Does Walmart Take Venmo? Pay With Venmo At Walmart In-store


Venmo’s massive growth has moved the platform to become one of the prominent online transaction platforms thanks to its simplicity and efficiency. With Venmo, paying and receiving money from peers has never been easier. You also can easily make payments for items purchased both online and in-store. 


Due to Walmart’s position as one of the most prominent retailers in the United States, many customers have been wondering if it is acceptable to make payments with their Venmo when they purchase in-store items at Walmart. 


Does Walmart Take Venmo?


Yes. Walmart accepts Venmo for both online and in-store purchases. This process will require you to have the Venmo application installed on your mobile device after which you can easily make payment for your bought items by scanning the QR code provided at the self check out counter. 


How Can I Pay With Venmo At Walmart In-store?


How Can I Pay With Venmo At Walmart In-store


Once the Venmo application has been successfully installed on your mobile device, all you have to do is have your account set up and check out if the nearest Walmart store does accept Venmo as a payment method since there is an option at Walmart stores to accept the use of Venmo as a payment method. 


Through the Walmart store locator, you can access the contact number and opening hours of the nearest local Walmart store to you. At the store, inform the employee you will be completing your payment with Venmo before preceding. 


Once this has been done, you have two different ways through which you can complete your payment using Venmo.  The staff at the store after processing your budget can provide you with the QR code which you will have to scan to complete your payment. 

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To make use of this method, launch the Venmo application on your mobile app, and click on the Scan option after positioning your mobile phone to capture the code perfectly. Once the code has been successfully scanned, you will be asked for confirmation of the payment. By giving your confirmation, the transaction will be completed and the due amount will be removed from your Venmo account


With the second method, you will be asked by the store staff to provide your Venmo QR code which can be accessed on the Venmo application on your mobile device. Once you click on the Show to pay option, the QR code will show up. Show the QR code to the store attendant for scanning. once the scanning has been completed, the transaction will be completed and the amount will be deducted from your Venmo account. 


 Is Venmo Visa Card Accepted At Walmart?


Is Venmo Visa Card Accepted At Walmart?


In the absence of your mobile device to perform the QR code scanning and complete your payment, you can make use of your Venmo Visa card at Walmart stores. This makes it easy to complete your payment as it doesn’t matter even if Venmo is not accepted, you will still be able to pay if a Visa card is accepted at the store. 


The Venmo Visa card functions like other Visa cards and since Visa is recognized and accepted by Walmart, you will have no issue paying for your purchased items. You can apply for a Venmo Visa card on your mobile app, visit the card option on the app and select Venmo card. This application will require you to provide some personal details after which it will be delivered to you.


Delivery might take close to fifteen days and it is also important to take note that you are not allowed to have multiple active Debit cards connected to your account. 


Will I Be Able To Recieve Cash Back From Venmo At Walmart?


It is possible to receive cash back at Walmart. However, you will be required to make use of your Debit card as Walmart is known to give cash back when you make use of your debit cards. 

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At Walmart, all you have to do is purchase an item without a minimum purchase. Once you make a purchase, you will become qualified to earn cashback. Once you’re done with your purchase and your card gets swiped, there will be a cashback option through which you can overwrite the total purchase amount with the cashback amount.


How Can I Recieve Cash Back From Venmo At Walmart Store?


Getting cash back at Walmart is possible when you make use of your Debit card. However, you will not be eligible to receive a cashback when you make use of the Venmo application QR code to complete your payment. 


To get a cashback, go to the nearest Walmart store to make a purchase, there is no minimum item that can be purchased or amount to be spent. Once you’re done with your purchase, move to the self-checkout counter where the newly bought items will be checked and scanned. 


Once the goods have been scanned, you can proceed by swiping your Venmo card after which a cash back option will appear. Select Yes when you see the Would You Like Cashback option and input your preferred amount. Input your card pin and receive the cash either from the Cahier or the POS. 


Can Walmart Money Card Be Transferred To My Venmo Account?


You are allowed to add and make use of different payment methods to your Venmo account which includes prepaid cards and gift cards from American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. 


The Walmart Money Card will either be made by Mastercard or Visa which makes it acceptable by Venmo. Transferring funds from a Walmart Money Card will require you to add the card to your Venmo.


To add a Walmart card to your Venmo, go to the Venmo application on your mobile device and click on the menu icon which is located over the top left corner of your device screen. Select Card and input the Walmart card details which include the card digits, expiry number, and security code. You will also be required to input the card’s zip code. 

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Once you’re certain you’ve provided the correct details, click on ADD and the Walmart card will be added to your Venmo as a payment option after which you can easily transfer the funds on the card to your Venmo. 


What Are Other Payment Alternatives I Can Use At Walmart?


If Venmo is not accepted at your local Walmart store, you can still make payment for the purchased items as other payment options are accepted by Walmart stores. These alternative payment options include.


  • Cash 
  • Pre-printed checks 
  • MasterCard, Visa, and American Express Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Walmart Debit cards
  • ATMs
  • MasterCard and Visa gift cards


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The majority of Walmart stores accept Venmo as a payment option. once you’re done shopping, you can easily make payment for the bought items by scanning the QR code with the Venmo application on your mobile device. You can also complete the payment process by scanning the QR code provided by the store Staff through your Venmo app. 


You also have the option to make use of your Venmo Visa Debit card and other payment options mentioned above that are accepted by Walmart. 

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