How To Venmo Reset Password?


Just like you might experience on other online platforms, you can easily misplace and forget the required details to access your account, especially your password.

 If you’ve been wondering if it is possible to reset your password to access your Venmo account, you don’t have to anymore as we would be providing a guide on how to successfully reset your Venmo account password. 


How To Reset Your Venmo Password


If you want to reset your Venmo password after forgetting your current password, you will have to follow some basic steps to get it done. When attempting to log in on your mobile device, click on the Forget password option and input the email or phone number associated with your Venmo account. 


A message will be sent to your email containing your password reset link, click on this link and you will be required to input a new password. You have to make sure the new password is unique enough and contains a minimum of eight characters. 


Once you confirm the new password, your password will automatically be reset and you will have access to your Venmo account again. 


Venmo Password Reset Link Not Working


Venmo Password Reset Link Not Working


This is a common problem that most Venmo users encounter when trying to reset their passwords. If you are having this issue, you don’t have to panic as different factors might have caused it and they all can be fixed. These factors include.


  • Your Internet Connection

The most common reason why the Venmo password reset link doesn’t work is a poor internet connection. This might be because the internet connection is unstable or it is totally out of service. 


To confirm if your internet connection is stable, you might want to run a speed test which can be done on or other platforms. If your mobile device is connected to wifi, you might want to turn off the wifi and turn it on for a few seconds before connecting your mobile device and trying to reset your Venmo password once again. 

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If your wifi still doesn’t work, you might consider switching your internet connection from wifi to a mobile internet connection before attempting to reset your Venmo password once again. 


  • Making Use Of VPN

There are times when the reset link will not work in some certain region or location. If this is the case, you might want to consider making use of a VPN app. Numerous VPN apps can be used on your mobile device before trying to reset your Venmo password again.


However, the reset link might also not be working because you already have a VPN enabled on your mobile device, you might want to disable the VPN app before attempting to reset your Venmo password once again.


  •  Issues With Venmo Servers

Sometimes, the issue is not from you but from Venmo, the Venmo password reset link might not be working because there’s an issue with the Venmo server. To be certain if the server is the problem, you can check the Venmo server status on the down-detector page.

If you realize there’s no issue with the server,  there is a high possibility that the problem is not from Venmo but from you.


  • Incorrect Email Or Phone Number

This is also another common reason why you can’t get to reset your Venmo password. Once you’ve input the wrong contact number or email when opening your Venmo account, the password reset link will not work. 


  •  Inactive Phone Number 

The Venmo password reset link will be sent to your mobile phone if your phone number was used as your username. In this case, it is important to make sure your phone number is active to receive the reset link. 


  • Weak Signal

If you’ve not received a reset link even after requesting one, your mobile device might not have enough signal strength. Even with a stable internet connection, good signal strength is required on your mobile device to receive a Venmo password reset link.

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You should attempt to move around to ensure your phone has full signal strength. If you still did not receive a code, you should turn on the Airplane mode on your mobile device for a minute before turning it off. 

Once this has been done, you can proceed by requesting the password reset link once again. 


How Can I Fix Venmo Password Reset Issues?


How Can I Fix Venmo Password Reset Issues


All the above-mentioned factors might cause issues while trying to reset your Venmo password. If you are still unable to get the password reset link, or the reset link is not working, try following the steps listed below to get the issue fixed.


Method 1: Restart Your Mobile Device


If you still did not get the link after turning on the Airplane mode, you might want to refresh or restart your mobile device.  Press and hold the power button for a while and click on the restart button to restart your mobile device. 


Method 2: Check Your Mail Archive


You might have accidentally archived the mail sent to reset your password or marked it as spam. If you’ve not received the link, go to your mail and check the archive and spam pages to check if the mail is there.


Method 3: Contact Venmo Support


If you still can’t reset your Venmo password after trying out the above-mentioned solutions, you might want to reach out to Venmo for support. You can send the Venmo support team a message, chat with them on the mobile app, or reach out to them by calling. 


How Do I Change My Venmo Username?


Changing your Venmo username is straightforward. All you have to do is to open the Venmo app on your mobile device and log in.  Click on the menu icon which is located at the top left corner of the screen. 

Once this has been done you will be able to view your details including your full name, username, and profile picture. Click on settings and select Edit profile. Scroll to your current username and delete it before inputting the new username. 

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When the new username has been filled, click on save and your new username will be saved and updated. 


Why Is Venmo Suspending My Account?


There are different reason why a Venmo account can be suspended but the most common reason is when Venmo detect an irregular activity going on on your account, or when the Venmo user agreement has been violated. This measure was put in place by Venmo to ensure you and your account remain safe and secure. 


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Venmo is a great mobile app to send and receive money from family and friends, if you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it and get a new password. 


In case you are having issues resetting your password, follow all the above-listed solutions to successfully reset your Venmo password and have access to your account once again. 

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