How to Get Cash App QR Code 2023


Cash App is a modern payment service, and with other similar services, one of the things you’d expect is a lot of features that reflect its modern status. One Cash App feature that’s still underutilized is the QR payments option, and part of the reason for that is the confusion about it.

There are only a few scenarios with Cash App when you’ll truly need to use a QR code. The first and often indispensable one is when you’re trying to activate your Cash Card because you’ll need to scan a QR code for that.

The lesser-known use for QR codes within Cash App is to make payments, which is faster than having to manually pay a retailer for a good or service. When you have to pay a fee, the merchant can simply generate the code and provide it to you. You only need to scan the code using Cash App from your end to pay.


How to Get Cash App QR Code


In this article, I’ll focus on showing you how to use the QR payment feature on Cash App. While this article will talk briefly about activating your Cash App card using the QR code option, that isn’t the goal. After reading this article, you should know how to get a Cash App QR code to receive payments.



How to Get Cash App QR Code


From the preceding sections, you should already know the basic workings of the QR code within the Cash App. Generate it from the app, send the code to a friend or customer, and have them scan it using their Cash App QR code scanner to pay you for your services.

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While that’s straightforward to understand, there’s a part that seems a bit confusing: how exactly do you generate a QR code from Cash App. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t make the steps super obvious, forcing most people to use external guides.

If you’re ready to adopt Cash App’s QR code, I can help by showing you how to get it. Before proceeding, you may want to go ahead and verify your Cash App account since I’m not sure if the feature is available to users with unverified Cash Apps.

  • Once you’ve verified your Cash App, you’ll want to log into your Cash App account using the app for iOS or Android.
  • When you get there, tap on the banking tab, which is the dollar sign icon and you’ll see a QR code icon in the top left.
  • The QR code icon looks like an imperfect square, and since it’s alone, you should have no problem identifying it.
  • Tapping on the icon should bring up a new QR code; that’s your unique Cash App code that others can use to send you payments.
  • You can share your newfound QR code by tapping on the share button at the top right corner of the interface.

You can share with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messages, or Telegram. Also, you can print the code and hang it in the physical location of your business so people can simply hold up their phone and scan it whenever they want to pay.


How to Pay Using Cash App QR Code


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If you see a merchant using the QR code to receive payments, you can pay them as long as you have enough funds in your Cash App account or the associated debit card. The steps to paying a merchant using the QR code option are as simple as generating one for your use.

To pay using the Cash App QR code, open Cash App on your Android or iOS smartphone and log in by verifying your fingerprint or face ID. After completing that, head over to the banking tab by tapping on the dollar sign in the middle of the interface to reveal the QR code button at the top left.

Tap the QR code icon once you see it to bring up your QR code. Also, you’ll see an option below your gigantic QR code that reads “Scan.” Tap on this button to load up a camera that lets you scan the QR code of other Cash App users from inside the app.

To ensure that the scan works perfectly, ensure you have a clean camera lens to make it easier for your smartphone to take a shot. Also, you may want to take a close-range shot since the QR code can only work if your smartphone can read the details; and the only way for your smartphone to read details is by getting a close shot.


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The QR code option on Cash App is a very handy payment option, especially if you’re a merchant that receives payment via Cash App. Instead of having to tell everyone your Cashtag, you can simply have them scan the code, and voila, you’ll receive your payment instantly.

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