Q&A: Can You Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App?


Can you deposit a paper check on Cash App? In recent months, Cash App has started to roll out the ability to deposit physical checks through its platform.

However, this feature is currently only available for some Cash App users although that will likely change in the coming months.

You can deposit Checks on Cash App, cash a Check will allow users to snap a photo of a check and deposit it into your Cash App account, using the Cash app on your mobile device. Mobile Check Capture to direct deposit the funds on your Cash App wallet.

In this article on can you deposit a paper check on Cash App, we will show you the steps and the eligibility of your E-Checks.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about depositing checks using Cash App including how to do it and how you can tell if you have the functionality.

So let’s say that you get a payroll check from your work or somebody sent you a money order or you get some sort of a paper refund from somebody and the question is can you deposit a paper check on Cash App into your cash app?

Let’s discuss what details and data Cash App collect from the Electronic Check and know that holds the right to decline to process or reverse your check.


Depositing Checks Using Cash App


Can you deposit a paper check on Cash App? As a general rule of thumb, you can deposit physical or paper checks using Cash App.

However, as stated above, this feature is currently only available for some Cash App users though it’s safe to assume it will be available to everyone in the not-too-distant future.

You can also make a deposit onto your cash card or your cash app through electronic transfer.

So you would need to go to the settings and click on the tab that says funds and you can attach your bank and for a free money transfer from the bank directly into your cash app.

Once it’s in your cash app, you can use it on your cash card or your cash app.

You can also attach a credit card and can withdraw the money from your credit card to your cash app and then once it’s on your cash app you can either send it through the cash app as a transfer to someone or you can use it on your cash card.

It seems there is no rhyme or reason why some people have the ability to deposit checks with Cash App while others don’t.

The only logical explanation is that Cash App is trying to work out any bugs before releasing it to the masses.

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Speaking to Cash App support won’t give you a clear explanation either so if you don’t have the functionality yet, the only thing you can probably do at this point is to wait.

I’ve seen some people who have reported online that if you upgrade your Cash App account to a business account that you’ll get the check depositing functionality but in my wife’s experience, that wasn’t the case. Always something you could try but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

Assuming you’re one of the people who currently have the ability to deposit checks using Cash App (or if you want to know if you can or not), let’s take a look at exactly how to do it.


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How to Mobile Deposit a Check on Cash App?


Now that you’ve got your answer to the question “cab you deposit a paper check on Cash App”, let’s look into how to get this done.

Cash App accepts “Electronic Check” which means the electronic image of the paper check and Cash App will collect in connection with the submission of the check image.

After you submit your Electronic Check, Cash App may capture and retain various information of your devices such as time and geolocation data of your device.

In order to use Mobile Check Capture, you need to provide Cash App with all the hardware and operating system permissions it required such as permission for your device’s camera, storage, time, and geolocation data.

After Cash App receives your transmission, they will review each of the submitted Electronic Check.

They have the full right to decline or accept your Electronic Check. Not all checks are eligible to be accepted for Mobile Check Capture.

After submitting your Electronic Check, it is required to keep the original check in a secure place and locker as Cash App has the right to reverse its decision to accept/ decline your Electronic Check. You will be notified accordingly of their decision.

An Electronic Check is considered as “Successfully Submitted” if you receive a confirmation from Cash App that the Electronic Check has been submitted and accepted by them.


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Steps to Scan and Mobile Deposit a Check on Cash App


To deposit a check using Cash App or to tell if you have the check depositing functionality follow the steps below on how you can deposit a paper check on Cash App:

  • Tap on your balance in the top left corner of Cash App.
  • On the following screen, scroll down and tap on the option to deposit a check. If you don’t have this option, it means your Cash App doesn’t yet have the check depositing functionality so you’ll be unable to deposit a check using Cash App.
  • After tapping the deposit a check option, you will be prompted to enter a dollar amount of the deposit that you’d like to make. In this case, it would be the amount of the check you are depositing.
  • Finally, when prompted take a photo of the front and back of the check just as you would with any other mobile check deposit. Make sure the check is endorsed and that you write “for deposit only” beneath your signature.
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Are There Fees for Depositing a Check With Cash App?


