14 Fun Things To Buy or Do With $1000 2023


To most people, $1,000 is not a large sum of money, and you’re probably wondering if $1,000 is enough to buy or do something fun and interesting. 

As much as it might be hard to believe, there are a lot of fun things you can buy and do with $1000. This article will list those things.


Let’s dig in.


Tips and Ideas on Fun Things To Buy or Do With $1000


Here are some of the best items and activities you can get for $1,000…


  • Buying equipment for your hobby

If you have a hobby, you might consider buying some equipment for it. For instance, if you like jogging or cycling, you may want to invest in new gear for your hobby or get a new bicycle. 


  • Buy a new iPhone

One of the most popular cell phones is the iPhone, which is extremely popular with people who want to take pictures.

Every year, Apple introduces a new model of their phone, yet the cost of these handsets never decreases. The iPhone 13, which was launched recently, is less than $1,000. 

Also, you can brag to your friends that you have a newer iPhone than they do.


  • Buy a new Samsung

Everyone knows that Samsung smartphones are one of the best in the tech world, and also the only company that rivals the iPhone.

The recent Samsung S22 cost less than a thousand dollars, and the phone’s ranking is higher than most iPhones. This is definitely a fun way to spend a thousand dollars.


  • Buy a new computer or Laptop

$1,000 will undoubtedly be enough to get a new laptop or computer for yourself. A new gaming laptop or one for simple online browsing is always an exciting purchase to make.


  • Go on a shopping spree

If you are thinking of changing or updating your wardrobe, then going on a shopping spree is a fun thing to do. And with $1,000, your shopping experience will be long and fun.


  • Skydiving 

If you haven’t tried skydiving before, you should try it. Skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Skydiving generally costs between $200 and $350 per person. And skydiving is very safe.

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  • Hot Air Ballon

Viewing landscapes from a height of many miles above the ground is another exciting sensation you might have. Hot air balloon excursions range in price from $200 to $400 for an adult.

Ballooning in hot air is very safe. They have one of the lowest rates of fatalities in the entire globe. However, there are a few things you should know before you board one.


  1. You have to consider the weather before going for a hot air balloon trip
  2. Dress appropriately, such as wearing pants rather than skirts and warm clothing during the colder months.
  3. Go prepared. Go with your wallet and some snacks. In most cases, trips last an hour or longer.
  4. Be kind and amiable.
  5. It’s possible for the landing to be shaky or rough, so you might want to think again about taking this journey if you have a medical condition that could make you feel more uncomfortable on landing.


  • Bungee Jumping

Just visualizing the jump gives you a rush of adrenaline. Undoubtedly not for everyone, bungee jumping is one of the preferred fun activities for hardcore adrenaline seekers. The average price per person for bungee jumping is $250.

Make sure to book this expedition at the appropriate time and with a trustworthy group before you embark on it. This is not something you do with just anyone, despite the extremely low fatality rate.


  • Go on a winter skiing trip

If you live in or near a town that offers skiing during the winter, then one of the best things you can do is ski. Not only is it cool and fun, but it is also very cheap.

The average cost for skiing is $100, though the prices depend on the resort and also most ski resorts offer packages depending on how long you want to stay and how much you’re willing to spend.


  • Archery 

If you’ve never attempted archery before. Adult lessons range in price from $30 to $60 per hour, possibly including the purchase of the necessary equipment.

Depending on any additional expenses you might have to pay, $1,000 might cover ten or more lessons. Your focus, self-assurance, coordination, strength, patience, and interpersonal skills will all increase as a result of this practice.

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Never forget that one smart approach to spending money is to try something new.


  • Arts and crafts

If you’ve always been artistically inclined and are a creative person in general, investing $1,000 in art supplies might be the best course of action.

You must first decide which category of crafts you want to purchase. Painting may not be your strongest art form, but collage art, paper quilling, pottery, fashion design, card making, origami, doll making, jewellery making, and many other arts may be better suited to you.


  • Dance lessons

Dancing is an enjoyable way to lose weight, exercise your brain, enhance your balance, elevate your mood, and increase cardiovascular activity.

Budget between $60 and $100 for each dance lesson, though the price varies depending on the coordinators and the type of dance. It may be lower.


  • Buy a table tennis set

You can get a table tennis set and bring the fun to your house. Table tennis is a fun way to keep your social life active, exercise, improve your coordination, and keep the brain alert.

You can get a table tennis set for less than a thousand dollars.


  • Redecorate your house 

A thousand dollars might not be enough to get an interior decorator and still buy the necessary items to redecorate with. Doing it yourself is a fun way to redecorate.

If you don’t have an idea of what to do, there are lots of videos online that will guide and direct you. 

Items like a bookshelf, shoe racks, vases, wall paintings, and sculptures cost less than a thousand dollars, and they’ll beautify your home.


  • Go on a road trip with friends

A road trip is a fun way to spend time with your pals while on vacation. If you have the time, it might also be a terrific chance to travel and explore the nation.

The opportunity to stop at various locations along the journey and explore some of the local sights makes road trips a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family.

Travelling by car is something you’ll never regret. You’ll have memories to cherish and spread for a long time.

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Is 1000 Dollars a Lot of Money?


The value of money is relative, to some people a thousand dollars is a lot of money. But to most people, a thousand dollars is a stipend. 

In today’s economy, $1000 can be considered a lot of money in countries with a weak GDP and weak currency, but in developed countries like the USA or the UK, Living on a thousand dollars cannot be enough to cover basic amenities like rent, electricity, and food.

The value of a thousand dollars depends on where you live, your lifestyle, and your country’s economy. 


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We hope we were able to assist you in choosing the appropriate activity or item to purchase if you were unsure of what to do with $1,000 or looking for exciting things to buy.

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