Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limit – How To Increase Limit


Cash App is one of the convenient apps to use whether you’re shopping, dining out at your favorite restaurant, or want to send money to your family.

If you’ve just gotten your Cash App card, you may be wondering whether you can use Cash App at an ATM without the card or the amount you can withdraw from an ATM when using a Cash App card.

If you haven’t already heard, Cash App is another convenient peer-to-peer transfer service taking the world of transactions by storm. If you’re a prospective or current Cash App user, then you may be wondering if there are any Cash App limits.

If so, stay along for the ride and take a look at spending, sending, and withdrawal limits, as well as how to increase your Cash App limit.

If already here, let’s compare these limits with Wise’s limits, so you can see which is best for you.


ATM Withdrawal Limit


You can use your Cash Card to get cash back at checkout and withdraw cash from ATMs, up to the following cash app ATM withdrawal limit:

  • $310 per transaction
  • $1,000 per 24-hour period
  • $1,000 per 7-day period

To use your Cash Card to get cashback, select debit at checkout and enter your PIN. Cashback transactions will count towards your cash app ATM withdrawal limit.

You can check your Cash Card balance in-app or online. You are not able to check your balance at the ATM at this time.

Transaction Limits. This Section describes the maximum amount that you can spend, transfer or withdraw using your Card during the time periods described in this Section.

  • Per-Transaction Spending Limit. The maximum amount that can be spent using your Card is $7,000 per transaction.
  • Daily Spending Limit. The maximum that can be spent using your card per day is $7,000.00.
  • Seven-Day Spending Limit. The maximum amount that can be spent using the Card in a seven-day period is $10,000.
  • Thirty-Day Spending Limit. The maximum amount that can be spent using the Card in a thirty (30) day period is $25,000.
  • Withdrawal Limits. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn at an ATM or a POS device is $1,000.00 per transaction, $1,000.00 per day, and $1,000.00 per week.

In order to protect your Card Account, we may temporarily impose limits on the dollar amount, number, and type of transactions performed using your Card and your Card Account.

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To the extent permitted by applicable law, we reserve the right to

  • change the transaction limits;
  • limit, block or place a hold on certain types of transfers or transactions: and
  • limit, suspend, or block transfers from particular persons, entities, or Card Accounts.


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Can Cash App be Used At An ATM?


Yes, you can use a Cash App card to make withdrawals at different ATMs. Note that you’ll incur a $2 fee as a withdrawal fee.

All you need is to:

  • Insert your Cash App debit card and add your Cash Card PIN
  • You’ll get a list of choices like deposit balance inquiry, or cash withdrawal. Choose the option you’d like.
  • If you’re withdrawing, select the withdrawal option and collect your cash.
  • Take the printed receipt and card once the screen is clear.


Are There Free ATMs for Cash App?


Unfortunately, there are no free ATMs for Cash App. Every ATM withdrawal attracts a $2 fee from Cash App. Furthermore, some ATMs will charge an extra fee if you use a card that belongs to a different bank.

However, Cash App reimburses any withdrawal fee incurred as long as you top up at least $300 in that month. You also qualify for ATM reimbursements if you get unemployment insurance deposits.

After activating free ATM withdrawals, each deposit receives an extra 31 days of ATM fee reimbursements.


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Can I Load My Cash App Card at an ATM?


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to load your Cash App card at an ATM as Cash App doesn’t have this feature. Cash App is a Peer-to-Peer payment platform and doesn’t have any ATMs, which makes it impossible to deposit money to your Cash App card from an ATM directly.

Cash App card doesn’t support ATM deposits. Nonetheless, you can load a Cash App card in-store or through a debit card.

When using a debit card, you’ll need to add money to your card at an ATM  that is linked to your Cash App. Once you add money, it will appear on your Cash App wallet.


Can I Check My Cash App Balance at an ATM?


No, it’s not possible to check your Cash App balance at an ATM. You can only check your Cash App card balance online or in-app.

If you try to check your balance at an ATM, it will show that your balance is $0.


Can I Overdraft My Cash App Card at an ATM?


