How to Get My Money From Chime Without Card


You see no matter how careful and meticulous you might be with your belongings, at some point you might miss or forget one or two valuable things because one can never be careful enough. Someday while trying to catch up with an urgent appointment you might forget your Chime card or some other item that is very useful and by the time you need them, you will realize that you didn’t come with it.

We all at some time have had this experience or probably you might be in that situation currently and you will be wondering how to get my money from Chime without a card?

how to get my money from chime without card


It’s quite a difficult situation because you might be at a location very far from home or you might be stranded on the way not knowing what to do. But as you read through this brief article you will get to see ways to save yourself the stress of going back to get your card or having to ask yourself how to get your money from chime without a card.


Chime and Its Products


Chime is an American financial technology company that provides fee-FREE mobile banking services and is owned by the Bancorp bank or the central national bank. Account-holders are issued visa debit cards and have access to an online banking system accessible through the company website or via its mobile apps.

Chime offers various fee-free banking products as mentioned earlier, some of which includes

  • Checking accounts with no minimum balance
  • An automated savings feature
  • Debit and p2p credit cards issuance
  • Fee-free overdraft
  • Early wage access

If you are reading this article on how to get my money from chime without card, I assume you are already registered and banking with chime and I also assume that you are well acquainted with how to operate your Chime account for making your transactions. So I will not bore you with all the details, hence we move on.


Does Chime have Cardless ATM


A card less ATM will be the most convenient solution to one asking how to get my money from Chime without card. Card less ATMs allow you to get money and conduct other transaction without inserting your debit card into the card reader. Instead of requesting a card, cardless ATMs use different types of technology to link a mobile in your phone to the ATM.

Card less ATM access isn’t new. Bank of America launched a card less ATM back in 2016 and several other banks like Wells Fargo, Chase, and BMO Harris have all empowered their ATMs with card less access.

Does Chime have Cardless ATMs? The very true answer to is NO, as of present there is no record of any existing Card less ATM owned by Chime but nevertheless Chime has quality ATMs distributed in several countries of the world.

But don’t be disturbed because below are some listed and well-explained solutions to how to get your money from Chime without Card.


How to Get My Money from Chime without Card


If you are in a situation where you probably lost your card or you forgot it at home or some other place and you feel stranded, not knowing what to do to withdraw your money from your chime account, here some few solutions to your problem.

  • Transfer money to your friend who has a card and ask them to withdraw the money
  • Transfer to another bank account
  • Look up your card details in the chime app for online transactions
  • Use the chime card through another digital wallet (e.g. apple pay)


Transfer Money to Your Friends Account


This might not be so convenient at situations where you need large sum of money like $1000 and above, let’s say your friend close by does not use chime account but uses other accounts like Venmo, Zelle, etc there will be charges for making transfer from chime to another account. But if your friend has a chime account then you a can just transfer free of charge and ask your friend to withdraw your money.


Transfer To Another Bank Account


This is another worthwhile solution to be to get your money from chime without your card. To transfer money to another bank account using mobile, follow these steps below:

  • Login to your Chime App
  • Select Pay Friends
  • Find your friend on Chime, or enter the email or phone number of someone who isn’t registered on chime
  • Enter the amount you want send to the recipient and chose the reason you’re sending the money
  • Confirm the amount and the recipient
  • Choose “pay now” to send the money

This allows you to transfer as much as you want and also note that if you transfer to someone on Chime the transfer process will be faster.


Look up Your Card Details in Your Chime App


This will really come handy when you want to make online payments and virtual transactions. You probably might not have your card without and you don’t remember the details (which include card number, expiry date and CVV), you can see the details by following the steps below;

  • Open your chime app
  • Click the settings tab at the top left
  • Scroll down and select “view my card”

There you will see all the details you need to pay for items or services online or even in person at restaurants, cafes, or shops.


Use The Chime Card Though Any Digital Wallet (Apple Pay)


After you must have gotten your card details from your Chime app you can then follow the under listed steps to set this up with any digital wallet like Apple Pay.

To manually add a card to Apple Wallet;

  • Open the wallet App on your iPhone and tap the “add button”(+)
  • Click “continue”, then select “enter card details manually”
  • Enter your card details and tap “next”
  • Fill the other requested information’s

If you open your own Wallet app and you happen not see the add button then it means probably your device is set to the wrong region. So when you add your card to the wallet App you can now easily make your transactions and transfers.



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There is no most suitable solution to the question on how to get my money from chime without card but you can chose any of the measures we have discussed. If you follow any the steps on how to get your money from chime without card you sure to save yourself some level of stress and be able to get out your money without needing to go looking for your Chime card.

If you are satisfied with this article don’t forget to share it to your friends, you might save someone who is stranded by doing so.

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