How To Swipe A Card – Easy Guide, Do It Yourself


If you want to know how to swipe a card or how the card swipe machine works you’ve come to the right place.

In this article on how to swipe a card we will be giving you the basics of the card swipe machine, how the swipe machine works, and some of the best swipe machines out here.

With the rise of cashless culture, people now prefer to carry cards for various types of transactions instead of using cash.

This is because it’s easy, hassle-free and you no longer have to worry about your money being stolen.

Cards are everywhere; credit or debit and so are mPOS machines. You can find every individual carrying at least one card at all times.

Keep reading this article to know how to swipe a card;


What is Card Swipe Machine


Before we jump into how to swipe a card or how the card swipe machine works, let’s first start by discussing what the card swipe machine is.

To make successful transactions via cards, one needs a card swipe machine. The main function of a card swipe machine is to process payments via credit as well as debit cards.

Few card swipe machines also can handle refunds such as the Paytm swipe machines. You can get the details about transactions done on a day with a credit card swipe machine as well.

The ATM swipe machine can also be updated from time to time. ATM card swipe machines greatly help in operating retail stores, restaurants, showrooms, and much more.


How Does a Card Swipe Machine Work


Using a POS swipe machine is pretty easy. You swipe the card in the ATM swipe machine. That being said we are now going to look into how the card swipe machine works as well as how to swipe a card.

In less than 30 seconds you can see the money deducted from a customer’s account and deposited into the merchant’s account. But what happens in those few seconds? Let’s find out.

Here are 5 simple steps showing how a card swipe machine works:


  • Step 1: Card Swiped

For any transaction to take place, the card and the card swipe machine should be in physical contact with one another.

A transaction is active only after the magnetic stripe on the debit or credit card is moved or passed through a console at the merchant.

There are some other types of swipe cards that just require tapping them to the card swipe machine.


  • Step 2: Using Electronic System

Data is transmitted from the card through the EIS or electronic information system. There is a network connection established to verify all the details of the debit or credit card provided.

Most of the methods of establishing a connection require electronic systems with the right programming that reads the information from the card that is swiped. It also needs a network connection with the help of a wireless network of a telephone line.

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  • Step 3: Information Sent

After the swipe card comes in contact with the POS swipe machine, the information in the card is sent to a system to process the key information regarding the transaction.

This step confirms if the debit or credit card is active and has enough money to pay for the purchase.


  • Step 4: Further Verification

Some cards might also ask for other additional verification after swiping. This is done to confirm the identity of the user and their authenticity.

Cardholders may also be asked to put their identification numbers while processing their transactions.


  • Step 5: Transaction Fees

A few of the cards might also deduct some transaction fees after swiping, in case the customer is using their credit card to pay.

This is because a merchant is charged every time you make a transaction with a credit card. Technically, a percentage of 1.6 to 3 is charged to a company.

This is in addition to the amount the company has to pay annually by default for getting into the credit card verification criteria. The account holder in a bank might also be charged with some additional fees after the card is swiped.


Best Card Swipe Machines


Now that you know how to swipe a card and how the card swipe machine works, let’s now look into some of the best card swipe machines out there.

There are several card swipe machines available, and the best one completely depends on one’s needs and requirements. Let’s have a look at the top seven-card swipe machine providers:




PayUMoney mPOS machine provides the most affordable card swipe machines in India. It is the newest brand in the market that has started making card swipe machines.

It can accept debit cards, credit cards, RuPay, Visa, and more. It is even used in the smallest shops in the world.


Why Choose PayUMoney Credit Card Swipe Machine?

  • Zero setup cost
  • Go live in 48 hours
  • No monthly rentals required
  • No minimum balance condition
  • Link with any bank account
  • Facilitates all payment options
  • No documents are
  • required to start integrating
  • Customized checkout experience




Paynear ATM swipe machine is mostly used by small and medium businesses. It is used in hotels, malls, hospitals, restaurants, and many more places. It is quite a user to use and can be often seen at local kinara shops and retail shops.


Why Choose Paynear swipe machine?

  • Credit and debit cards can be used simultaneously
  • Provides card-on-delivery option
  • Collects payments at customers’ convenience
  • Acts as a functional cash register with all the features needed
  • Automatic settlements regarding every type of payments
  • Customers can pay using wallets as well




PayPal card swipe machine is widely known for online payment, but one of its main services also includes card swiping machines. One can easily send or receive money and even set up a merchant’s account with a PayPal credit card reader.

