Does Food Lion Take Apple Pay?


No Misconception! But Food Lion happens to be one of the top-notched grocery stores in the United States, having its headquarters located in Salisbury, North America.

Undoubtedly, if you need to consider a reliable store with a perfect and convenient customer relations then you certainly need to give Food Lion a Try.


Food Lion tries as much as possible to ensure all-round convenience for its customers, ranging from its exclusive products, down to providing a wide range of payment options that can be considered by its customers.


There are several payment methods available in the United States, one of which is, Apple Pay. Yes, with Apple Pay you can consider making a contactless payment method as you may wish.

Paying with your Apple Wallet doesn’t only tend to be convenient, but it will also save you from any security constraints that might occur.

Here in this article, I will be answering all questions related to making payments with Apple Pay at Food Lion.


Does Food Lion Take Apple Pay?


Apple Pay is an Apple inc. based payment service, available for receiving and sending money to others, it is considered one of the best and fast payment services available.

Today, there are several retail chains that are already on the trend of accepting payments via Apple Pay, while more are gradually accelerating towards equipping themselves to accepting payments from Apple Pay.


However, you can’t be certain that literally every in-store or online store you shop at will accept payment via your Apple Wallet, hence, you will have to make confirmation in being acquainted if a particular retailer accepts payment from Apple Pay. There are diverse ways this could be done.

Either by contacting the Sales Representative in the Store or probably, make confirmation via the Apple Map App.


In context:

Yes, You can make payment with your Apple Wallet, at Food Lion. Food Lion accepts payment from its customers who intend to make payment with Apple Pay, if you aren’t an iPhone user, then you can consider other Android-based payment options, like Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Around 2016 way back, Food Lion announced it will begin accepting payment from Apple Pay, since then, more and more Food Lion locations are gradually beginning accepting payment from Apple Pay users.


Therefore, before considering making the payment with Apple Pay, at any Food Lion retails, there are several preliminaries you need to engage in, to get a smooth operation and payout.


They are,

  • Checking if a particular Food Lion accepts payment from Apple Pay.
  • Setting up your Apple Wallet Correctly.


Literally, these are the things you need to first consider before getting into a Food Lion location. I will explain what each means.

First, you need to confirm if the said Food Lion (I mean the one you intend to purchase some stuff from) accepts payment from Apple Pay, how do you do that? It is simple.

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All you have to do is to search for the particular Food Lion location on the Apple Map App. 

Once you pull up the location, look for the Useful to Know Section, just at the right, you will see the Apple Pay Logo, that is if that location takes Apple Pay or not.

Once you are pretty sure that the said Food Lion location accepts payment from Apple Pay, then you can consider the next step.


The second thing you need to do is set up your Apple Wallet by adding your card, or probably if you intend to make payment via a gift card, then you need to tie your Gift Card to your Apple Wallet.

It will be useful at a later time, to add a card to Apple Wallet. Set up your Apple Wallet can be done as follows:


  • Step 1: Open iPhone Settings on your device, and Tap on Apple Wallet.
  • Step 2: Add a Card to your Wallet, by entering your bank card information, or probably, you can scan the card to be fast.

Note: You are not limited to one type of card, you can add both your debit and credit card to your Apple Wallet.

  • Step 3: Agree to Terms and Conditions in adding Card to Apple Wallet, and wait for confirmation.


Now, that you have successfully linked your Card to Apple Wallet, then you are good to go.

Head to the Location of Food Lion, where you intend to shop. Once it is time to make a payment, you can simply request from the cashier that your payment method is Apple Pay, whoever is the Cashier on the ground at the moment, should be able to walk you through how you can make payment with your Apple Wallet.

However, something similar that you are going to experience while making payment at Food Lion using Apple Pay is:


Making Payment with Apple Pay works based on a Contactless mode of payment, through the NFC reader, this is just how you can make payment for your purchases using Apple Pay.

Making payments with Apple Pay can be done through any Apple Based smart Device, such as your iPhone, Apple Watch, and the likes.

Meanwhile, here is how you can make payment with Apple Pay at Food Lion:


For iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open the Apple Pay App on your iPhone device, and choose the card which you intend to use.
  • Step 2: If you are using Face ID or passcode, unlock it..
  • Step 3: Wait for some seconds until you hear a beep sound, then, you will see a payment notification on the card terminal.


For Apple Watch

If you are using the Apple Device, then all you have to do is to unlock it by entering the passcode, then, hold it near the contactless reader, after some seconds you will get a message for an approved payment.