Unfortunately, Cash App doesn’t have an overdraft feature. That means you cannot overdraft your Cash App card at an ATM even if you decide to use the Cash App Card.

However, Cash App allows an overdraft, which is more of an automatic feature to fund a pending payment that you’ve already approved.

Cash App will overdraft the Cash App account, an action that can lead to a negative Cash App balance. The best part is that Cash App won’t charge you an additional fee for overdrafts.

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Can I Deposit a Check Using Cash App at an ATM?


It’s not possible to deposit a check using Cash App at an ATM.

However, some users can deposit paper or physical checks using Cash App. The feature is only available for a few users.

All you’ll need to deposit a check using Cash App is to:

  • Launch your Cash App and scroll to the balance in the left corner of Cash App.
  • Once you scroll down, you’ll see an option to deposit a check.
  • Tap on the deposit a check and the Cash App will prompt you to enter a specific amount of the deposit you need to make. That is the amount of the check you’re depositing.
  • You’ll be prompted to take a front/back photo of the check. Ensure that the check is endorsed and there’s a “for deposit only” under the signature.


What is the Daily Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limit?


The cash app ATM withdrawal limit for your cash card is $1,000 per week. This limit resets every Saturday at 7 PM CDT.

It’s worth mentioning that if you check your balance using your cash card at an ATM, it will always show a $0 balance.



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What is the ATM Deposit Limit Using Cash App?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to use an ATM to make deposit cash or checks into your Cash App account. You can only use an ATM to make withdrawals.


When Does the Cash App ATM withdrawal Limit Reset?


Your cash app ATM withdrawal limit using your cash card resets weekly on Saturdays at 7 PM.


Where Can I Find My Cash App ATM Pin?


To find your Cash App ATM Pin, you need to:

  • Launch Cash App on your phone
  • Tap on the settings tab and click on profile.
  • Scroll down to the privacy section and you should see your Cash App ATM PIN.


How Can I Change My Cash App ATM Pin?


You may need to change your Cash App ATM pin if you’re unable to remember the previous PIN or if you’ve given another person access to your Cash App Card or account and now you need to change it.

Note that your Cash App and Cash Card PIN are similar.

To change your Cash App, ATM Pin, you’ll need to:

  • Launch Cash App on your phone.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, tap on the profile icon.
  • Tap on Privacy and Security
  • Click on Change Cash PIN.
  • You may receive a text to verify that you want to change the PIN. After confirmation, you’ll get another email or text notifying you that your PIN has been changed.
  • You now have a new Cash App PIN.
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Can I Deposit Cash Into Cash App at an ATM?


Unfortunately, you cannot deposit cash into Cash App at an ATM as this feature doesn’t exist.

However, you can deposit cash into Cash App at a store like Dollar General, CVS, or Walmart. Alternatively, you can deposit cash into Cash App online through the bank.


What is Your Cash App Limit and How to Increase It


How much you can send and receive differs depending on whether your Cash App account is verified or not. If you verify your account, your Cash App ATM withdrawal limit will increase.

Although there’s no Cash App daily limit, with an unverified account you’re limited to receiving $1,000/month. You’re also restricted to a Cash App weekly sending limit of $250.

To verify your account, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the app
  2. Try to send a payment of more than $250
  3. Cash App will automatically prompt you to verify your account, so follow the steps
  4. Provide your full name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number
  5. Complete the remaining steps and submit the verification form

If Cash App is happy with the information you provided, then they’ll verify your account. This will allow you to increase your Cash App sending limit from $250/week to $7,500/week and your receiving limit will become unlimited.

If you’re a frequent user of Cash App, it’s a good idea to verify your account so you can at least increase your sending limit.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to spend more money, with minimal fees, then using Wise is a great option. With Wise, you can send, spend and withdraw larger amounts of money.




Using your Cash App card can be confusing as you may not know whether to use it like a regular debit card or treat it as a separate entity.

Hopefully, with the above Cash App, ATM questions answered with emphasis on cash app ATM withdrawal limit, you now have an idea of what you can and can’t do with your ATM card.

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