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Car Loan For Uber In Nigeria


Uber is one of the forthcoming ways to make money. Once white collar job is not available, Uber is an option. This days people prefer using Uber over Taxi because of the package and comfort. The well treat is increasing the market value. Since the ban of Gokada people have started using Uber.


You go to this post because you are looking for a way to secure Uber car loan? In this article, I will be showing you ways that you can get a car loan. This car will meet the requirement needed to be a uber driver.

It is quite difficult to afford a car now, but there is a way out. You can enjoy car loan from uber partnering with some of our banks. Read this article careful to get the information you need.


car loan for uber


Who Is An Uber Driver


Uber is a company that brings customers to sellers. Here the passenger is the customer and driver is a seller. Uber is a middle man (company) that stands between the driver and passenger. Their work is to make sure that each person is satisfied.

This company has a designed mobile application, that you can register and order a ride from. They will connect you to the closest driver that will be at your services. An Uber driver, is someone who has a car registered with Uber.


Do I Really Need An Uber Loan?


This question is left for you to answer. The answer can be yes or No. If you have a car that meets the required specifications by Uber then, you don’t need the loan. But, if you don’t have a car that meets uber requirements. Then you should consider getting a loan from Uber or any other source.


Minimum Requirements For Getting A Car Loan


Below are things to consider before getting a car loan. Here are few requirements you need to meet.

  • Good Credit Score – Your Credit score is your financial status, this is a major factor to consider. This entails your ability to repay back the loan. Your credit score is just your net worth.
  • Debt Account – This is what lenders check before giving out loans. The will have assessment of your debt history. How many people your owing and your fast deals with lenders.
  • Repayment History – This will guarantee your lender that you will pay back. You should have a good repayment history.
  • Personal Details – this includes your personal details, your personal information like name, address, email etc.


Types Of Car Loan For Uber In Nigeria


Below are various uber car loan. You can get these loans from uber or any other source.

Traditional Loan – This loan is when you meet a bank directly for a car loan. Each bank has requirements for a car loan. This loan process in this case is always long.

Uber is now partnering with various banks to offer interested drivers a low interest used car. One of the banks is first Nigeria, you can apply and stand an opportunity of getting a car loan. You will enjoy 20% interest per annum for the next 24 months that’s two years. This loan is available only for Uber license drivers. Visit Uber office to apply.


Secured Car Loan – In this system you actually need a collateral to get a car loan. This method is regard as safe loaning system. So if you have a bad credit score, you can use your property to get a car loan.

Bad Credit Score Loan – This loan is available for people that have bad credit score. Because of bad credit score you might not qualify for other loan. The interest rate on these loan are always high.


You can visit Uber office, check their marketing/customer care section to get list of available loan.



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Hope this article on Car Loan For Uber In Nigeria was helpful? If you have any questions use the comment box below. You can secure a loan for Uber using any of the loan types above. So, use any loan type to get your uber car.

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