How Much Is Netflix in Canada? – Netflix Subscription Price In Canada 2022


Netflix is one of the most ubiquitous streaming services available today. With its age, it has set most of the standards for a good streaming service. Today, almost everyone in every household in the United States has a Netflix subscription.

In Canada, however, Netflix isn’t just as popular. While it’s still a force to reckon with, people with Netflix subscriptions are still few and far between. But due to the increasing number of good Netflix exclusives, more Canadians are trying to access Netflix.


In this article, you’ll learn how much a Netflix subscription in Canada is. Since there are different plans, you’ll learn how much each plan costs, and the differences between all of the plans.


What Is Netflix?


It’s almost unnecessary to start describing Netflix here, as almost everyone knows what the streaming service means. If you’ve been living in a cave for a couple of years, here is a basic description of Netflix to help you get an idea of what you’re paying for.


How Much Is Netflix in Canada


Netflix is an online streaming service that lets you watch movies and shows for a fee. Since it’s a subscription-based streaming service, you don’t get the countless adverts you see across the internet or on IPTVs.

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can share it with others, but with some important limits. Firstly, there are only a limited number of people who can stream from an account at once, and this number varies by your plan.

However, the original account owner may download movies and shows to their device for watching when an internet connection is available. However, downloading movies is only possible on devices that have a native app for Netflix, including Android, Windows, and iOS.

Netflix is said to have one of the best recommendation engines of all streaming services. Once you open the Netflix app on your device, you’ll almost certainly find something exciting to watch.

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While Netflix has three different plans, none of them are free. Fortunately, all of the plans are very affordable, and what you end up choosing depends primarily on how you intend to use the service.

In the next section, you’ll have an overview of all the Netflix plans available and how much they cost. Also, you’ll get recommendations on why you should choose one over the other.


What are the Different Netflix Plans?


It’s almost impossible to talk about the costs of a Netflix subscription without talking about the different plans available on the platform. As of this moment, there are three Netflix plans in Canada, all having different costs and features.

You shouldn’t always assume that the most expensive one is the best for you. While a higher price usually accompanies a quality product, some products may just be too high-quality for your needs. Here are the three different Netflix plans, what features they offer, and how much they cost in Canada.


  1. Basic Plan

Basic Plan is the lowest Netflix plan for Canadians and consequently the cheapest. It costs only $9.99 per month, which isn’t outrageous, considering the sheer number of movies and TV shows you can access by buying a subscription.

The basic plan lets you watch movies on your phones, laptops, and TVs, but you can only be watching on one screen at a time. If you’ll be buying the basic plan, you may want to be somewhat ungenerous about sharing your Netflix password.

If you love to watch your movies in crispy clear quality, however, the basic Netflix plan is not for you. With this plan, you can only watch movies of standard quality; if you want anything better, you may want to go for a higher plan.

For an introduction to Netflix, the basic plan is just fine. While it’s not the best option if you’re switching to Netflix as one of your primary sources of movies and shows, it’s a compelling second choice.

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  1. Standard Plan

The Standard Netflix Plan strikes the perfect balance between price and features. With just a price increase of $5 over the base plan, you get a Netflix plan that’s much better than what the basic plan offers.

The most important advantage of the standard plan over the basic plan may either be that it allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously or you can stream almost all movies in HD quality. If you have a decent internet connection, paying the extra $5 is almost always worth it.

The standard plan also gives you some room to share your password with a friend or two. As long as you can keep track of everyone you’re sharing your password with, you should be able to access your account each time you need to watch something.


  1. Premium Plan

The highest Netflix plan you can pay for is the premium plan. If you’re the ultimate password sharer, you should consider paying for the premium plan to reduce the chances of a congested account. With the fact that the premium plan is only $18.99, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider paying.

With the premium plan, four different screens can stream from the same account simultaneously. You can also download for offline viewing on four different devices, making it almost limitless.

As if all of that isn’t enough, you can stream in either HD or ultra HD on the premium plan. Netflix’s Ultra HD quality is 4k at 2160p, which is one of the highest quality videos you can find on any streaming service today.



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With more people cutting the cord and adopting internet streaming services like Netflix, it’s important to know what these streaming services charge to compare them fairly with cable TV alternatives.

Fortunately, Netflix is one of the cheapest options you’ll find in Canada, and it has different plans for different users. If you watch primarily from your phone and laptop, you may be okay with the basic plan that offers standard quality video.

However, if you share your Netflix password quite frequently or you fancy 4k video, you may want to opt for the premium plan. Regardless of what plan you buy, you can still access the entire offering of Netflix.

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