How To Eat For Free At Mcdonald’s?


McDonald’s is known for being fast, affordable, and having a distinct menu beloved around the world. 

While McDonald’s has always catered to their customers and made its menu relatively cheap and affordable. The introduction of technology to the fast food chain has created ways to get McDonald’s for free.

This article will show you how you can eat for free at McDonald’s


Guide on How To Eat For Free At Mcdonald’s?


You may be thinking that McDonald’s is cheap and affordable, so how is it possible to get it any cheaper or for free?

But everyone loves free food, especially when it’s coming from one of the top fast food chains in the world.

We’ve worked out ways to get free food from McDonald’s


Method 1: Download the McDonald’s app for instant rewards


Method 1: Download the McDonald's app for instant rewards


The key to receiving free food is downloading the McDonald’s app. As soon as you download the app, you start receiving rewards right away, and you can continue to obtain free food through various discounts and promotions.

Simply by downloading the app, which is of course also free, you’ll receive a coupon for a free order of large fries. If that’s not enough, McDonald’s also provides new customers with an additional special incentive, such as a free 10-piece chicken nugget order.

Every day, McDonald’s also offers additional promotions and freebies. To find out what the current specials are, you’ll need to check back before each order because they change frequently.


The following are the deals you’d expect to see on the McDonald’s app:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free on signature crafter sandwiches
  • A free happy meal with the purchase of a combo meal
  • Free medium fries and a drink with every signature crafter sandwich ordered
  • Free large fries with any purchase 


Redeeming these deals is as easy as choosing your favourite, then completing your order and picking it up at a participating location.

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Method 2: Fill out the survey on the receipts


Method 2: Fill out the survey on the receipts


Despite the fact that many of us regularly discard the receipts with the rest of our trash. One might want to reconsider receiving free food from McDonald’s.

Each receipt has a link that leads to a quick customer satisfaction survey. By completing it, you’ll be eligible for free food on your subsequent visit.

The prizes can vary in detail, but they are typically a coupon for free fries or a buy one, get one-quarter pounder with cheese. 

There are no restrictions on how many coupons one individual may redeem because each one has a distinctive 26-digit code that you must provide when completing the survey.


Method 3: Enjoy a free birthday dessert


Method 3: Enjoy a free birthday dessert


One of the finest times to get free things from Mcdonald’s is on your birthday, which also includes free McDonald’s food. Through their mobile app, McDonald’s provides a complimentary birthday treat to help you celebrate your special day.

Since many years ago, McDonald’s has offered free birthday treats, but this has varied throughout time. Previously, they would give children a free Happy Meal on their birthday, but now anyone may use the app to earn a free dessert.

McDonald’s will give you a coupon for a free apple pie or ice cream before your birthday arrives. Between the time of receipt and the date of expiration, you can use your treat at any participating McDonald’s.


Method 4: Get free coffee through the Mccafe loyalty program


This is a free McDonald’s incentive you should be aware of if you enjoy coffee. McDonald’s offers the McCafe Loyalty Program in addition to the My McDonald’s Rewards Program.

You can find it inside the mobile app, and for every five coffees you buy, you’ll get one free. There are no restrictions on how many of these you may redeem, just like other McDonald’s incentives, so drink up! You will receive more free coffee the more you purchase.

The fact that you may save money by purchasing coffee at McDonald’s rather than at major coffee companies makes this deal even better. Additionally, you won’t sacrifice quality because McDonald’s coffee is brewed with a delectable, 100% Arabica Medium Roast bean.

Take Advantage of the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

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Using McDonald’s Rewards is one of the finest ways to receive your preferred menu items for nothing. Although it’s frequently disregarded, it’s a fantastic way to accrue points that can then be exchanged for free items.


This is the simplest method because any orders you place through the app will immediately earn you rewards points. However, by presenting your 4-digit code to the cashier when placing a purchase in person, you can also earn points.

Find the code on your McDonald’s app by choosing “Earn Points,” and be sure to present it to the cashier each time you place an order to receive points for each transaction. For every $15 purchased, you’ll receive 1,500 points. With enough points, you can use them to get higher-value things for nothing.

Simply choose your freebie from the McDonald’s Rewards section of your mobile app when you’re ready to use it, then either add it to your order or choose “Use at Restaurant” from the drop-down menu.

Use Groupon and Other Websites to Get Gift Cards at Discounted Prices


People often overlook using websites like Groupon and others to get discounts on gift cards, such as a $50 McDonald’s gift card for $30. This is one way to receive free food at McDonald’s.

Although it is originally not free, if you obtain $20 off the value of the gift card, you have just made $20 in free McDonald’s food, and gift cards never expire.

Additionally, the gift cards are not restricted to your local McDonald’s or locations in your state; rather, they can be used at any McDonald’s shop.

Sign up for the McDonald’s Newsletter


You will receive emails when new McDonald’s special deals or promotions are released if you sign up for the company’s newsletter.

Additionally, people who subscribe to the newsletter will also receive special deals that are not available elsewhere.

Even better, if your neighbourhood restaurant is participating in the release of the new item, you’ll frequently receive a voucher through your email to let you try it out.


Method 5: Take advantage of special discounts


Anyone who meets the requirements can take advantage of the many discounts that McDonald’s offers.

People from the following categories frequently receive discounts at McDonald’s:

  • Seniors 
  • Teachers 
  • Military 
  • Employees
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Seniors 50 years of age and over can receive 10% off of meals and beverages at any participating McDonald’s outlets. Military people and educators can both get savings all year long.

Working for McDonald’s is another surefire way to receive a frequent discount. In addition to a benefits package, workers get a 30% discount at all McDonald’s restaurants.



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The McDonald’s app, which releases new free coupons every week and includes some for free burgers and others for free beverages and fries, is the best way to acquire free stuff at McDonald’s.

The app also includes other parts, such as the McCafe Loyalty Program, which offers a free McCafe beverage when you’ve spent $5.

Every time you visit, you’ll earn points that may be exchanged for free things thanks to the app’s points system for your McDonald’s order.

Additionally, completing the survey on the receipt and subscribing to the newsletter through your email can get you free food products and other exclusive discounts.

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