Is Group Go Go Legit? Group Go Go Review


The fact that prices are quite lesser than the original market prices, doesn’t make it Worth it. That is what Group Go Go offers.

Before buying anything from group go, you need to first read this article, because I will be providing you with a complete guide and comprehensive review of Group Go Go, and how legit it is.


Group Go Go, is similar to any shopping site you know online, although there are also other online shopping platforms, like Walmart, and the likes, Group Go Go claims to offer several products for selling.


One important identification of group go is its incredibly low prices.

Prices of products in Group go are extremely low, compared to other online shopping websites, making it a great option for people, who may not have the money to purchase a particular product from other websites like Amazon, or Walmart.

How can you examine how legit the group goes is, in terms of trustworthiness, fulfilling what is stated on their website, so you won’t end up being scammed or entering your private information on a scam website?


Therefore, you can sit back and read the review of the group go online shopping site, before paying for products that interest you on their site.


What is Group Go Go?


Before understanding if group go go is truly legit, then let me give you an understanding of what group go go is.

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Group Go Go is an online shopping site that sells a wide variety of products, ranging from accessories, utensils, gadgets, and lots more.

It offers the functionalities of bidding on certain products for an incredibly low price, compared to the market price.


Is the Group Go Go Legit 


The group go go activities seemed to be a Scam, based on certain factors that we have discovered to be suspicious of their services, which are:


Poor Online Reviews


Online reviews are actually what people say about the products or services that a particular company is offering. 

However,  reviews from popular reviews sites show that the group go go is a scam, this is a result of the pool of dissatisfaction expressed by the users.

Most users who had shopped on this website left some comments that they were defrauded of their money, by not fulfilling the delivery of the product, and therefore, they ended up not seeing the product they ordered, without any refund of money.


Fake Contact Address

The Physical address and phone contact of the group go go website, seems to be fake, and not true, making it a good identification that they are completely fake and not true.


On the group go go website, you will find an address on the site to be 12655 Nw 32 Place, Sunrise, Florida,  which is completely not real and fake, in fact, it doesn’t even belong to any company.


Trusted Seals are Fake

Most Seals you will certainly see on the group go go website, are completely fake, and not true, we figure out that the seals are not from authorized organizations.

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Discount Level

The discount offered on the group go go website is completely a sign of suspicion that their services are not real.

The group go go, and engages in offering incredibly lower prices for a product that isn’t worth it for that offer, and this seems to happen consistently.


Is the Group Go Go Safe?

The Group Go Go Is Completely Not Safe to Shop, Therefore, You Shouldn’t Order Any Product on Their Website, This Is Because You Are Certainly Going to Enter Your Credit Card Details, Which Can Be Used to Carry out Fraudulent Activities on Your Account.

Also, the flag the users’ opinions have on it makes it to be less trusted, simply, most users review complaints on how bad their company is, and not real.


Should I Order from The Group Go Go


You shouldn’t be fascinated by the incredible discounts they have for all their products, the reviews actually show that group go go is not real, and therefore, you can save yourself by not entering your details or your credit card details on the platform.

Other shopping sites sometimes offer discounts on their products and are completely legit.



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Group go go happens not to be trustworthy with their services, and therefore, you shouldn’t order anything on their platform, because, you are certainly not going to get your product delivered, and as well, won’t get refund money back.

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In this article, I have provided you with a complete guide on what group go go is, and the level of trust it has on the side of its users.

Sites like this, that have bad reviews toward them, shouldn’t be taken too seriously, because you might end up being scammed of your money.

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