Does Bath And Body Works Take Apple Pay? Payment Process


Bath and Body is a retail store that is known for its exclusive provider of a variety of body care-related products.

At Bath and Body, you can buy inexpensive gifts and packages for friends, family, or even yourself, when the need arises.

It is popular and is available both in-store and online, making it far more convenient for its customers to make their order(s) right from their homes, without having to visit a physical Bath and Body Location.


Being popular, it is also a necessity to house diversified payment methods, which can be chosen by its users based on their preferences.

Apple Pay is a popular payment service, owned by Apple inc. making it possible to send and receive money in a secure form, without any security breaches.

Apple Pay doesn’t only seem to be popular but also tends to be easy to use, once you get it, you get it forever.


Most people are concerned about getting to know if payment could be done with Apple Pay at Bath and Body stores, as well as its online stores.

Therefore, in this article, I will provide you with every question you may have while wanting to make a payment with Apple Pay at the Bath and Body store.


Does Bath And Body Works Take Apple Pay?


Pretty sure, that if you have been a long-time customer of Bath and Body, you will certainly be used to other payment options that are available at Bath and Body.

Most stores today, already adapting the system of accepting payments from their customers, through Apple Pay.

Bath and Body aren’t exclusive to this trend, therefore, it considers accepting payment for Apple Pay.


In simple:

Yes, Bath and Body accept payment from Apple Pay, however, you will only be able to make use of Apple Pay in-store, therefore, you won’t be able to make payment online, since it is yet to be accepted online, you are left with the option to either consider paying with your card online or probably via PayPal.


However, making the payment with your Apple Wallet doesn’t just go that way, therefore,

Before considering making the payment with Apple Pay, at any Bath and Body retails, there are several preliminaries you need to engage in, to get a smooth operation and payout.


They are,

  • Checking if a particular Bath and Body accepts payment from Apple Pay.
  • Setting up your Apple Wallet Correctly.


Literally, these are the things you need to first consider before getting into a Bath and Body location. I will explain what each means.

First, you need to confirm if the said Bath and Body (I mean the one you intend to purchase some stuff from) accepts payment from Apple Pay, how do you do that? It is simple.

All you have to do is to search for the particular Bath and Body location on the Apple Map App. 

Once you pull up the location, look for the Useful to Know Section, just at the right, you will see the Apple Pay Logo, that is if that location takes Apple Pay or not.

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Once you are pretty sure that the said Bath and Body location accepts payment from Apple Pay, then you can consider the next step.


The second thing you need to do is set up your Apple Wallet by adding your card, or probably if you intend to make payment via a gift card, then you need to tie your Gift Card to your Apple Wallet.

It will be useful at a later time, to add a card to Apple Wallet. Set up your Apple Wallet can be done as follows:


  • Step 1: Open iPhone Settings on your device, and Tap on Apple Wallet.
  • Step 2: Add a Card to your Wallet, by entering your bank card information, or probably, you can scan the card to be fast.

Note: You are not limited to one type of card, you can add both your debit and credit card to your Apple Wallet.

  • Step 3: Agree to Terms and Conditions in adding Card to Apple Wallet, and wait for confirmation.


Now, that you have successfully linked your Card to Apple Wallet, then you are good to go.

Head to the Location of Bath and Body, where you intend to shop. Once it is time to make a payment, you can simply request from the cashier that your payment method is Apple Pay, whoever is the Cashier on the ground at the moment, should be able to walk you through how you can make payment with your Apple Wallet.


However, something similar that you are going to experience while making payment at Bath and Body using Apple Pay is:

Making Payment with Apple Pay works based on a Contactless mode of payment, through the NFC reader, this is just how you can make payment for your purchases using Apple Pay.


Making payments with Apple Pay can be done through any Apple Based smart Device, such as your iPhone, Apple Watch, and the likes.

Meanwhile, here is how you can make payment with Apple Pay at Bath and Body:


For iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open the Apple Pay App on your iPhone device, and choose the card which you intend to use.
  • Step 2: If you are using Face ID or passcode, unlock it, and place it near the NFC reader.
  • Step 3: Wait for some seconds until you hear a beep sound, then, you will see a payment notification on the card terminal.


For Apple Watch

  • Step 1: Open your Apple Watch, and Unlock it.
  • Step 2: Place it near the NFC reader, after some time you will get an approval notification.