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All you have to do is type in the amount and swipe your card. You can even keep a record of all transactions on the card swipe machine.


Why Choose PayPal POS Swipe Machine?

  • Simple pricing
  • Accept all payment types
  • Live customer support
  • No long-term commitment
  • Credit card security




Bijlipay ATM card swipe machine provides the facility of data collection. It can also print digital receipts and capture digital signatures.

You will get access to all the real-time data related to your transactions with the help of an mPOS machine.

It saves paper and helps manage end-to-end payment operations, which includes ME payouts and risk profiling.


Why Choose Bijlipay Credit Card Swipe Machine?

  • Building custom payment methods is possible
  • Manages end-to-end payment operations
  • Provides the best-in-class transaction success rates
  • All payment needs like mPOS, SDK int, eCommerce PG, and GPRS POS are taken care of.


Paytm Card Swipe Machine


Paytm swipe machine has recently launched their card swipe machines. They are suitable for all types of businesses.

And as Paytm is popular with a lot of merchants, it seems aptly correct for Paytm to make their card swipe machines. Paytm card swipe machines are secured, simple, and suitable for all types of cashless payments.


Why Choose Paytm Debit Card Swipe Machine?

  • All-in-one payment accepted
  • Provides same-day settlement
  • Credit/debit card, UPI, wallet, and net banking can be used on a single platform
  • Secure hardware enables secure payments
  • Send e-receipts through SMS


HDFC Swipe Machine


HDFC Bank is the first bank in India that has launched its own POS swipe machine. The mPOS swipe machine enables all digital payments.

The credit card swipe machine also generates a report regarding all the credit and debit transactions at the end of each day.


Why Choose HDFC Swipe Machine?

  • Accepts BharatQR, UPI, PayZapp wallet, and SMS Pay in addition to credit and debit cards.
  • All payment modes accepted in one terminal
  • Monetary benefits as it uses UPI which is the cheapest digital transaction
  • Easy user interface to select payment modes
  • Secure payment for customers with fewer disputes and low chargebacks
  • Upgrade to DiGiPOS with no additional cost


SBI Swipe Machine


State Bank of India has come out with SBI swipe machine services to make cashless transactions easier for customers.

SBI provides 24×7 support in case of grievance related to its mPOS services and there is no compulsion to maintain a minimum balance.


Why Choose SBI ATM Card Swipe Machine?

  • SBI Credit card swipe machine terminals are secure, avoiding card duplication
  • Works seamlessly for merchants, boosting their sales
  • Customers can trust the services of SBI as it is one of India’s biggest banks
  • No additional service costs
  • Numerous point of sales terminals is available such as PSTN, mPOS, NFS enabled, desktop GPRS, etc.


Payswiff Swiping Machine


Payswiff swiping machine provides a secure and easy-to-use mechanism for merchants to accept payments and provide printed receipts. Payswiff swiping machine lasts longer due to its larger battery and works seamlessly with SIM and WiFi.

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Why Choose Payswiff POS swipe machine?

  • Merchants can accept both contact and contactless cards in this debit card swipe machine.
  • It does not need to connect to an app or machine for transaction
  • Send receipts to customers through SMS and Email
  • Highly secure transactions
  • This ATM swipe machine can be used to facilitate card on delivery option


Mosambee Card Swipe Machine


Mosambee credit card swipe machine supports cashless payments through credit and debit cards. Mosambee ATM swipe machine can be connected to a mobile device and works on Bluetooth technology.


Why Choose Mosambee ATM card swipe machine?

  • Compliant with RBI and credit card norms
  • Using this POS swipe machine, you can accept swipe-based and chip-based cards
  • It is economical for vendors and merchants
  • Adhar and UIDAI authentication
  • Suitable for all types of POS transactions: sale pre-auth, void, etc.


How to Get a Swiping Machine From a bank?


  • The merchant can submit a request to their relevant bank. The bank would then demand that the merchant fulfill two criteria.
  • Their establishment should exist legally, and they must be in business for more than 6 months.
  • After this, the applicant would be required to submit their ID proof, address proof, financial documents, etc.
  • In the last step before installation, you would be required to pay one installation charge and monthly charges thereafter.



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Finally, want to know how to swipe a card, thanks to this article you do know, and you also know some of the best card swipe machines and how to get them.

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