Does Cleo App Loan Money? [Everything You Need To Know]


When you are short of cash, do you know that you can borrow as much as $100 on Cleo?

Yes, Cleo is an Ai Powered financial app that helps its users in terms of savings and budgeting. This process makes it stand out from other fintech apps.


It is a financial technology app that is available on both android and iOS platforms, it is completely free, and therefore, its users do not have to make a payment before accessing the full features of the app, unless considering Cleo subscription offers.

However, if you are wondering if you can borrow from the Cleo app, then you are in the right article. 

In this article, I will be providing you with the information needed to get a loan from Cleo.


Does Cleo App Loan Money


Cleo Loan services work in the form of cash advances, therefore, you are entitled to get up to 100 dollars.

Although, a 100 dollars cash advance isn’t the starting amount of getting cash advances on Cleo.

Once you sign up on Cleo, you have the entitlement to be spotted starting from $20. Getting as high as 100 dollars, you will have to give the Cleo algorithm the trust that you will pay back.

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By signing up on Cleo, you have to quickly go through the eligibility procedure to determine the amount you are qualified for. Trying to get cash advances higher than your limit will end unsuccessfully.

Getting qualified for a cash advance on Cleo is pretty easy, unlike other cash advance apps having a pool of requirements that must be met before you are qualified to get cash advances.

For Cleo, you won’t be passed through a credit check, or probably a direct deposit. Therefore, answering the question of whether Cleo does loan money to its users, the answer is Yes.


Does Cleo Let You Borrow Money?


Does Cleo Let You Borrow Money?


With Cleo, you can get cash advances of up to $100 that can help foot your bills. Cleo happens to be the easiest and fastest Fintech mobile that allows its users to get cash advances with minimum requirements.

Once you sign up, you can have access to up to $20 cash advances, however, you must ensure to pass through the eligibility process to know the amount of money that can be borrowed from you.

Constant use of the Cleo app, in making online payments, and getting cash advances will help increase the amount of money you can borrow.


How Much Will Cleo Give Me?


Cleo won’t give you cash advances exceeding 100 dollars. However, the starting amount for Cleo is $20.

As you collect more badges and complete the necessary number of challenges, your cash advance score will as well increase.


What App Will Lend Me $20?


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If you are looking for apps that will lend you $20, then you need to give the Cleo app a try.

Other apps could lend you 20 dollars, but some of these Apps impose requirements that can be tiring, unlike Cleo, which has user-friendly cash advance requirements.

Once you can continue making repayment of your previous loan, you will be able to borrow a higher amount.


How Long Does It Take to Get Money from Cleo?


You won’t get your money immediately after requesting a cash advance on Cleo. Before the Money will be in your account, it normally spans up to 4 working days.

If you need the money today, then you must have been able to request a cash advance, long before the time.


What Bank Does Cleo Use?


Cleo partners with WebBank and Member FDIC.


How Does Cleo Make Money?


Cleo does offer several premium products, such as the Cleo Plus and Cleo Builder. If you are wondering how Cleo makes money:


“Cleo’s main source of revenue comes from our two subscription products – Cleo Plus and Cleo Builder. You can read more about them on our main website, but we think we’re one of the best cash advance apps out there. And even better at helping people build their credit history.”

Source: Cleo



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Cleo is a popular financial technology app that makes imperative use of several Ai Technologies, in ensuring it serves its users rightly.

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Among the exclusive features offered by Cleo, it also comes with a cash advance feature that allows its users to get loans for urgent needs.

However, you must ensure that you can’t borrow exceeding more than $100 on Cleo.

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