Can You Withdraw Money From Chime Spotme? Yes, See How


Chime is a financial technology platform that offers its services via an online mobile system.

With Chime, you can make daily transactions, by withdrawing and making deposits to others.

Chime is often termed as a bank, but in reality, it isn’t a bank but works under a physical bank in the US.

Chime offers you a credit builder card, where you can build your credit score, with the Chime credit builder card you can make purchases both online and in-store, with a no-interest rate.


The Chime innovation also comes with a debit card that can be linked with other Payment platforms.


Can You Withdraw Money From Chime Spotme?


Aside from the above functions I mentioned that Chime has been found to offer, the Chime bank also offers a SpotMe innovation.

With Chime SpotMe, you can get an overdraft of up to $200. Whenever you are spending and you get your money exhausted, you can easily get spotted on Chime SpotMe, once you are eligible and have met the requirements.


However, you might want to get your cash physically at the ATM or any Chime retail location, making you ask questions as if you can withdraw money from Chime SpotMe.


Can You Withdraw Money from Chime Spotme


A straightforward answer to this question is Yes, you can withdraw money from Chime SpotMe.

Chime has more than 60,000 ATMs, and about 40,000 retail locations available, where you can withdraw money from the ATM and as well get cash back for these retail locations available.

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Once you have Chime SpotMe on your account, you can withdraw money from your account, using your debit card, even when the money you want to withdraw exceeds the amount in your checking account.


Stores like Walmart, and Dollar General offer a cashback option for Chime SpotMe users to get cash back at their locations.

With Chime you can do the following operations, these operations are officially authorized by Chime for users who are covered with the Chime SpotMe:


  1. Purchase with your Chime debit card
  2. ATM withdrawal
  3. Cash back transaction.


If you are eligible to get an overdraft using the Chime SpotMe, you are privileged to make payments with your Chime debit card, even when the amount you are going to pay is likely to be higher than the amount available in your account.

Also, SpotMe covers making withdrawals at the ATM, and as well getting cash backs in retail locations, like Walmart, Dollar General, and the like.


Aside from these operations that can be done via the Chime SpotMe, there are also other operations you can’t do, even when you are covered with making overdrafts on Chime.

Some of these activities are as follows:

  1. Transferring to other apps like Venmo, PayPal, and the like, you won’t be able to send the Chime SpotMe overdraft, a way of transferring it to other apps like Venmo.
  2. You can’t make payments of friends transfer with the Chime SpotMe.
  3. Automatic bill payments using Direct debit from Chime spending are avoided.
  4. Chime checkbook transaction.

The aforementioned are not covered by SpotMe.

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How To Use Chime Spotme  At ATM


Can You Withdraw Money From Chime Spotme


You can withdraw money from an ATM, via the Chime SpotMe offer, once you are covered with making an overdraft on SpotMe.

It follows a similar process as withdrawing funds from your account using your normal Chime debit card.


To get started you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Get your Chime debit card ready
  • Step 2: Work into an ATM that accepts the Chime debit card
  • Step 3: Request an amount higher than the amount available in your account.
  • Step 4: Enter your ATM PIN, and get your cash.


However, you must also ensure that the money you are withdrawing isn’t higher than your SpotMe limit, else, you will get a declined transaction.


How Long Does it Take to Increase My Chime SpotMe Limit?


There is no definitive time to increase your Chime SpotMe Limit, it depends on how often you make payments with your Chime checking account.

Also the number of times you make instant Transfers, and how often you make payments of your overdrafts, are also real determinants of how long your Chime SpotMe limit can increase.


Does Chime Let You Overdraft At The ATM?


Does Chime Let You Overdraft At The ATM


Yes, Chime allows you to make overdrafts at the ATM, this is possible, through the use of Chime SpotMe. Once you are qualified to get an overdraft with Chime then no doubt you can begin getting overdrafts, even at the ATM.


While getting overdrafts, you should also note that your SpotMe has a limit, and therefore, trying to withdraw exceeding that limit, will end up with your transaction being declined.

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Video Guide





Now comes the end of this article, I am quite sure you can get some handful of information. However, in brief, you can withdraw money from Chime SpotMe, either from the ATM or from one of the Chime retail locations available.


However, withdrawing from a Chime ATM Network will attract a No-fee rate, and therefore, you must ensure that the money you are withdrawing plus the overdraft, doesn’t exceed your SpotMe limit.

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