How To Login Venmo Groups Login (Complete Guide)


The Venmo group account has the regular Venmo account features, you can make a comment and like a transaction. The account also has additional features, you can select managers on the Venmo group account to oversee transactions and make sure everything is perfect. 

if you are a Venmo customer that doesn’t know how to log in to the Venmo group account, or you are new to Venmo and don’t know how it works.  Follow this article as we will be discussing how you can easily access your Venmo group account. 


How To Login Venmo Groups Login


How To Login Venmo Groups Login


You can easily log into your Venmo group account on your desktop and tablet browser. Earlier, you can log into your Venmo group account on the mobile app by inputting your username and password to access your group account.

However, the mobile app is no longer an option to access your group account. Venmo has specifically stated that users should only make use of desktop and tablet browsers to enjoy a satisfactory user experience. 


How Do I Sign Up for a Venmo Group?


Currently, you will be unable to sign in for a Venmo group account as the Venmo beta group account is no longer available. While you can still access existing group accounts and perform transactions on them, signing up for a new one is currently impossible. 

Due to the curiosity of customers on why a new group account cannot be opened.

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The Venmo help center explains the company has been evaluating its customer’s experiences to provide and deliver distinguished products perfect for millions of its customers which is why group sign-up is no longer available.  

Can You Have 2 Venmo Accounts With The Same Phone Number?


It is possible to have two different Venmo accounts and these accounts can be linked to one phone number.

  • To link your phone number to two different Venmo accounts, you will be required to log in to your first Venmo account. 
  • After successfully logging in, click on the menu icon and
  • Scroll to the bottom page to click on Settings.,
  • scroll to the payment options and click on Add Card or Bank option.
  • Pick your bank account and the type and proceed by clicking on the Same Number option.

By following this procedure properly, you will have opened a new Venmo account with your phone number.


You should also take note that it is important to perform a phone number verification with your primary Venmo account. If your phone number has not been verified on your first Venmo account, you will not be able to make use of the number for another Venmo account. 


What Are The Privileges Of Logging Into Venmo?


The privileges you enjoy by logging in to the Venmo group account differs, group member, managers, and group owner all have different benefits once they successfully log into the account. 


As a Group Owner

There are different features that you can access as the group owner on a Venmo group account. As the group owner, you can easily select and remove the three group managers. You also have the privilege of selecting and removing the payment methods. 

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The group owner can make and receive payments, have access to transaction history, and more. While the group owner enjoys numerous privileges, the status also comes with its responsibility.

The group owner will be held accountable for all activities and transactions that take place in the group. You will also be required to refund Venmo in a situation where there is a negative balance


As a Group Manager


A Venmo group account can only have three group managers. When you log in as a group manager, you will be entitled to some of the privileges of the group owner. While you cannot adjust and edit settings, you will have access to monetary transactions. 

By making use of the selected payment method by the group owner, you can perform a payment transaction. You will also be able to make requests for charges and transfer funds to the selected bank account that has been added by the group owner. 

Transaction history can be accessed by the group manager as well while you will also be able to see the last four digits of the group payment methods. You can also view the bank accounts and names.


As a Group Member

Logging in as a group member will allow you to perform your required duty as one. You will be able to successfully pay your dues and perform your assigned task of collecting money. You will also have the access to like and comment on transactions. 


Can You Make A Venmo Account For A Club?


The Venmo beta group account is the ideal account you can open for your club. However, as announced by the company the program is no longer available for new members.  The only available option to create a Venmo account for your club is to create a business profile that can be accessed on the Venmo mobile app. 

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Clubs that have an existing group account can still log in and continue to make use of the account using the desktop and tablet browsers as the option is no longer available on the Venmo mobile app




The Venmo group account is a perfect platform to perform monetary transactions between groups of people. While the service is currently not available, existing users can still log in and make use of their accounts using their desktop and tablet browsers. 

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