Can You Have More Than One Venmo Account?


Venmo has made making payments online very easy. Not only is this peer-to-peer payment app safe and secure, but it also allows simple and swift cash transfers between individuals. It can be used for merchant transactions and it also allows you to pay and request money from your friends and family.

With the reliable service, this payment platform provides, most often wonder if they can have more than one account; some want to use it for not only personal but also business and other numerous purposes. In this article, we will address your concerns about having more than one Venmo account and discuss everything you need to know about it.


Can You Have More Than One Venmo Account?


Generally, you can have more than one Venmo account, but the max a person can have is just two Venmo accounts. You can have more than one Venmo account with the same bank account, or your Venmo accounts can have separate bank accounts.

And to set up another Venmo account for yourself, you will need a phone number, but you can use the same email address or a new email address you desire; you also get to use the same bank account as your existing Venmo account if you want.


It’s supported by Venmo policy to have and operate two Venmo accounts. And you can create your new Venmo account using the Venmo app, but there are certain exceptions. You can only have two Venmo accounts if one of them is a Joint Venmo account you share with another person or if your account is a business account. That’s, you can only have and operate one personal and one business account.

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And also, each of the Venmo accounts must be linked to a unique phone number, although it can be linked to multiple email addresses. You should check if your phone number is already associated with a Venmo account by tapping on the “settings, then the “profile,” and “the account,” then the “username.” The number you used for your Venmo account will be displayed on the screen. You need to know this to protect your first account, as Venmo can delete the first account if you try to register for a new account with the same phone number.


Can I Have A Joint Venmo Account?


Yes, you can own a joint Venmo account together with another person. This option is usually good for couples who operate joint bank accounts and business partners who can send and receive payments on their accounts.

You should know that when operating a joint Venmo account, the account can only be associated with one email address and phone number. So you will need to select just one person’s contact information to link to the account of the two owners.


Can One Bank Account Be Used for Multiple Venmo Profiles?


Yes, one bank account can be used for multiple Venmo profiles, but it can exceed two Venmo profiles on a bank account. If you and another person are using the same bank account for your Venmo profiles, both of you will be able to send and receive payments via Venmo and transfer cash to your shared bank account as well.

And this works perfectly for partners, but in the case of business, if the partners are more than two, they can’t all have different Venmo profiles linked to the same bank account. And in the case of a family, the parents and their children can’t have separate Venmo profiles linking to the same bank account.

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You should note that you and the other person you’re sharing a bank account with are responsible for the account. If a bank account becomes invalid on one user’s Venmo account, it will also not work for another user.

And to guard against theft and fraud, when someone else links your bank account to their Venmo profile, you’ll get a notification that another user has linked your bank account.

But if you get this notification message without sharing a bank account with anyone, you should immediately contact Venmo support and call your bank to temporarily freeze your account to resolve the issues and protect your money.


Can I Link Multiple Payment Methods To My Venmo?


Yes, you absolutely can. You can link to a bank account, PayPal, debit card, or credit card. To do this, go to the settings and then click on the “payment method” and tap “add card or bank.” This will take you to the page where you can add the appropriate information, and then it’s done.

If not, you can add your payment method when you’re about to make a payment or transfer your balance. An option will come up, and you can select your desired payment method.

But while the transaction is free of charge on debit cards, there’s a transaction fee on credit cards. And if you add your bank account, Venmo checks if it has been added correctly by charging $1, which they deposit back once your account has been authenticated.


Can I Have Two Different Venmo Names?


Yes, you can have two different names for your different Venmo accounts. It would help if you had different names for your accounts, as they’re unique. And if you already had a Venmo account, you can either use your current user name for your new second account, or you can go ahead with selecting a new user name for your new Venmo account.

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Venmo allows you to transfer cash to other users of this app for almost anything for free if you use your Venmo balance or your bank account and some merchants also offer Venmo as a payment option. 


And for you to enjoy all the services, this platform provides personally and in your business, Venmo allows you to have more than one account. To operate these multiple Venmo accounts, you can also link just a bank account and use different Venmo names. This benefits you if you want to separate your business and personal expenses.

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