Is Earn From Home A Scam?


The Earn at home website has made a bold statement that members of the platform will be able to make up to $397 profit every day when they follow some simple guidelines and instructions. 

Is this claim legitimate and how does the Earn at home platform plan to make this happen, you will discover the truth about this platform when you read this article.


What Is Earn At Home Club? 


If this is the first time you are coming across the name, the Earn at home club is a platform that claims to teach its members how they can start generating massive profits at home with the platform promising its members that they all can start making up to $397 every day. 

The platform also promises its members to offer them easy and early access combined with other required tips which can be used to begin making money from home.  It is said that the offers provided on the platform are mostly online tutoring and paid surveys however, you will not have access to the website unless you provide your email address. 

Once you input your email address, you will be able to access some of the jobs that were promised by the platform. 


How Does Earn At Home Work?


The Earn at the home website is designed perfectly and you will think it is a platform where you can find real work and earn some money. However, the website is not designed to help you at all as the developer only wants to enrich their pockets. 

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Once you have access to the website and start to click on the listed jobs, the website owners will be awarded some commissions from you. While some of the listed jobs on the website are real, some of the jobs are not but they were listed just to trick you and earn at least $25.85 when you sign up. 


Is Earn From Home A Scam?


The answer to this is yes, while the website might not be set up illegally, the platform promotes other scam sites which is why it is advisable to ignore the platform and its outrageous offers. 

Inputting your emails to check out their promised offers is a waste of time as there’s absolutely nothing you will profit from the site. 


What Makes Earn From Home A Scam? 


Numerous factors make the Earn at home scheme less genuine and why it should be considered risky and illegitimate.  These factors include. 


  • Hidden Identity

One of the factors that raise eyebrows about the Earn at home scheme is the lack of identity. The website is said to be owned by one Jennifer Becker which has turned out to be a fake name. This factor alone is solid enough not to associate with the platform because an honest platform that truly wants to assist people will have no reason to hide from them. 


  • Fake News Report

To appear more legal and original, this platform makes a false claim that its website has been featured on BBC, CNN, and Wall Street Journal. These false reports make the platform looks real and different individuals will start to visit the website. 


  • Fake Testimonials 

This platform also makes use of fake testimonials that they’ve gotten by paying for it to make its scheme look unique and legit. With these testimonials, people will start believing in the claim and promises on the website and will eventually get tricked.


  •  Unrealistic Promises
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One of the biggest tricks used by this platform is by making big claims and promises. The platform stated that its members can earn up to $397 just by posting links on the internet. This is untrue and you will not be getting any payment at the end of the day after investing your time and effort. 


  • Check Availability

The Earn at the home website features a segment where you will be asked to check out if there are still enough slots for you to join. This is a common trick used by sites like this to make you join the platform instantly. 

Once you input the required details in this segment, you will be notified that there’s only one slot left which will make you join quickly while providing the platform with your email address which will eventually get spammed with annoying marketing emails. 


What Are The Other Factors That Make Earn At Home Risky?


There are many ways through which the Earn at home platform poses a threat to you. Once you have registered on the website through your email, you will begin to receive several emails and one of them might state that you have been randomly picked for a United States grant which allows you to work from your home while earning every day. 

By ignorantly sending a reply to this email, you will be told that you are required to make a payment of $4.97 to proceed instantly.  This requested amount will not be the only fee they will be requesting as you will also be told that you have to make another payment after a three-day trial. By the time you find out about the shadiness in the transaction, you will be told that it is possible to cancel the plan while it is impossible to get a refund. 


Is There A Way To Recover My Money From Earn At Home Club?


The only option through which you can get your money back is by reaching out to your bank and request for a  chargeback. You can also deactivate the card or bank account that was used to subscribe to the Earn at home club. 

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If this step is not taken, the platform will continue to withdraw your money for as long as it could go. 



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The Earn at the home club is not a trustworthy scheme. Their website is built on inaccurate news reports, fabricated testimonials, and unrealistic promises.  The best way to protect yourself is to stay away from this platform as there are tons of misleading news about it. 

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