How Much Does Netflix Pay For Documentaries?


Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, you can now watch new content very quickly. Netflix is well-known for using algorithms to determine which shows and movies viewers want to watch.

But are you planning a documentary? And, hopefully, you’re curious about how much Netflix pays for documentaries. This article will provide answers to these questions.


How Much Does Netflix Pay For Documentaries?


Netflix does not make public the price it pays for its deals. However, a high-end documentary produced by Netflix can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million. 

The most a network will pay is in the high six figures to one million dollars (although HBO is rumored to have paid much more for a show called “The Jinx”). 

However, there are a lot of considerations Netflix considers before investing in a specific documentary. After submitting your proposal to Netflix, they will request additional information including a video pitch.


Is It Hard To Get Documentaries On Netflix?


Netflix only accepts submissions from a licensed literary agent or a producer, attorney, manager, or entertainment executive with whom they already have a working relationship. Any project submitted in any other way is considered an “unsolicited submission.”


How Much Does Netflix Pay For A Movie?


Netflix doesn’t publicly disclose its deals, but from the third-party announcements we’ve been able to gather all over the internet, Netflix is currently paying between $100 and $200 million for blockbuster movies, while popular tv shows with multiple seasons have budgets that range from $300 to $500 million.


How Do Film Makers Make Money From Netflix?


How Do Film Makers Make Money From Netflix?


The amount paid to filmmakers per project is a corporate secret that is not made public. As with most things, it all comes down to the contract. 

Based on some common ratios, we might assume that filmmakers receive 10 to 20% of direct profit, excluding additional fees, but this is only a rough estimate because exact numbers are not publicly disclosed. 

Bigger names, of course, make more money, but with the help of a good agent or attorney, even lesser-known filmmakers can make a good living.


How Much Profit Can You Make From A Documentary?


The average profit that you can make from a documentary is usually small, usually around $25,000 to $50,000. But, then again, the profit is very hard to know because most high-end documentaries are usually picked up by streaming networks and they produce ad revenue rather than box office revenue.


Is It Profitable To Make Netflix Documentaries?


Documentaries don’t usually make a lot of money and it’s not only on Netflix. But to make more money, you can upload it to youtube or amazon prime where people will pay money to see it.


Do You Need A License To Make A Documentary?


No, you do not need a license, but you need a person’s consent to make a documentary. 

The first amendment of the American constitution allows filmmakers to a movie about any living person or dead person as long as it doesn’t violate his or her privacy rights and doesn’t defame them.


How Long Does It Take To Film A Documentary?


How Long Does It Take To Film A Documentary?


It takes about two to three months to film a documentary. Filming a documentary has three phases – pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production involves, checking out the script, chemistry, table reading e.t.c, production is when the actors go on set and start filming, while post-production is when the film is taken to a studio for editing.

Ultimately, the length of the documentary will determine how long it will take before they complete the filming.


How Much Does It Cost To Make A 30 Minutes Documentary?


As a general rule, producers estimate that a short film will cost $1,000 per finished minute. So, if you’re planning a documentary that will be around 30 minutes long, you can expect to spend around $30,000.


Are Documentaries Free On Netflix?


Although most documentaries on Netflix are available for free, there are some exceptions to this rule. 

Netflix charges extra if subscribers want to access outside of their normal monthly allotment. This extra charge works similarly with documentaries; all completed episodes require multiple subscriptions at once rather than being uploaded individually at a time interval 


How To Generate Interest For Your Documentary On Netflix?


To generate interest in a documentary, you must first demonstrate that it is interesting enough to watch. 

To promote your project early on and gain interest from potential subscribers, you should create a teaser trailer that highlights the best parts of your documentary. You can then post this teaser online for free so that people will be interested in watching it before they have to pay for it. 

As a result, many documentaries on Netflix are available for free instead of costing money to view them at first. After creating interest with your free teaser, you can then upload the full version of your documentary for subscribers to enjoy as well.


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Netflix is a popular streaming service with over 200 million subscribers. This is one of the best platforms to showcase your documentary on.


Even though documentaries generally, do not bring much profit, Netflix pays more than other streaming services to have your documentary on their platform.

Following the instructions in this guide, you should be able to put your documentary on Netflix and how much you can earn from it.

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