How Do You Know If You Won The Rocket Mortgage Square?


There is no better way to celebrate the big game with your pals if you are an American football fan than by getting involved in the action on Super Bowl Sunday. And with Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares, what better way is there to participate in the fun?

For the big game, Rocket Mortgage has designed squares so you can put your money on your belief and truly feel invested in the result! Everything you need to know about this entertaining twist on classic square pools is provided here.


How Do You Know If You Won The Rocket Mortgage Square?


A 2-minute countdown will begin shortly before kickoff, according to the Rocket mortgage square website. Due to lengthy half-time coverage, the game may start later than scheduled. Want to avoid missing out? Make sure to arrive before halftime and begin searching for your square at the break.


What Is Rocket Mortgage Squares?


Millions of Americans, both die-hard football fans and casual viewers, have been paying closer attention than normal to The Big Game over the past two years, hoping to win big every time a team on the field scores. Rocket Mortgage has given out a total of $3.3 million in prizes to 29 fans across the nation since the first competition in 2020.

This is, in fact, an advertisement, and it is for Quicken Loans. It’s all about marketing a product, as is the case with most commercials during professional sports championship games and with Rocket mortgage squares, this is a new way of acquiring a home. 

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The contest is a part of a long-term relationship between Rocket Mortgage and the National Football League (NFL). On Friday, February 11, 2021, entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. No expenditure is required. 

Your odds of winning won’t be altered or increased in any way by a purchase. Participants of this contest must be legal residents of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, aged 18 or older, and the age of majority in their place of residence. 


How Do I Play Rocket Mortgage Squares?


How Do I Play Rocket Mortgage Squares



It’s quite easy: Simply fill up a 10-square grid with your expected game score in each square. (For predicting a tie, use the corner squares.) Before Sunday, be sure to complete all 10 of your squares. Fill in rows 7 and 5 accordingly if, for instance, you believe that Team A will defeat Team B by three points and that Team C will defeat Team D by four points.

How many points above or below 0 a team will win during their encounter is indicated by the numbers 1 through 10. (For instance, if we predict that New England will defeat Jacksonville by +5, it means that New England should prevail by a score of +5)

When you’ve finished filling out your squares, locate a friend and get some munchies. A tie results when more than one team in your row (or column) wins by an identical number of points. In that instance, the winner is the person who made the prediction first! The person chosen last will have to do the dishes or receive another enjoyable punishment.

Additionally, participants can increase their chances of winning by sharing the sweepstakes registration information on their social media profiles. Each time a follower or friend registers via the participant’s special link, they will receive one additional square, up to a maximum of ten more spots. 

This year, a brand-new feature offers participants the ability to enter a weekly drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift card. A total of 100 winners will be chosen at random each Friday throughout the sweepstakes for prizes totaling $10,000 each week. This year’s game is larger and better than ever with an additional $50,000 in prizes.

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What Is The Prize To Be Won With Rocket Mortgage Square?


What Is The Prize To Be Won With Rocket Mortgage Square


There are many subsidiary awards in addition to the million-dollar grand prize. What does it cost to play, then? Participants buy one square for each quarter for $2, and then they encourage their friends and family to buy additional squares.

Why are there more squares? More participants equal more chances to win! For instance, if 15 of your friend’s purchase squares and one of them wins during that quarter, they will each share the $250,000 reward. Why not involve 25 to 30 people in your network as this looks like a lot of money?


What Are The Best Squares To Pick In A Football Pool?


Football pool players have long preferred the 50-50 lottery square because it is a safe bet.  For instance, if your acquaintances choose their top 10 favorite teams and half of them win that week’s game, the pool as a whole is a winner assuming they picked at least one team correctly.

Even if the chances are overwhelmingly in your favor, if you play enough times, you’ll always lose. For those that are new to football or aren’t familiar with it, this might be a helpful square.

Before getting too involved in betting pools, it enables individuals to discover whose teams they support and oppose. Additionally, keep in mind that the amount of money you wager is the most crucial factor.


Tips For Your Pics


Make sure your picks are a divisional matchup if you want to win (e.g., Patriots-Steelers or Seahawks-Cowboys). On game day, points are given according to how each contest goes. So, if a player completes two touchdown passes in a regular-season game, every square on the board that represents that player’s team will score two points.

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The same rule applies to defense and special teams. Everyone who has them in their squares wins two points whenever they force a turnover or score a touchdown. In addition, if any of these games go into overtime, there are bonus points available: one point for each completed quarter.



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A total of $3.3 million in sweepstakes prizes have been awarded to 29 winners during the last two years.

Fans may win $50,000 every time the score changes in the Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares game, which includes touchdowns, field goals, extra points, two-point conversions, and safety. At halftime and after the game, two lucky spectators will each receive a grand prize worth $500,000.


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