How To Delete Friends On Venmo – Easy Method


On Venmo, you can view a friend’s transaction history and make a comment when a transaction is done. 

However, this cool feature might also be unwanted sometimes. A particular friend might have been constantly requesting money or for other personal reasons, and you might be wondering if it is possible to remove a friend from your Venmo friend list. 

This article will provide you with the needed details to delete a friend from your Venmo friend list. Read along. 


Can I Unfriend Someone On Venmo?


If there is any reason why you wanted to unfriend an individual from your Venmo friend’s list, this can be done easily. All you have to do is to go to your Venmo application and input the username of the individual into the search box. 


Once the search has been completed, tap the user’s profile, go to the Friend icon and click on Unfriend. Immediately after this has been done, the user will be automatically removed from your friend’s list on Venmo. 


Can I Block A User On Venmo?


Removing a friend from your friend list will not stop such a person from being able to view your profile or send you a message on Venmo. However, once a user has been blocked they will not be able to do this anymore. 

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To block a user on Venmo, go to your Venmo application and search for the user using the search box. Once the search is completed, open the user’s profile and tap on the Options icon. Scroll through the options and click on Block. Once you confirm this choice, the user will be blocked from your account and will not be able to reach out to you through the blocked account. 


Will Friends Be Notified After Removing Them On Venmo?


Your friends will not receive any notification from Venmo after removing them, you will also not be notified if you are removed by a friend. However, removing a friend does not stop them from reaching out to you as they will still be able to search for your profile and send you a message. 


How To View My Venmo Friends List On My iPhone?


Due to the installation of the Venmo mobile application on your mobile phone, viewing your friend’s list is easy and you can also perform transactions involving sending and receiving of funds. 


To view your Venmo friend’s list on your iPhone,  Visit the Venmo application on your iPhone and go to People and Businesses. Input your friend’s username, real name, or mobile number into the provided box and search. If the friend has a Venmo account, the profile will appear.


How To View My Venmo Friends List On My Android?


To access a friend on Venmo through your android device, open the Venmo application on your android device and click on the Options icon. Click on the Search People option and input your friend’s username, real name, phone number, or email to search. 

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Once the detail has been inputted, your friend profile will appear on your screen and you will be able to go through the profile and perform a transaction. However, if the profile did not appear after the search, you might want to check out the friend’s information or if they are not active on Venmo yet. 


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By following this article, you will have acquired the knowledge of how you can remove a friend, block a friend and reset your account privacy on Venmo. You should also know how to search for a friend on Venmo be it on your computer,iPhone, or Android device. 

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