Cash App card can be a hassle because you need a verified account for that. If you don’t qualify for the card yet, you can still order food using the Cash App by linking it to your Google Pay or Apple Pay. Then, you can pay for the food using either.

Since most restaurants in the United States let you pay with either or both, it’s a valid suggestion when ordering food with Cash App is concerned. Let’s quickly jump into some restaurants that support Cash App natively with all these said.


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How to Link Cash App to Google Pay for Food Delivery


If you’ve read this article carefully up to this point, you’ll understand that one of the primary reasons why most restaurants can use the money from your Cash App account is because you can link it to your existing Google Pay account.

You can always link your Cash App card to your Google Pay account from the Cash App Card tab on the home screen. You’ll get an option to select “Add to Google Pay;” selecting that option will essentially link the two accounts, making it possible to make payments from Cash App using Google Play.

While I don’t have to reiterate the advantages of doing that, there’s one that should be very clear. Linking your Cash App card to Google Pay makes it easier to order from any company offering food delivery that takes Cash App.


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What Food Delivery Services Take Cash App?


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What Food Delivery Services Take Cash App?


As I explained in the preceding section, almost every food delivery service accepts Cash App, as the user has access to their Cash App card. You should consider finding an alternative way to pay for whatever you’re ordering if you can’t use a Cash App card to save your time.

However, this excellent Visa card shouldn’t distract you from learning about the Cash App payment, and it needs work. If you’re ordering food at a restaurant that’s one of Cash App’s numerous merchants, you can send them money directly from Cash App without a card.


While that seems cool, only a few food delivery services use the feature productively to make customers’ lives easier. It doesn’t seem too farfetched to recognize some food delivery services that let you use Cash App since that should be the entire point of the article.


With that said, here are a couple of companies offering delivery that takes Cash App.

  1. Chick-fil-A

When you hear of Chick-fil-A, what first comes to your mind is a delicious chicken sandwich and not the possibility of paying via Cash App. However, they also excel at something else that they’re not known for: using Cash App.

Chick-fil-A is one of the many restaurants in the United States that let you pay for a delivery using a working Visa card. In addition to that, however, you can also pay directly through Cash App on their website, which is a step in the right direction.


  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Taking coffee and donuts should be as simple and hitch-free as they come. When you start to get issues with paying for your food delivery, it starts to become a problem. Dunkin’ Donuts recognizes that threat and elects to support Cash App payments before it’s badly needed.

Again, Dunkin’ Donuts naturally accepts Visa cards for payments, making the Cash App card a natural fit. As a further step, you can also pay for the delicious donuts directly from the Cash App without involving the help of any cards, which is rather convenient.

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Food is one of the necessities of life, so you should worry if your food delivery service doesn’t accept a Cash App as a payment method. This article explains why most restaurants accept the payment already, making it useless to worry about.


There’s also a quick guide on linking your Cash App card with Google Pay. Doing that will make it easier to pay across multiple restaurants, increasing your chances of being able to checkout with the Cash App, even if it’s not supported officially.

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