Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime? Guide To Use It


In today’s article, I will be showing you several apps like Dave that work with Chime?

Chime is a popular online banking platform that offers most of its banking services completely free of charge. You can see Chime bank as a virtual bank because it doesn’t have any form of physical operations or service.


Since it is a bank, you might be wondering if cash advance apps like Dave, Empower, and the likes do accept the Chime bank account or bank card.

Numerous cash advance apps offer quite a No-fee interest and are completely free of charge. Cash advance apps like Empower can give you up to $250 as a cash advance.


Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime


If you want to know other cash advance apps like Dave that work with Chime then you can keep reading.


Apps Like Dave that Works with Chime


If you are a Dave user, trust me, there are many cash advance apps similar to Dave, that accept the Chime bank account.

You can even get cash advances from these apps, far higher than the cash advance you get on Dave.

Therefore, I will be showing you a curated list of cash advance apps like Dave, that work with Chime:


  • Cleo

Cleo is a popular cash advance app that supports over 3000 banks, fortunately, Chime happens to fall under these banks.

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Once you can subscribe to the Cleo Plus Service, you can easily link your Chime bank account on Cleo, and start getting cash advances of up to $100.

Cleo came first on our list because it is one of the few popular cash advance apps that fully support Chime bank.


  • MoneyLion

This is another cash advance app that quite works with Chime, therefore, with MoneyLion you can get a cash advance of up to $250.

Once you can meet the requirements stated by MoneyLion in getting cash advances, one of the criteria is: that your bank account must not be less than 2 months, and must maintain a regular Deposit from your employer.

MoneyLion has a membership option known as instacash, which allows you to borrow money up to $250 without any interest fee.


  • Klover

Klover is also another cash advance app that works with the Chime bank, with Klover, you can get a cash advance of up to $500, once you make a direct deposit into your account.

By using the Klover app, you are offered a no credit check, and no interest fee you aren’t charged for the cash advances you collect from Klover.


  • Empower

I recommend the empower cash advance app, it is fully supported by chime, therefore, as a Chime user, you can get cash advances up to $250.

Once you have added your Chime bank on Empower, and you are qualified to receive cash advances, you can begin applying for cash advances on Empower.


Do Cash Advance Apps Require a Credit Check?


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Do Cash Advance Apps Require a Credit Check?


Most cash advance apps either the ones supported by Chime or not, kind of offer no credit check requirements. You don’t necessarily need to have a particular amount before you can begin having a cash advance.

Apps like Empower, Cleo, And the likes, require no minimum credit Deposited in your account before you can get cash advances.


Can I Get $500 from Money Lion?


No! The highest amount of money you can get from MoneyLion is $250, you can’t borrow an amount higher than that. Therefore, the only option is to apply for a cash advance from more than two sources.

Else, you can try Klover, which gives its users a cash advance of up to $500.


Interest Rate of Cash Advance Apps


Interest Rate of Cash Advance Apps


Most Cash Advance Apps don’t require any form of interest fees applied, apps like Empower, Cleo, and others, will not add an interest fee to your repayment amount.



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Dave is one of the popular cash advance apps available that is supported by Chime, most users have experienced great success with Dave accepting their chime bank.

Sometimes, cases might be, when needing an alternative cash advance app similar to Dave, with similar features. Of which, I have listed four cash advance apps that are trusted to be supported by Chime.

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