Does Rei Take Apple Pay? Other Payment Methods


If you want to make some purchases at Rei, you may be wondering if it is possible to make payments using your Apple Wallet.

Most especially if you are already used to the system of making payments through digital wallets, and how increasingly acceptable, digital wallets have tends to be.

Today, a large percentage of in-store and online stores are currently accepting payments from its customer through Apple Pay.


Therefore, if you want to know more about making payments with your Apple Wallet at Rei, then, you can keep reading to have a complete understanding…


Does Rei Take Apple Pay?


Yes, At Rei you are entitled to consider making payment for your purchases using Apple Pay as your method of making payment, Rei, also tends to offer other payment methods that could be served as substitutes, since not everyone can be able to have an Apple wallet.

Rei is currently one of the most popular in-store accepting payment from a wide range of payment methods. This makes it embrace the continuous evolution of digital wallets and systems.


Feel Free to pay with your Apple Wallet at Rei if you intend to, however, before considering making a payment with your Apple wallet at Rei, you must consider setting up your wallet, this implies adding a bank card to your Apple Wallet, this could be either a credit card or debit card, whichever you have at the moment can be considered as a candidate for Apple Pay.


To Add a card to your Apple Wallet, you consider the below guide:

  1. Did you download the app on your smartphone? Now you will have to open the platform on your mobile device. Go directly to the “Settings” option.
  2. The next step is to select the “Wallet and Apple Pay” button.
  3. You will have to select the “Add Card” alternative and click the “Continue” button.
  4. Choose the payment types you want for your application.
  5. At this point, you will have to add the details of the debit or credit card you wish to register for payments. You can do this manually or hold the smartphone on the screen machine.
  6. Finally, it is important to accept each of the conditions and terms established by Apple.
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Once you have been able to successfully carry out the above steps, then, you can begin making payments for your purchases at stores and restaurants where is accepted as a payment method.


NB: You will not be able to make payment for your purchase using Apple Pay, at stores or restaurants where it is not listed as a payment method, because, payment via Apple Pay, takes in an entirely different payment process, from payment methods quite known.


How to Make Payment with Apple Pay at Rei


Now that you know it is possible to make payments for your food purchases at any Rei, the next question is How then can payment be done at Rei using Apple Pay?


To pay using Apple Pay at Rei can be done through the following steps:


Step 1: Alert the Cashier or whoever is receiving payment, expressing that your payment method is Apple Pay. 

This is necessary because the process of paying with your Apple Wallet is quite different from how other payment methods’ processes are.


Step 2: Open Apple Pay on your device. You have to consider unlocking your security, by entering your passcode, or probably, your fingerprint.

If you are using a face lock, you can as well unlock your security, by placing your camera directly on your face, until it captures your face.


Step 3: Place your device closer to the reader

To make a payment with your Apple Wallet: you have to consider placing your payment device closer to the NFC reader. 

The NFC reader commonly known as a Near Field Communication reader uses a contactless means of accepting payment from customers.

Once your payment has been approved successfully, you will hear a beep sound and probably get a mark display on your device.


Step 4: Collect your Receipt, as well as your purchased items, and you are good to go.

If you are using other Apple devices such as Apple Watch, or iPad, then you also need to consider the steps above, because they also follow the same process which I have explained above.

If you still have any issues regarding making payments with your Apple Wallet at Rei then, you can consider seeking assistance from the cashier or probably, the sales representative.

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The process taken to make payment for your purchase with your Apple Wallet takes in a different process from the one you might have already been used to.


Other Payment Methods Available at Rei


The Following are payment methods available at Rei, and therefore, can be used while making payment for your purchases both at the online and offline store:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard, including REI Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club International – Coming Soon
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)
  • China Union Pay – Coming Soon
  • 3rd Party Prepaid Gift Card (i.e., Visa / Mastercard / AMEX)
  • REI Gift Card & REI Merchandise Credit
  • REI Rewards
  • PayPal (online only)
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • Diners Club International
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)

Therefore, once you are certain that a particular payment method will favor you, then, you can consider adapting to such a payment method, while making payments for your purchases at Rei.


Does Rei Take Apple Pay online?


Rei offers quite an entirely useful mobile application, that allows its users to have all-around access to their service, virtually, such as making orders, picking up your food when it’s ready, and as well making payments for the ordered foods.


But does Rei’s app accept payment using Apple Pay? 

Luckily, making payment using Apple Pay, at Rei mobile app is quite possible, you may wish to consider the following steps in making payment for your purchase at the Rei app. 

  1. Open the Rei Mobile App, and make your orders.
  2. Once you are done making your orders, review your orders
  3. Tap on Check-out
  4. Select Apple Pay, as your payment method
  5. Double-click on the side button, and you are good to go.

Making orders via Rei Mobile App, makes it far easier and more convenient when making your food purchases, because, you do not necessarily have to physically visit a Rei location to make your orders, just in the comfort of your home you can order your meal.


Can I Use Pay Pal at Rei?


Fortunately, if you intend to make payment for your purchase via the Rei online shopping platform, you can consider PayPal as your payment method, unfortunately, you will not be able to make payment for your purchases at Rei in-store location. 

PayPal is a popular payment available today, which most business use in accepting payment from their prospective customers, once you have a loaded Paypal account with sufficient money, you can begin making payment for your purchase at Rei.

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Can I Use Affirm at Rei? 


Unfortunately. You will not be able to make payment for your purchase at rei, using Affirm. however, you may want to consider other payment options, which offer entirely similar functionalities to the Affirm payment method.

Payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, can all be used to make payments for purchases at Rei since affirm is yet to be supported as a payment method at Rei.



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Apple Pay is a popular payment method, which has gained prominence in today’s shopping practices. Many in-stores accept payment via Apple Pay, at their in-stores, drive-thru, and even via their online platform.

Luckily, Rei is not excluded from this trend, meaning if you have an Apple Wallet, you can as well consider paying for your purchases at Reis locations with ease. If you are currently not using an Apple device, then, you can consider other available digital payment methods such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

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