How To Win A Chargeback As A Seller? (5 Steps)


Chargebacks can be extremely bad for businesses or sellers, not only will it lead to great loss, but you will also have to pay extra money as a fee for the refund.

As a Merchant, you must try as possible to protect yourself from Chargebacks, by implementing several Chargebacks policies that will guide your customers.


Once customers trigger a Chargeback from their banks, you are going to be given a Chargeback notice, which you must make a response before the deadline stated in the chargeback notice elapses.

However, once you receive a chargeback notice, you will have to provide the necessary documents that will serve as evidence, these documents are what will help you win a Chargeback case.

Therefore, in this article, I will be giving you a complete guide on how you can easily win a dispute, generally.


How To Win A Chargeback As A Seller


To win a chargeback as a seller, you must ensure to provide the necessary documents. The following are how you can win a chargeback as a seller.


  • Check the Response Code

Once you receive a Chargeback notice, the first thing you need to do is to check the response code of the Chargeback.

The Response Code helps to acquaint you with the reason(s) why the customer has disputed such a charge. It is usually issued by the card issuing bank and portrays why the Chargeback had occurred.


You must ensure to know the Card Network used by the user before getting to know the reason code since each card Network has its reason codes.


Some of the commonest reason codes are as follows:

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57 – Fraudulent multiple transactions – the causes can be different, including that the merchant tried to process multiple transactions fraudulently. It can also mean that the cardholder authorized it earlier but later denied it.


62 – Counterfeit transactions – The cardholder denies authorizing or participating in the transaction


81 – Fraud – Card-Present Environment – the cardholder didn’t authorize the transaction in a card-present environment


83 – Fraud – Card-Absent Environment – the cardholder didn’t authorize the transaction in a card-not-present environment


  • Provide Accurate Information Regarding the Dispute

As a seller, ensure to provide necessary information regarding the dispute, the documents provided must be compelling and should serve as evidence.

Therefore, all information regarding the dispute will have to be provided, if you want to win the case. Documents like Confirmation emails, Automated invoices, Follow-up emails and Emails with relevant tracking details, are crucial in winning a Chargeback case.


However, providing necessary information depends on the type of service disputed. Therefore, your documents must show a description of the service rendered; show that the item was delivered to the customer, which can be possible through the use of signatures.


  • React quickly

As a merchant, once you receive a chargeback notice, you must ensure to react quickly by providing the necessary documents before the deadline of the notice elapses.

Depending on the dispute, some disputes may take time to respond to, while others may be easy, in either option, you must ensure to provide the dispute response at the right time, with the necessary information required.


  • Develop a Good Rebuttal Letter

A Rebuttal Letter also helps to win a chargeback. Once you are given a chargeback notice, you are also to provide a Rebuttal Letter, which is to serve as an intro to the evidence provided.

Therefore, you must ensure to provide a detailed overview of the evidence provided in the Rebuttal Letter.

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  • Seek For External Help

Some Chargebacks can be extremely too difficult for a merchant, therefore, it is important to consider seeking help from legal bodies.

Several technologies and bodies can help fight back Chargebacks cases, therefore, you must make full utilization for disputes quite difficult to handle.


How Do You Win a Chargeback Every Time?


How Do You Win a Chargeback Every Time?


Chargebacks can be won by providing the necessary documents that serve as evidence of the transaction dispute.

The documents must contain your refund and return policy, as well as, all information regarding the transaction. There must be no false claims in the documents provided, as well as beinbeurate.

Therefore, this is the way you can always win a Chargeback.


How Often Do Merchants Win Chargeback Disputes?


As a merchant, not every time you will win a dispute, some disputes may be a result of system Error, and therefore, no matter the document(s) you provide, you will win the case.

Therefore, an average percentage for chargeback winnings by a merchant is 40%.

Ensure to provide evidence of the transaction: if you don’t do that, you are going to end up losing the chargeback case.


How Do You Trigger a Chargeback?


To trigger a chargeback, you can either contact your card issuer’s customer support centre or rather, you can file a dispute for the particular transaction online.

Most Card Issuing Banks provide a Contact number that allows their users to report any issue immediately. Also via the Online platform, you can dispute the particular transaction which you want a refund for.


Who Decides Who Wins a Chargeback?


After carrying out the necessary investigation regarding the Chargeback, by the card issuing bank. The card issuing bank decides who wins a chargeback.

Once a merchant can provide compelling documents that disprove the customers’ dispute, the merchant will be given access to the money, however, if the reverse is the case, then the money will be refunded back to the customer.

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Chargebacks can damage a business reputation, therefore, you must always try to win a chargeback case, filed by a customer.


However, before you can consider winning a chargeback, you must ensure to early protect yourself from Chargebacks, by having a well-defined return and refund policy guiding your business activities.


The steps I have shown above can help you win a chargeback if taken carefully.

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