Does Qdoba Take Apple Pay? PAYMENT GUIDE


It is pretty a nice idea to make checkout via your Apple Wallet at every Qdoba Mexican location, this not only helps you in exercising control over your method of checkout but also, helps to provide you with a convenient way payment can be done.

For every store or probably restaurants you shop, it has been a wish to make every single payment via your Apple Wallet, rather than passing through the hassles of making payments through other common payment methods.

Qdoba is known to provide most of the commonest payment methods available today. 


But does Qdoba accept payment from those who intend to pay with their Apple Wallet? It will be disheartening to figure out that you won’t be able to make payment at Qdoba with Apple Pay.


Therefore, before going out to any Qdoba Mexican location, I suggest you read this guide first.


Does Qdoba Take Apple Pay?


Surprisingly, to know that Qdoba began accepting payment via Apple Pay in 2020 since then, most customers have experienced success when making payments with their Apple Wallet at Qdoba.

However, you can not be certain that literally every Qdoba restaurant will accept payments via Apple Pay, therefore, it is important to consider confirming if a particular Qdoba location takes payment from Apple Pay. 


How To Make Payment At Qdoba Using Apple Pay


How To Make Payment At Qdoba Using Apple Pay


There are several ways you could identify if a Qdoba location accepts payment with Apple Pay, one way is through the Apple Map App, to do that, you can follow the steps below:


  • Step 1: Open the iPhone’s Apple Maps application.
  • Step 2: Search by the name of the store you want to go to.
  • Step 3: Choose and tap the appropriate place.
  • Step 4: Scroll down to find out more about that store.
  • Step 5: If the company accepts Apple Pay, a checkmark and the words “Accepts Apple Pay” will display beneath the title “Useful to Know.” The Apple Pay logo is another sign you’ll see.
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If the above method does not seem to work just fine as you may expect, then, you can consider confirming by contacting Qdoba sales representatives.

Once that is done, and you are sure that payment via Apple Pay will be accepted at Qdoba, then you can consider setting up your Apple Wallet, this is done by adding a Bank card to your Apple Wallet. 


Before making any payment with your Apple Wallet at any store, you must consider setting it up, this is done by adding a bank card to your Apple Wallet.


To do that, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open your Apple Wallet app, and tap on Add Button, which is represented by an “+” icon
  • Step 2: Choose the type of card you intend to add, either a debit card or a credit card.
  • Step 3: Tap Continue, and follow the onscreen instructions to add a new card, if prompted, choose your bank or probably the card issuer.
  • Step 4: Verify your information with your bank


Now that you are sure payment via Apple Pay will be accepted at Qdoba, and have added a bank card to your Apple Wallet, then you can consider making a payment with your Apple Wallet at Qdoba.

Making payment for your orders through your Apple Wallet is not as difficult a task as you may think, it follows a simple and easy-to-grasp process.


If you are a novice when it comes to making payments with your Apple Wallet at Qdoba, then you can consider the steps below:


  • Step 1: Choose Apple Pay as your preferred payment option

Since you will be making payment via Apple Pay, then, you need to request from the cashier or attendant that you intend to pay with your Apple Wallet, once it has been accepted, then you follow the next steps.


  • Step 2: Select your card of Payment

This is the next step you will have to consider, if you don’t select the card you want to use, the payment will be done from the default card.

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That is why it is very necessary to add the card which you intend to make payment from since it will be used to fund payment for your purchase.

This can be done by opening your Apple Wallet App, to change to another card, you can select the default card, and you will be open to select from all cards linked to your Apple Wallet.


  • Step 3: Card Validation

This process tries to ensure that you are the one authenticating the transaction, therefore, you will have to consider unlocking, to validate your card.


For Face ID: Double Click on the side button to bring out the scanner, that will be used to scan your face.

For Touch ID: Place your Finger on the home button.

For Password: if you aren’t using either of the unlocking processes I have mentioned earlier, then you can consider verifying your card by entering your Apple ID password.


  • Step 4: Place your Device Near the Near Field Communication reader

Therefore to make a payment with your Apple Wallet, you have to consider placing your device near the NFC Reader, until you see a done and a checkmark being displayed on your device. Then your payment has been approved.


Other Payment Methods Available at Qdoba


Qdoba makes it flexible when it comes to making payments, this is possible, through the adoption of several payment methods that could be given consideration by its users.

At Qdoba, you are open to several payment methods, which has helped in playing a role in the increment of revenue earned, because some customers give greater attention to the availability of diverse payment methods in a restaurant or store. 

If you are considering making payments with a mobile-based payment service, such as Apple Pay, then you can also consider Google Pay, or probably, Samsung Pay, for Android devices.

Qdoba also accepts payment via cards, such as Credit and Debit cards, that is, you can make payment with your credit or debit card at Qdoba. Fortunately, Qdoba accepts all cards originating from Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex.

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If you wish to make payment with a Gift card, fine, you can also pay with a gift card that has an amount not less than that amount to be paid.

Qdoba also accepts payment via Cash, therefore, if you intend to pay with Cash, you can do that, as well.



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Apple Pay is a mobile-based payment platform available for those who make use of Apple Devices, by allowing them to authenticate payment for their bills and purchases right from their device.

Therefore, if you have been wondering if it is possible to make payment with your Apple Wallet at Qdoba, now you know, that you can pay for your purchases at Qdoba through Apple Pay.


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