New Union Bank Recharge Code 2023 – Buy Airtime


Union Bank Recharge Code 2023. In this article, I will be showing you step by step guide to buying airtime from your union bank account. So if you have been searching for codes to recharge from the union bank account for yourself and others.  


Mobile banking is taking over the banking sector and if you are not updated you will miss out. This blog has been created to help you solve your bank issues and enjoy smooth operation. Do you know that you can transact from your comfort zone?


There is no need of going to the bank and waste hours in the banking hall to send money to someone. With the help of the union bank transfer code and union bank Internet banking. You can send money and pay other bills from your home without stress.


Maybe you ran out of airtime at the odd hour of the day. Or you are weak and have no chance of going out to buy airtime. Then, you are in the right place.


I can’t remember the last time, I bought a recharge voucher from a street vendor. I always buy airtime from my bank. That’s why I have decided to share codes to recharge Your Phone From Your Union Bank Account.


Union Bank Recharge Code 2023


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Before you recharge from your union bank account. You must have activated union bank mobile banking on your phone. Any phone of any kind can do this, you don’t need an internet connection to do that. All you need is the sim card you used to create your union bank account.


To activate and register for union bank mobile banking. I advise you to read this article Union bank transfer code for transactions.


Register and activate your account, if you have done that let’s get it rolling.


How To Buy Airtime From Union Bank Account – Self Recharge


This method is valid when you want to recharge the phone number you used to create a union bank account.

Code To Buy Airtime From Your Union Bank Account – To top up from your union bank account dial *826*amount#, e.g, if you want to recharge 2000 just dial *826*2000# and Your account, will be credited with 2000 naira instantly.


Union Bank Recharge Code For Others ( Third Party)


This method is used when you want to recharge phone numbers and not connect to that your union bank account.

Union Bank Recharge Code For Third Party – To recharge another phone number or for another person, dial *826*amount*recipient’s mobile no#. Enter your secure PIN or the last 4 digits of your ATM card number to confirm your recharge. Once the transaction is authorized and it is successful. The recipient will receive airtime immediately.


How To Check Your Union Bank Account Balance


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After buying airtime and you care to check your union bank account balance. Below step by step guide to check your union bank account balance and see how much is left.


  • To check your Unity bank account balance, dial *7799# and
  • Select the option that says ‘check account balance’.
  • Now, enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card or your USSD banking PIN to confirm your request.


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Hope you have learned how to Buy Airtime From your Union Bank Account. This article has covered a lot about Union Bank Recharge Code 2023. If you find anything difficult or confusing. Use the comment box below to notify us.

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