How To Activate PayPal MasterCard Credit Card 2023


Learn How To Activate PayPal MasterCard Credit Card. This article was written to help you activate your PayPal MasterCard Credit Card.

PayPal is the world’s most popular payment service, and it’s not even close. Handling close to $1 trillion in payments and cash transfers last year, this payment service isn’t even in the league of most banks.


Since PayPal processes more payments than most banks, it only makes sense that it issues credit cards of its own.

Fortunately, you can get your hand on a PayPal MasterCard credit card. Most PayPal credit cards can be used as regular credit cards, but they require activation before usage.

If you recently got a new card from PayPal, this post will teach you how to activate the new PayPal MasterCard Credit Card.


What Is a PayPal MasterCard credit card?


To be clear, PayPal doesn’t issue only one MasterCard credit card. If you want a credit card powered by MasterCard, you have options; you can either get the PayPal Cashback MasterCard or the PayPal Extras MasterCard.

Both of these cards are great in their ways, and they offer unique benefits for holders. Here are some benefits of holding either of the PayPal MasterCard credit cards.


  1. PayPal Cashback MasterCard

The PayPal Cashback MasterCard works like a regular credit card. On the surface, it mightn’t seem like much of a good deal, but upon careful analysis, you’ll realize that the positives outweigh the negatives.

Most credit cards have anywhere from 12-24% APR, but the Cashback MasterCard’s APR can be up to 27%, with a 20% minimum APR.

However, this expense is made up for by the 2% no-questions-asked cash back on every transaction. It needs no telling that that’s how the card got its name in the first place.

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Apart from the annual percentage rate, you don’t pay any charges for holding a Cashback MasterCard. To take things further, you don’t incur any extra fees for transacting out of the United States.

However, you also don’t get any sign-up bonuses as you do on some cards.


  1. PayPal Extras MasterCard

The PayPal Extras MasterCard doesn’t take a cashback approach with its benefits. Instead, you earn reward points each time you use the card.

When you accumulate these reward points, you can redeem your rewards through the rewards and offers section of the Synchrony Bank servicing site.

You can cash out your rewards after redeeming them. Alternatively, you can spend yours on travel, rentals, and gift cards.

PayPal Pay with Rewards will let you pay for actual goods and services with rewards. Also, PayPal claims that you can use this service at millions of stores, making your rewards valuable.

If you’re feeling philanthropic, you can donate your rewards to charity. PayPal will automatically convert your rewards to the equivalent in dollars and donate them to a good cause on your behalf, trust them.

A PayPal reward point is worth around 0.83 cents. This is not to be confused with $0.83 you’ll need around 70 reward points to come to that.

Predictably, reward points aren’t hard to come by. You get three for every buck spent on a restaurant or gas purchase, two for every PayPal or eBay purchase, and one for all other transactions.

And that sums up the introduction to both credit cards from PayPal. If you want features from both cards, you don’t have to make yourself choose. You can use both cards simultaneously without having to create multiple PayPal accounts.

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However, you have to activate every PayPal card before it’ll be ready for use.


How to Activate PayPal MasterCard, Credit Card


When you apply for either of the PayPal credit cards, you’ll need to activate them before use. Inactivated cards will remain inactive, and you’ll be unable to use them for payments.

You can apply for a PayPal MasterCard credit card if you have a functional and verified PayPal account.

If you have one, you can apply for the PayPal Extras MasterCard here, and you can apply for the PayPal Cashback MasterCard here.

If you click on those links without a PayPal account, you will be prompted to create one. Just don’t expect your card anytime soon, if ever, depending on where you live.

Once you have your card with you, it’s time to activate it and get it working. Here are the steps required to activate either of the PayPal MasterCard credit cards.

  • Wait for your card to arrive. You can’t activate a card before its arrival. Once you have your card with you, open the PayPal card activation page on your browser by clicking here.
  • If you’re not logged into PayPal in your browser, you’ll be asked to log in. Enter your PayPal login details to sign in to your account.
  • Once you’re signed in, PayPal will ask you to enter the last four digits of your card’s expiration date to activate your account.

You can find this information on the card. Enter it correctly and click on Activate Card to proceed.

  • Now, you can choose to create a PIN for your card. If you want to withdraw cash from ATMs, you’ll frequently need a PIN to complete the transaction.

However, choosing a PIN isn’t mandatory for a credit card. You can always contact PayPal by calling the number behind your card if you ever need to change your PIN.

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And success, your PayPal MasterCard credit card is now ready for use.




PayPal is much more than just a payment service, it is in fact, a full-blown digital bank. Over the years, PayPal has continued to render services that were previously exclusive to banks.

Fast forward to 2021, PayPal now issues two separate MasterCard-powered credit cards.

In this post, I’ve explained how you can get one, and how to activate the card once it ships.

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