Stanbic Bank Transfer Code 2023 – Stanbic Bank USSD Code


In this article, I will teach you how to use Stanbic Bank Transfer Code and Stanbic Bank USSD Code. If you are a Stanbic bank customer, then you are at the right place. This article contains things like Stanbic ibtc transfer code registration, how to buy airtime using Stanbic bank mobile banking, how to transfer money from Stanbic bank to other banks, and how to send money from Stanbic bank to other banks.


In the case of reading this article, you will learn vital things about Stanbic bank mobile banking and how to use Ussd codes to make transactions. Stanbic bank is not left out in the trend of Internet banking. They focus on providing the best services to their users.


With Stanbic bank’s mobile transfer code you can send money from anywhere in the world. This reduces the stress of going to the bank and filling out forms just to transfer money to friends, family, or business associates.


You can do more than just send money with Stanbic bank ussd codes. You can pay your electricity bills, pay cable subscriptions like Gotv and others, and buy airtime to your phone number equally to others.


The good news is that this service is available 24 hours. There is no time limit and you can enjoy banking from your comfort. Stanbic bank money transfer code doesn’t request the Internet to work.



How To Register Stanbic Bank USSD Code


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Registering for Stanbic bank mobile banking will allow you to enjoy Stanbic ibtc ussd transfer code, Stanbic ibtc ussd code, stanbic ibtc airtime recharge code with many other services available.


To register or activate Stanbic bank mobile transfer code dial *909*1*7#. The code must be dialed on the phone number you use to open your stanbic bank account or the phone number you use to receive alerts from Stanbic bank. Now follow the steps shown on your phone screen to complete full activation.


  • Dial *909# from your bank-registered phone number
  • Select 6 for Other Services >>> 1 for My Bank >>> 7 for creating PIN
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card
  • Choose your USSD PIN (Must be 4 digits)
    Re-enter the PIN to confirm.


Features of Stanbic Bank Transfer Code


  • Cash deposits and withdrawals at our wide network of agents.
  • Transfer of money to anyone – both Stanbic IBTC *909# Mobile Money subscribers and non-subscribers.
  • You can link your wallet to a debit card.
  • You can also change your PIN and view your transaction history whenever you wish.
  • You can securely and conveniently send money to family and friends.
    You can also pay bills such as monthly cable subscriptions and PHCN bills.
  • You can link a Verve card to your wallet, which can be used at our ATMs for withdrawals.
  • You get free access to mini statements and PIN changes.
  • You can buy airtime or recharge family and friends’ phones for all networks at an ATM and on your phone.
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Stanbic Bank Transfer Code To Other Banks


If you are a Stanbic bank user and you want to transfer funds/money to other bank subscribers like a first bank, UBA, GTBank, etc. Then follow the steps below to perform the transaction using your phone.

Dial *909*22*Amount*Account Number# for transfer to other bank accounts in Nigeria

Example Transfer 10, 000 naira to other bank accounts – *909*22*10000*0876454586# then authorize the transaction with your PIN.


OR follow the long process


Dial *909# >> Enter 1 for My Bank >> Input 4 for Transfer >> Enter necessary amount >> Select beneficiary’s bank >> account number >> confirm details >> PIN.


To Transfer Money to Another Stanbic Bank account



This method works when you want to transfer money to another Stanbic bank user. Then follow the instruction below to send money to the account.


Dial *909*11*Amount*Account Number# for transferring to other Stanbic IBTC accounts. For example to transfer 5,000 naira to another Stanbic bank account – account- *909*11*5000*0876454586# then authorize the transaction with your PIN.


If the method above did not work for you for transfer to other bank users and fellow Stanbic bank users follow the steps below:-


  • Dial *909#.
  • Enter 1 for My Bank;
  • Input 4 for Transfer;
  • Enter the necessary amount;
  • Select beneficiary’s bank >> account number >> confirm details >> PIN.

You will a message showing if your transaction is successful or not.


How To Change Stanbic Bank Transfer Pin


  • Dial *909# from your bank-registered phone number
  • Select 6 for Other Services >> 1 for My Bank >> 6 for change PIN
  • Enter your current PIN
    Input your new PIN (must be 4 digits and different from the current one)
  • Re-enter the new PIN to confirm.
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How To Check Stanbic Bank Account Balance Using Phone



You don’t need to go to the ATM or bank to check your account balance. From your comfort zone and by dialing a few codes you can check your account balance and know how much is remaining in your account.

To check your Stanbic bank account balance, Just dial *909# >> 2 for Balance Inquiry. Or dial *909*1*1#. Your balance will be sent to you as a message from the bank.



How To Buy Airtime From Stanbic Bank


Don’t run out of airtime when you have money in your bank account. Learn how to recharge from your Stanbic bank account using USSD codes.


For Self Recharge: To recharge the phone number you use to open your Stanbic bank account. Dial *909*Amount#. Example: If you want to recharge 500 naira – Dial *909*500#, and you will be credited with 500 naira worth of airtime to the network of your choice.



How To Buy Airtime From Stanbic Bank To Another Number


This method works anytime you want to recharge phone numbers not register to a particular Stanbic bank account. This can be the phone number of a family member or your phone numbers not connected to Stanbic bank. Follow the guide below to recharge the phone number.

Dial *909*Amount*phone number#. Example: *909*1000*08104128059# this phone number will automatically receive 1000 naira airtime.


I hope you have learned, how to enjoy Stanbic Bank Transfer Code and Stanbic bank USSD Codes for transactions. Enjoy banking from your comfort.



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