Fidelity Bank Recharge Code 2024 : Buy Airtime Easily


If you are an account holder with Fidelity bank and you want to learn how to buy airtime from your account. Don’t worry this article on Fidelity Bank Recharge Code 2024 will guide you on how to buy airtime from Fidelity bank Accounts direct. 


Buying airtime from your bank account saves you the stress of going to buy from street vendors. There is no additional cost when you are buying from a bank. Sometimes, street sellers increase their prices, but banks don’t. It is also reliable and available 24 hours a day. You can buy and recharge any time you want. In this article, I will be showing you how to buy airtime from Fidelity bank.


The banking world is going digital. This encourages a cashless policy and reduces robbery. This blog is dedicated to helping you understand your digital banking. How to register and use them. Do you know that you don’t need to go to the bank in other to send money? Save yourself the stress, mobile and online banking is available at all banks in Nigeria.


Before you buy airtime from Fidelity bank. You must have activated Fidelity bank mobile banking on the phone number you used to create your Fidelity bank account. This will allow you to use USSD Codes to buy airtime from Fidelity bank. If you haven’t activated it CLICK HERE. If you have registered and activated Fidelity mobile banking, then proceed.


Fidelity Bank Recharge Code For Self Recharge


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This method is used to buy airtime from Fidelity bank to the phone number that’s linked to the bank account. If you want to recharge the phone number you use to create your Fidelity bank account then follow this procedure.



To recharge your phone

Dial *770*AMOUNT#


From your phone, dial *770*1000# to recharge ₦1,000 on your phone.


Fidelity Bank recharge code


Fidelity Bank Airtime Recharge Code For Others


This method is used to buy airtime from your fidelity bank account to other people. You can use this method when you want to recharge a phone number not connected to your Fidelity bank account. Recharge friends and family using this method.


How To Recharge For A Friend Or Family


To send airtime to a third party, dial

*770*PHONE Number*AMOUNT#


From your phone, dial *770*080104028059*500# to recharge your friend’s phone (what a lucky man!) with ₦500 airtime.



You can recharge by dialing *770# and following the pop-up instructions on your screen. Choose airtime and follow the instructions. You will be credited, once your transaction is successful.


Fidelity Bank Airtime Recharge Limit


There is an amount of airtime that each account is entitled to each day. Once you reach that limit, then you wouldn’t be able to buy credit from your bank account for that day. Your account is limited to 20, 000 naira daily recharge. This means that you can buy airtime above 20,000 naira. Once you reach that limit wait till the next day before you can buy again. The minimum recharge is N50, any recharge below 50 naira is not allowed.

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Hope you have learned how to use Fidelity Bank Recharge Code. It is very simple and might be difficult if it is your first time using it. If you have any questions, use the comment box below to reach us. Fidelity Bank recharge code for others.


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