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If you’re looking to acquire a vehicle from Ford, whether new or used, one of your best options is using the Ford motor credit. An official branch of the vehicle production company, Ford motor credit puts you on a convenient and affordable auto loan for your next vehicle.

When you finally secure the credit, you’ll still have to pay it off in installments, which is the point of a credit in the first place. If you’re paying by check, you’ll need a payoff address to mail those checks directly to Ford for retirement, but what is the Ford motor credit payoff address?

In this article, you’ll learn more about the Ford motor credit and why it might be a good fit for you. Then, I’ll show you what the Ford motor credit payoff address is to facilitate prompt payments of your loan.


What is the Ford Motor Credit Payoff Address?


One of the ways to pay your Ford motor loan is by mailing checks directly to the mailing address provided by the company. Since Ford supports the payment method, you may want to know what the payoff address is to enable you to pay to repay your loan on time.

In most cases, the payoff address for Ford motor credit is PO Box 650574. Dallas TX 75265-0574. You can always mail your checks to this address to pay off your Ford motor credit promptly. However, you shouldn’t always take our word for it.

Before sending money to any payoff address you sourced on the internet, you may want to confirm with the Ford Credit customer support service first. If they provide a mailing address that tallies with what I provided above, you can go ahead to mail your check to repay your loan.

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Ford Motor Credit Overnight Payoff Address


The overnight payoff address for Ford Credit is different from the regular payoff address, as you may expect already. If you were really after the overnight payoff address for Ford motor credit, you should use this address instead: PO Box 650574. 1501 N Plano Rd. Suite 100. Richardson TX 75081.

Again, confirming the overnight payoff address is necessary to ensure you’re sending your check to the correct address. You can call the Ford Credit payoff phone number for any complaints or inquiries about any of the information you’ve seen in the article so far.

Even if you’re confident that the address here is correct, it’s still crucial to confirm that’s indeed correct for you. Some loans require you to pay different mailing addresses than the default, so you might want to keep that in mind before confidently mailing your check.


What is Ford Motor Credit?


As explained earlier, Ford Credit is the financial branch of Ford, the insanely popular auto company. It started in 1959, with the sole aim of helping people acquire the admittedly expensive Ford vehicles on the market right now. The credit is available across the 50 states in the United States.

The Ford motor credit isn’t only useful when you’re trying to purchase a vehicle, it also works when you’re trying to rent something very expensive from the company. The terms of the loan are also insanely flexible, making it an excellent option for anyone looking at something from Ford.

Ford motor credit lets you borrow a minimum of $7,500, and the amount could be as much as Ford is willing to let you have. The maximum amount you can borrow using Ford Credit will vary depending on your credit history before you applied for the loan.

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Motor loans from Ford have a maximum term of 72 months, which is relatively long, especially when you compare it to similar auto loans. That way, you don’t have to spend your entire savings on the monthly repayments for the auto loans, while having access to huge motor credits.

If you can’t pay the loan back within the maximum term, you may have a little grace period, after which Ford will start charging a late fee on the amount of the loan. The late fee will depend on the specific motor loan you took, but there are no prepayment fees with the Ford motor credit.



How to Qualify for the Ford Motor Credit


Every auto loan on the market requires you to meet some form of eligibility requirements that qualifies you for the credit. Given how much you can potentially get with the Ford motor credit, you should naturally expect it to have some pretty steep eligibility requirements, and it does.

From the basic ones, you must be at least 18 years to be able to access the Ford motor credit in the United States. If your state’s legal age is different, whichever of the two is higher will be the minimum eligibility age for the auto loan.

Also, you must have something around a good or excellent credit score to be able to access the loan. Depending on your credit history, the credit score requirement may differ, but keeping your score within 650 and 850 puts you at a better chance of qualifying for the loan.

You also need to have a valid employment contract to qualify for the Ford motor credit. Ford Credit doesn’t list any official minimum income as part of the eligibility requirements, but your income has to be able to cover the entire cost of the loan with interest within 72 months, at least.

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Other basic requirements for the Ford moto credit include an active driver’s license and proof of citizenship. If you’re a permanent resident that’s not a citizen of the United States, you can also apply for the loan using your green card instead of proof of citizenship.




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Ford motor credit is one of the most competitive auto loans in the United States right now with a long repayment term of 72 months. When paying back the loan, you can choose to mail it to the Ford motor credit payoff address.

This article has outlined the regular payoff address as well as the overnight payoff address for the Ford motor credit. 

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