What ATM Allows You to Withdraw $1,000?


When you need urgent cash, your best bet is to walk up to the nearest ATM that dispenses cash, punch in the amount you need, and walk out with your money.

It will always work that way without any hitches in a perfect world, but we don’t live in a perfect world.


If you use cash so often, you’ll find yourself looking for what ATM allows you to withdraw $1000 soon enough.

$1,000 is a lot of money, and ATMs can’t disburse lots of cash by design. If everyone is withdrawing a thousand dollars each time, the bank will need to reimburse millions of dollars each day.

To avoid the possibility of this occurrence, banks usually place withdrawal limits on ATMs, which is how much you’ll be allowed to withdraw before you hit the day’s restrictions.

In this article, you’ll learn about banks that allow you to withdraw up to $1,000 from their ATMs every day. Sit back, and read.



What ATM Allow You to Withdraw $1,000


There are many ATMs around, and what they allow you to withdraw depends on numerous factors. However, some banks will let you withdraw a thousand dollars from their ATMs every day, either normally or by some workarounds.

Here are some of the best we’ve come across.


  • Capital One

Capital One has over 2,200 ATM points across the United States. While this number isn’t huge, what is huge about it is that each of the ATM points allows you to withdraw up to $1,000 on a given day.

However, this amount can vary, depending on what kind of account you’re holding with the bank. If the cardholder is less than 18 years, the limits will be halved.

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Also, if you’re not holding an account with Capital One, you might be disallowed to withdraw cash exceeding $600 per day.


  • Citibank

Citibank’s withdrawal limits are also very flexible, depending on the account type you’re holding. The maximum withdrawal limits start at $1,000.

However, if you are holding the Citi Priority Account and the Citigold Account Packages, the limit will be doubled. This means you can withdraw up to $2,000, provided you’re on those packages.

If you find yourself needing lots of cash so often, you might want to consider signing up for either of the packages. They’re much better than creating a regular account.


  • PNC Bank

PNC Bank is also a bank that will pay you over $1,000 at an ATM.

However, regular PNC bank accounts might not have access to withdraw this amount from an ATM on any given day, but you can upgrade your account to get higher withdrawal limits.

PNC Bank will let you know your withdrawal limits as soon as you get your card. For most users and accounts, this should be around $500-$1,000.


  • Santander Bank

Santander Bank is one of the banks with the most generous ATM withdrawal limits in the United States.

Once Santander Bank assigns you a debit card, you will also be assigned a daily spending limit. Your daily spending limit can affect your withdrawal limits, although they’re different.

Say you have a daily spending limit of $5,000 and a maximum ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000. When you spend $4,500 on your card in POS purchases, you are only left with a $500 maximum ATM withdrawal limit.

Santander Bank’s withdrawal limits for an ATM card are $1,000. A Standard Debit card can withdraw $1,000 while a Classic Gold Debit Card and a Platinum Debit Card can withdraw up to $2,500 per day per card.

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This applies to both Santander and non-Santander Bank ATMs, but note that other ATMs might limit you from withdrawing so much.


  • Bank of America

Bank of America also lets you withdraw up to $1,000 daily from any of their designated ATMs. You can also withdraw up to 60 bills at once, either/or.

However, not all ATMs will dispense as high as that for a customer, as there might be a shortage of funds which might result in hoarding.

Your daily ATM withdrawal limits with the Bank of America can be higher or lower, depending on the type of account you’re holding.


How to Increase Atm Withdrawal Limits


If your account or machine doesn’t allow you to withdraw up to $1,000, there are some things you can do to circumvent this restriction. Below are the top recommendations.


  • Try shopping cash-less

Spending limits are usually much higher than ATM withdrawal limits. Instead of walking down to an ATM each time you need to spend, why not checkout directly with your card?

Most retailers have POS machines that allow you to instantly pay with your card without having to withdraw from an ATM.


  • Upgrade your account

Banks tend to prefer certain accounts and cards, thereby giving them higher ATM withdrawal limits and lower fees.

If you find yourself constantly needing cash, you might want to consider upgrading to an account that will give you access to the cash each time, as opposed to waiting for hours for your limit to reset.


  • Request for a temporal increase

Most banks allow you to call in and ask for an ATM withdrawal limit raise if you need that temporarily. You can use this if you need cash urgently, but not consistently.

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Limits are never fun, and ATM withdrawal limits are even more annoying if you’ve ever hit them.

Next time you’re withdrawing from an ATM, you’ll want to make sure you’re using one that won’t limit you so soon.

In this article, I’ve shown you what ATM allows you to withdraw $1000. As far as you do everything right, this is the last guide you’ll ever read.

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