This same process still works with other Apps on Smart Devices, such as your iPad. If you find it complicated, which is doubtful, then you can consider seeking assistance from the representative.

Once the payment has been done successfully, then you can request your receipt from the cashier, the printing of the receipt is normally done simultaneously.


What Payment Methods Does Bath and Body Works Take?


What Payment Methods Does Bath and Body Works Take


Bath and Body are known for its wide range of payment options that could be considered by its customers.

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Though Bath and Body don’t seem to accept most of the common methods of payment, it still helps in providing convenient payment methods.

Choosing a particular payment method at Bath and Body is based on customer preference, some customers who might prefer payment via credit card, are allowed to make payment for their purchases at Bath and Body.


Similarly, for contactless payment, then you need to consider Apple Pay, since Bath and Body are yet to take other contactless-based payment options like Google Pay and likes.

Some other reasons or rationale as the case may be, why most customers are more concerned in making payments with specific payment methods, is as a result of the benefits and advantages of using such payment service consistently, in terms of the amount of cash back you get in form of reward.

However, the payment methods that are acceptable at Bath and Body in-stores are Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Cards, Apple Pay and PayPal.


The aforementioned listed payment methods seem to be among the most popular payment methods you will find in 98% of in-stores in the United States.

On another consideration, not all Payments acceptable at in-stores will in turn be accepted at online stores. Put more simply, you won’t be able to make payment with your Apple Wallet for your online purchase at Bath and Body, you are open to other payment options like card and PayPal.


Why Apple Pay?


The question most people are more concerned with is knowing Why Apple Pay? Apple Pay is one of the most common payment systems available, where you can receive money and as well send money to others.

Using Apple Pay to pay for your purchases at in-stores, will guarantee you that there won’t be any security breaches, unlike, when using your card to pay at in-stores, your card’s information could get stolen by criminals.

With Apple Pay, you don’t necessarily need to have any contact with the payment machine, this is because most stores that accept Apple Pay as a payment option do offer an NFC reader, that allows you to make payment with your Apple Watch or iPhone by placing it near the NFC reader.


Does Bath and Body Works Accept Cash?


Does Bath and Body Works Accept Cash


No, you can’t pay cash at Bath and Body. If you will have to make a payment, it must be in an electronic form and not just any payment service, must be within the acceptable payment options I have listed here: What Payment Methods Does Bath and Body Works Take?


Although, despite how popular this method of payment is, and how it is still used today in making payments for purchases at some retailers, well, Bath and Body did not provide any reasons why the cash payment option was discontinued.


Well some reasons which I could think of is Security, accepting cash payment could be risky to some businesses, other reasons could be the efficiency and speed handling money digitally because you do not need to get hard counting your money, which is prone to error.


However, Digital payment seems to be faster and produce the expected result, unless it has been compromised by some bad guys called criminals.

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Therefore, if you have physical cash, then you can consider buying a gift card from a gift card store that accepts payment in the form of cash.


Which Stores Do Not Take Apple Pay?


I made mentioned earlier that Apple Pay seems to be categorized as the most popular payment service available in the US.

Well, this is a result of the perception people have towards it. Most stores accept payment from Apple Pay, but I will not say not “all* are accepting payment from Apple Pay.


A reasonable number of stores are yet to begin accepting payment from Apple Pay, probably because they are yet to be equipped with the necessary machines needed for contactless payment since that is a part of Apple Pay.


While some other stores which are popular and supposed to accept payment from Apple Pay but are not could be a result of having their payment service, which is needed to be considered by their customers if they truly need a convenient payment option.


Some stores that are yet to accept payment from Apple are as follows:

Macy’s, Meijer, Office Depot, Petco, PetSmart, Raley’s, Rite Aid, Safeway, Save Mart Supermarkets, Schnucks, Shaws, Shop ‘n Save, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy Sprouts, Farmers Market, Staples, Star Market, Stater, Bros, SuperValu, Target, Toys R Us, Trader Joe’s.


There are still other stores that are yet to accept payment from Apple Pay, but the aforementioned listing is just a few.



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Now, here comes the conclusion of this article, if you are an Apple Pay user, and preferably consider making the payment with Apple Pay at any in-store or online, then, feel free to play with your Apple Wallet at Bath and Body store.

Although, you may also choose to consider other payment methods, whichever one you find suitable and okay for you.

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