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Some years ago, when Cash App was Square Cash and when Cash Cards were nonexistent, you cannot set up your Cash App for direct deposits. You can only transact between Cash App accounts.


Fast forward to 2021, Cash App has added a ton of features.

Not only can you receive direct deposits to your Cash App account, you can also get a Cash App Card, which is a Visa debit card that works like a normal bank-issued debit card.

However, if you’ll ever set up your Cash App for direct deposits, you’ll need a Cash App card number. This article will teach you how to get the different card numbers associated with your Cash App card, and how you can find them.


What Numbers Are Associated To a Cash App card


There are some numbers that are associated to your Cash App card to make it useful for certain purposes. In this section, you’ll learn about some of the numbers associated with your Cash App card.

  • Routing number

A routing number is usually issued for every bank account opened in the United States. It is unique to each branch of a particular bank and it helps to determine where you created your account.

A routing number typically has nine digits and are not unique to every bank account. They are actually unique to each bank branch, and they’re required for some transactions.

  • Account number

We all know our account numbers; they are one of the most important piece of numbers that our banks issues to us. Unlike the routing number, your account number is unique to your account only.

The account number is usually a string of numbers that’s primarily used for account identification. It is just like your bank account’s ID number.

Your account number should be kept confidential, and you should only give your account number to people you trust. Sometimes, scammers compromise accounts using the account numbers.


Can You Get Your Cash App Card Numbers?


Ever since Cash App started issuing the Cash App Card, there have been a way to view your Cash App card numbers.

You can view the account number associated with your Cash App card. You can also view and change the routing number, if you so choose.

These numbers are important if you want to set up direct deposits for your Cash App account. Also, you might be needing these numbers for some transactions if you don’t have a bank account.

Note, however, that you must have a Cash App card if you’ll ever want to get a routing and account number for your Cash App account. These numbers are linked to your card, and not your account in general.

If you don’t have a Cash App card yet, you might want to consider getting it. It’s free, and gives you access to free account and routing numbers.


How to View Your Cash App Card Number


If you have a Cash App account and the card, you will want to know what your account and routing numbers are, to expand the functionality of the feature-rich app.

If that’s exactly your intention, we’ve got you covered over here. Here is exactly how to view the numbers associated with your Cash App card.


  • How to View Your Cash App Routing Number

Cash App wasn’t designed to work like a regular bank account. This is why your routing number is not as obvious as you’ll want it to be.

Most transactions you’ll ever do on Cash App will only need you to provide your $Cashtag.

If you don’t have a bank account, you’ll find yourself needing the routing number pretty soon, trust me. Here is how to view your almost hidden routing number on Cash App.

  • Open Cash App on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Navigate to the “My Cash” tab. It is to the right of the screen in the bottom row of icons.
  • You’ll get to a page where you can see your available balance. Under your balance, tap “Cash.” On the next page, you’ll have to scroll down to see “Get Account Number.”
  • To get your account number, you’ll have to tap the “Get Account Number” button, and you’ll also need to select “Enable Account” on the resulting screen.
  • This will bring up all the numbers you were looking for. You can tap the “Copy” button underneath to copy everything to your clipboard.


Then, you can proceed to give these details to your employer or to anyone who would like to pay directly to your bank account.


What Bank Issues The Cash App Account Number?


The account number associated with your Cash App card is issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, no matter where you’re using Cash App from.

Lincoln Savings Bank is based in Iowa, and they’re not one of the popular banks you know. However, they’re very functional, and that shows in how efficiently they’ve been powering Cash App.


Can You Change The Cash App Routing Number?


There is no direct way to change the routing number, but there are some hacks that supposedly work.

If you’re tired of your routing number, you should consider changing your current address to that of another state in the United States. You might be required to verify your identity.

Once you successfully change your address, you can check your routing number using the steps above. If it doesn’t change, you might need to create a new account.

Contacting support is pretty useless here, as your routing number isn’t really controlled by Cash App.



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Just a few years ago, there was no way to receive direct deposits to your Cash App account.

Now, we’re in 2021, and Cash App is keeping up with the rest of the world, obviously. Now, not only can you receive direct deposits to your Cash App account, you can also view the Cash App card numbers associated with your account.

You don’t need no bank account no more, I promise.

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