Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay? Payment Guide


Fred Meyer is a popular Kroger-owned store, selling things related to foods, home goods, electronics, sports items, clothing, jewelry, etc. It offers quality products, and would be a choice for those who choose one-stop shopping, rather than going to many stores.

At Fred Meyer, you can choose among the variety of payment methods available, this is a result of trying to create some level of convenience among its customers when making payments at Fred Meyer.


Some of the most common payment methods available today can be found at Fred Meyer, but, Does Fred Meyer Accept Payment from Apple Pay?


Apple Pay is a popular and convenient mobile payment service that can be used to send and receive money. You can also pay for your bills via Apple Pay, both online and in-stores. Many retailers today are already on the system accepting payments via Apple Pay.


Therefore, in this article, I will be answering all questions related to making payments with Apple Pay at Fred Meyer.


Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay?


As I mentioned earlier, Fred Meyer is a popular Kroger-owned store. Aside from Fred Meyer, Kroger also tends to own some other stores across the United States.

Kroger has its own branded payment network, known as Kroger Pay, Kroger Pay is a mobile-based payment system, used within the Kroger Chain. 

Just how you can make contactless payment with Apple Pay or probably, Google Pay, you can as well make contactless payment with your Kroger Wallet.

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You can’t make payment with Apple Pay at Fred Meyer, but you might want to consider Kroger Pay, by downloading the Kroger Pay app and Signing Up.


If you are a regular customer at Kroger Stores you might want to give Kroger Pay a consideration.

Apple Pay is a popular payment method, which most stores have already begun taking payment from its customers via Apple Pay.

Despite the level of security you get while making payment with Apple Pay, Fred Meyer is still yet to be among the stores that take payment via Apple Pay.

As I stated, in order to pay through contactless means, you may want to consider Kroger Pay.


What are Other Payment Methods Accepted by Fred Meyer?


At Fred Meyer, aside from making payment with Kroger Pay, you are open to several other payment methods, which you can choose from.

Some of these payment methods may offer less convenience and security that might get it risked to criminals. Therefore, you need to be conscious of your privacy, most especially when paying with a credit card.


Some of the Accepted payment options at Fred Meyer are as follows:


  1. Visa cards
  2. Discover cards
  3. American Express cards
  4. Debit cards
  5. Prepaid cards
  6. Fred Meyer’s gift cards
  7. Personal checks
  8. Fred Meyer’s Rewards MasterCard
  9. Kroger Rewards Debit Card


Why Does Fred Meyer Not Take Apple Pay?


Why Does Fred Meyer Not Take Apple Pay


You hardly find most companies which have their own mobile payment platform, accepting other payment methods.

Therefore, since Fred Meyer already has its own payment app, Kroger Pay, you shouldn’t expect it to accept payment from Apple Pay, since it is regarded as a Rival.

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It is recommended to make payment with your Kroger Wallet than any other Mobile Wallet available, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Way.

You can add your bank card to your Kroger Wallet to make payment. It also tends to make payment through contactless means.


How to Find out Which Store Accepts Apple Pay?


Most stores today are already accepting payment from Apple Pay, these are stores which have seen the usefulness of Apple Pay, and have quickly begun accepting payment from its users.

Therefore, it is important to always confirm if a particular store accepts payment from Apple Pay, to do that, you can follow the steps below:


  • Step 1: Open the iPhone’s Apple Maps application.
  • Step 2: Search by the name of the store you want to go to.
  • Step 3: Choose and tap the appropriate place.
  • Step 4: Scroll down to find out more about that store.
  • Step 5: If the company accepts Apple Pay, a checkmark and the words “Accepts Apple Pay” will display beneath the title “Useful to Know.” The Apple Pay logo is another sign you’ll see.

Once you are certain that payment via Apple will be accepted at the store, then you are good to go.



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Apple Pay is a secured, convenient and easy to understand payment service, having been accepted in most popular stores in the United States, while more stores are trying to shift to the paradigm of taking payments via Apple Pay from its users.

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Fred Meyer is a popular Kroger owned store in the United States, with Fred Meyer, you can make purchases of things related to jewelry, home decor, and so on. It also tends to accept popular payment options like payment via credit cards, Gift card etc.


However, you won’t be able to make payment for your Purchases at Fred Meyer using Apple Pay, but rather you may want to consider paying with the Kroger owned mobile payment platform, known as Kroger pay.

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