Once all things are done, you can collect your payment receipt, and you are good to go.

Therefore, whenever you want to make a payment with Apple Pay at any Food Lion location then you can consider what you have learned here.

However, sometimes you have to consider adding a new card, probably when you intend to make a payment with a new card, or probably linking a new gift card to your Apple Wallet.

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The processes involved will still certainly remain the same, unless further update effects.


Other Payment Options at Food Lion


One of the good drives for sales is the ability to provide a wide range and categories of payment options, providing customers total control over payment options to choose from.

Most customers are moved by the benefits attached when making a payment with a particular payment service, some payment services like Apple Pay offer its customers cashback of up to 3%, while others may reward something higher than that.

Therefore, retailers have to incorporate a variety of payment options that can be considered by their prospective customers.


More specifically, Food Lion is one of the earliest and fast-growing stores that is quick in the adoption of several payments in its payment system.

At Food Lion, you aren’t restricted to making payments with one payment option, you are allowed to select the best and most suitable payment options available.

Therefore, the following are the complete payment options available at Food Store and can be used by everyone, regardless of who you are or what you have.


At Food Lion you have:

Credit Cards such as American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard, Debit Cards, Cash(For those who may not be equipped with an electronic means of making payment at the moment), Food Lion Gift Card(Food Lion also offers Gift Cards that can be used to make payment), EBT (Such as SNAP programs and other government benefits program), Google Pay, Samsung Pay and lastly Apple Pay.


The Amazing thing here is, that most of the payment methods listed above, works more like a similar process, such as payment services like Google Pay, Samsung, and Apple Pay, which uses almost the same contactless mode of payment.


What Grocery Store Uses Apple Pay?


What Grocery Store Uses Apple Pay?


People do ask what grocery stores accept payment from Apple Pay, probably, to know the reliability of it, or something related.

Well, if you could take reflection earlier in this article, I mentioned something about Apple Pay, being more convenient, Secure, and Fast than some of the commonest payment methods.

This assertion is true, with Apple Pay, you won’t have to risk your information to criminals or fraudsters, therefore, having a slim occurrence of Fraud related cases. This is because payment done with Apple Pay is contactless.


All that is required is to have an Apple-based smart device like iPhone or Apple Watch, either device will work just Fine.

Today a large number of grocery stores are already accepting payments from Apple Pay, and the few which are yet to begin, are already on the verge to begin accepting payments from Apple Pay.

Most users tend to consider their Apple Wallet far more easy and more convenient for them, than other known payment options available.


Grocery stores that take Apple Pay include Albertsons, CVS, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Stop and Shop, Winn-Dixie, United Supermarkets, FoodMaxx, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, Publix, Family Dollar, Food Lion, Cub Foods, Lucky Supermarkets, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Walgreens, Sprouts, Shaw’s, Vons, Hy-Vee, and Randalls.


Is Apple Pay Widely Accepted?


Unfortunately, not all stores are accepting payment from Apple Pay, though, a large number of retailers are already on the system of taking payment via Apple Pay from their customers.

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Even though Apple Pay seems to be more secure, you can’t be certain that a particular store will accept payment from Apple Pay, therefore, you will have to confirm if an in-store does accept payments from Apple Pay through the Apple Map App.

In other cases, you can consider going along with your credit card or debit card, since these are the most widely Acceptable payment options you will find in most stores.


You shouldn’t be so confident at a particular retailer accepting payment from Apple Pay, though, while a large percentage are already accepting payment from Apple Pay, still, yet, a reasonable number of retailers are to belong to this chain.

However, successive development might introduce accepting payment from Apple Pay, therefore, it is necessary to always ask the cashier questions.


Does Harris Teeter take Apple Pay?


Does Harris Teeter take Apple Pay?


Unfortunately, Harris Teeter does not accept payment from Apple Pay, though it offers a range of other payment options that can be considered by its customers.

Harris Teeter also has its payment app, which is Kroger Pay, with Kroger Pay, you can make both contactless payments as well as it supports making payments by scanning a QR code.

Some other acceptable payment options available in Harris Teeter are credit cards, debit cards, EBT cards, WIC, and a lot more.



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Now here comes the conclusion of your Adventure, if you are an Apple Pay user, and preferably consider making a payment with Apple Pay at any in-store or online, then, feel free to play with your Apple Wallet at Food Lion.

No doubt Food Lion has begun accepting payment from Apple Pay way back in 2016, this is a result of its great reputation and how it is widely accepted.

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