Does Lucky Diamond Really Payout?


Well, let’s talk about another viral money-making game app called Lucky diamond, which says users could become millionaires in no distant time.

And so I  found this game lucky diamond some days ago while strolling the play store and seeing the same familiar adverts they always dish out,   and of course, I set out on my research to see if this app pays out.


Does Lucky Diamond Pay Out?


Does Lucky Diamond Really Payout?


Not, the virtual cash you get from a lucky diamond doesn’t have an equal value to physical money and the company clearly states that the user doesn’t own it.

Like the rest of them reaching the minimum threshold on the lucky diamond would mean passing through thorns and nails as the mission seems impossible.

Most people get stocked just before reaching the minimum threshold and most people even after reaching their request get canceled or ignored.


About Lucky Diamond


Lucky diamond is one of those puzzle games out on the play store that rewards users with virtual cash which they claim can be withdrawn to PayPal once the user reached the minimum payout threshold.


The game is available on the play store for Android users, but am not pretty sure of its availability on the Apple store.

Well based on my research I would be giving these game apps an overall rating of 1/5, although I can see them getting 4.5 stars on the play store that doesn’t go down well with me. The game has over 100,000 installations from different devices all over the world.

Lucky Diamond is owned by TuYoo Company, although the company is based in Hong Kong, their game is available for users all over the world.

And just like other games owned by TuYoo Company which includes panda cube smash, Lucky Diamond is a free game app with no in-app purchase.

And just like so many of them out there, lucky diamond  claims all users could Cash out their earnings via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and other in-game currencies once they reach the minimum payout threshold of $150


The game has 1200+ levels and just like other puzzles game it’s a very interesting game and there are not as many ads as most of this money-making game app which makes it less frustrating.

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How Does lucky Diamond Work


Lucky diamond is an easy-to-play smart game, but you must agree with its terms and conditions after installing the game before having full access to it.

The game is played by simply tapping one or two of the same colored cubes to crush and then squashing the rest of the other cubes to complete the level.

Interestingly if you can squash 5 or more cubes at intervals, you automatically activate boosters which give you chance for a lucky spinning top, Fireworks, and more.


This also gives a chance for the game to assist you with squashing the rest of the cubes at once and helps you finish up that particular level faster.

However, if you weren’t able to reach the goal by squashing the minimum number of cubes given before your time elapse, the game is over. This means you would have to replay that particular level.


Is Lucky Diamond Legit Or Scam?


Although one of the reviews claims Lucky Diamond has once paid him half of what he earned on the platform.

But then there are also a lot of other negative reviews and so let’s not jump to conclusions.

 But judging from how this game operates, it should be very clear that just a small fraction of its users get paid, that is if they even get paid at all which I doubt.


Let’s judge from the fact that they lure you to spend time on the platform and watching ads by rewarding you handsomely at the beginning and giving you a little penny just when you are almost getting to cashing out your earnings.

This makes it very frustrating and most users end up quitting the game before reaching the minimum threshold and then end up not getting paid.

This means the company doesn’t pay, so I would be confident enough to tell you that Lucky Diamond is fake just like others without any sting of guilt.

But judging from the fact that one section of the game’s “Terms of Services” clearly states that TuYoo might delete your tokens and virtual cash, means it’s not a scam.

So don’t be surprised or feel scammed to find out that your payment request was canceled after going through the whole stress and getting your hopes high.

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And that is why it is always advisable to read all this company’s “TOS” And “Conditions” before starting the game to know what to expect and not feel disappointed.


Can You Win Real Money On Lucky Party?


The lucky party is another money-making game app that deceptively advertises users who becomes millionaire just by playing around the platform and having fun.

The lucky party is owned by Jamie Yonng a Chinese developer, and it has about 1.2 million installations on different devices with an average of 3.5 stars ratings.

The most annoying thing is the way these guys tables their adverts to seem like users would become millionaires overnight by just playing games.

If this is so then I guess all our lives should just revolve around playing games.

 Although this company claims you can make over $50 which is their minimum payment threshold simply by playing free scratch cards.

But to be extremely honest with you, you are only enriching this game owner by installing and watching ads which is their primary way of generating revenue.

 They always convince users to believe they could earn decent thousands if not millions by installing and playing their games but the truth is you won’t, there is no guarantee. 

Honestly speaking these games are only out there to waste your time and frustrate you, they always do the opposite of what they promise.

Moreover, a lot of these lucky party users say they waited forever for their cash to be added to their PayPal account after reaching the minimum threshold but it never came.


Owing to the low payout threshold of the lucky parties, one could easily be made to believe the app really pays, or maybe they do but it doesn’t seem like it.

But even if they do, just have it at the back of your mind that the virtual cash rewards you get don’t have an equal value to actual money.

 And the coins token according to their Terms of services isn’t real money.


 The simple truth is you will only be wasting your time if you are expecting to get paid for a lucky party because there is no guarantee that you would be paid real money.


How Do You Cash Out On DiamondApp?


Once you reach the minimum threshold of $150, you can request to get paid by tapping on the cash icon at the top of your screen you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card.

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Final Verdict


Playing Lucky Diamond is quite fun and makes one exercise their brain, I recommend this app for anyone who is looking for a platform to pass out time, have fun and exercise their brain, but not for anyone who is looking to get paid.



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Video Guide







Lucky Diamond is simple just like other money-making game apps out there that get people to download their apps through deceptive adverts.


They only get you to work for them and help them generate funds by watching ads on the app without any plans of sharing the funds with you.

The game is quite fun to play and enjoyable and is similar to other puzzle games out there.

This is just my honest review of the Lucky Diamond game app, so what do you think? Have you ever used Lucky Diamond app before? What was your experience? 

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