I reached out to Cash App customer service to ask this question as there wasn’t any good information that I could find online in regards to fees associated with mobile check deposits using Cash App.

As it turns out, Cash App does not charge any fees for mobile check deposits.



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Are There Limits for Depositing Checks with Cash App?


When it comes to depositing checks using Cash App, there are some limits for you to be aware of.

You can mobile deposit up to $3,500 per check and up to 5 checks totaling $7,500 per month. Attempted check deposits that are declined count toward your five check limit for the month.


How Long Does it Take for a Check Deposit to Clear with Cash App?


Mobile check deposits made using Cash App before 7 PM eastern Monday-Friday will typically be available in your Cash App account within 4 business days.


If You Have Problems Depositing a Physical Check Using Cash App?


Some users have reported the mobile check functionality is still fairly buggy. This is not surprising since Cash App hasn’t rolled out the functionality to everyone.

So what should you do if you have trouble making a mobile check deposit using your Cash App?

Like with any issue, the first thing you should do is contact Cash App customer support. The easiest way to do this is from within Cash App itself.

To contact Cash App support from within Cash App:

  • Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner of the Cash App.
  • Scroll down and then tap on “Support”.
  • You can try searching for an answer to your question but since mobile check depositing is a new feature, it is unlikely you will find much help.
  • Instead, scroll down and tap on “Chat with support”. Type out your question or issue that you are having and a Cash App representative will help you as soon as they can though it may take several hours to get a response.


What Are The Steps After You Submit an Electronic Check?


After submitting your Electronic Check with Mobile Check Capture, make sure to wait until the app confirms the submission as successful.

Check your email or Message regularly as it is imperative that they be able to contact you after you submit an Electronic Check with Mobile Check Capture.


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Cash App Electronic Check Eligibility Requirements


Below are the requirements for your paper check for Cash App Mobile Check Capture:

  • The check will be written to the order of you, or jointly with you and another individual.
  • The check must be in your reach.
  • It must be able to draw on or payable by a bank, credit union in the US
  • The check must be payable in US Dollars.
  • The check needs to be properly authenticated by the maker.
  • The amount on the check is the same or below the maximum check amount that Square has set for your use of Mobile Check Capture.
  • The check must not be altered since it was issued
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Cash App Check Cashing Warranties


The final takeout in this article on can you deposit a paper check on Cash is the Cash App check cashing warranties.

Note: Your Electronic Check with Mobile Check Capture must represent and warrant the following:

  • The Electronic Check must be an Eligible Check
  • Prior to submitting, you must inspect the check images to confirm that they are correct with the original paper check;
  • The Electronic Check must be legible, and accurate such as – MICR data on the bottom of the check front; check date; the name of the person must be you; check writer’s signature.

When will the Money From an Electronic Check credit your Cash App Balance?

Money from the U.S. Treasury check will be credited in the first business day after submitting the Electronic Check with Mobile Check Capture if all criteria and eligibility are met.

However, Checks, in general, are subject to a hold period between 1 and 15 business days.

Note that the length of the delay is counted in terms of business days from the day after submitting the Electronic Check successfully.

So, Every day is a business day except for Saturdays, Sundays, and for all the federal holidays.

For example, If you successfully Submit your Electronic Check before 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on a business day, your Electronic Check will be considered as Successfully Submitted on that day.

However, if you Submit your Electronic Check after 4:00 pm Pacific Time on not a business day, it will consider that the Electronic Check was submitted on the next business day.




In conclusion, Can you deposit a paper check on Cash App? The answer is Yes, the mobile check deposit feature using Cash App is a new feature currently being rolled out to its users. Some people have access to it while others don’t yet.

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