Is Merge Emoji Legit or Scam? 2023 Review


Merge Emoji is yet another money-making gaming app that gives users high hopes of withdrawing a huge amount of money into their PayPal account while having fun.

Based on careful research, how on Earth could one make a huge amount of money by just combining similar emojis as the advertisers portray? Unbelievable!


Merge Emoji


Is Merge Emoji Legit Or Scam?


Merge Emoji, has had its past glory of paying users, showing signs of being legit. However; you can try them out, if they pay you don’t waste time sharing the good news with others. Is the merge Emoji legit? Yes; they are legit but have no assurance of getting paid by the platform.


Here is more you need to know ??

I honestly don’t believe that merge Emoji pays I mean there is at least a 99% probability that the company isn’t even making so much money as to promising users a whole lot of money to be withdrawn within 3 days.

Do not get your hopes high on withdrawing the unlimited amount of money this company promises because it can never come to light.

As much as it doesn’t sound fair to you but I must be honest, you are only enriching these companies by installing and playing the game and you will never get a dime.

the possibility of this company paying out over $200 to thousands of their users within just 3 days of exploration is zero.

This is because they aren’t even making that much, so if you are playing Merge Emoji for the sole purpose of making money you are definitely wasting your time.  

Merge Emoji is developed by funnytaskst, it has an in-app purchase of $5.99 dollar every 7 days after your first 3 days of a free trial.

It is developed in Czech, but the user eligibility is worldwide with an age restriction of 16+ and the minimum payout is $200 which can be withdrawn with PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and other in-app currencies.


Merge Emoji


What is Emoji Merge?


Emoji merge is a reciprocal of merge emoji created by madcanso with over 100 thousand downloads.

The game is played by merging smiley face emojis and clearing each level. That is connecting 2 emojis standing close to each other and popping them.

The game is very interesting and educative, you test your IQ while having fun.

While it’s easy to play, there is a tutorial video to help you in your adventure on emoji merge.


There are different power-ups buttons on the game, you either choose to play by

  1. adding rows of emojis
  2. popping all neighboring emojis or
  3. selecting the emojis you want to pop

The game is carefully designed with fun and exciting features to test your smartness and IQ, and there is no age restrictions.

Although if you are ever hoping to get paid by emoji merge then you are bound to be disappointed.

However, the game is currently under construction and maybe just maybe it will come back in a better form with users interested at heart.


Is Emmo Emoji App Real?


Emmo Emoji is another super fun casual emoji merging game with lots of exciting features, and it’s completely free, (no in-app purchase)

But sincerely speaking, the game is 101% fake, it’s also one of those game apps with fake promises.

Does Merge Number Plus Pay real Money? 


Hell No!  Except of course if there is a partial consideration of some user’s cases. Althoughtual cash and coins you collect while playing might look promising and real.

And the cash balance at the top of your screen says it’s redeemable once you reached the minimum payment threshold of $200.

But there are other hidden withdrawal requirements that you will not notice till you have reached the payout threshold.

Of course, this can be very frustrating and disappointing, imagine how frustrating and deceived you will feel.

Although there are different minimum cash-out thresholds for different countries, the end result still has nothing to show for it.

The extra requirement you must attain after reaching the payout threshold includes being active for 150 days, earning an extra 16,000 reward bonus, and attaining up to 800 levels.

 And of course, there is still no guarantee that the company will still pay you. 

 There are no terms and conditions concerning the withdrawal of cash and coins.

But the company made it clear that you must agree with their “Cash out redeemable TOS”, this is clear evidence that they don’t have their user’s interests at heart.


Video Guide







I think one shouldn’t get their hopes high or expect to get monetary rewards while playing these games.

The sole purpose of playing any of these games, merge emoji, emoji merge, Emmo Emoji, and merge numbers plus Should be purely for fun.

The evidence that these apps are just out there to frustrate and waste their user’s time is backed up with numerous negative reviews.

So in conclusion and from my own end, it is evident that these apps don’t pay! And have no intention of paying in the future.

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