Is Rewarded Play Legitimate? Rewarded Play Review


We all look for avenues to make money from our smartphones and some avenues gaining momentum today are apps, affiliate marketing sites, and a lot more. These avenues became more prominent during the pandemic as everyone was looking for ways to earn extra income from working from home.

One popular app that has been ginning prominence since its inception is rewarded play.

What is rewarded play? How do they work? Are  They legitimate?” you might ask. 

All these questions and more are going to be addressed in this article. Let us begin!


What is Legitimate Play and How Does It Work?


This is the first question that will come to your mind once you hear that you can get to make money through this app. Rewarded play is an app that assigns some tasks to you daily. This task includes playing some games such as Yahtzee, wheel of fortune, solitaire, and a lot more.

By playing the games the app tells you to play, you get rewarded. Rewards range from coupons to a host of other things.  

The game works in a very simple way.  It mainly works in partnership with advertisers. There are a lot of advertisers looking to promote their mobile apps and games. These advertisers partner with Rewarded Play by offering a certain amount of money to Rewarded Play for its subscribers to play their app. The money is then shared with different individuals in terms of points.

When you have accumulated a certain amount of bonus points, let’s say 40,000, you can convert it to a 5-dollar gift card. 

This app is owned by an American company and it is a pretty straightforward app. All you need to do is simply get registered and you will be good to go. You will be on your way to earning steadily no matter how little the money might be.


Is Rewarded Play Legitimate?


There have been a lot of apps like Rewarded Play which claim to reward people after they do certain tasks. In the end, they never do. This is why you might have some reservations about the legitimacy of rewarded pay

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Well, in my own opinion, this app is legitimate for now. You might be curious as to why I said such, Allow me to indulge you

Rewarded Play has been downloaded by over 1 million individuals on google play. If it isn’t legitimate, it wouldn’t have such a large amount of downloads. Apart from a large number of downloads, if the app wasn’t legitimate, it would have been taken down already as there are would have been complaints from different individuals.

One thing you can check to assure you of Rewarded Play is the comment sections. If there are too many complaints, you can have your reservations. However, there are no complaints at the moment which is another pointer to the legitimacy of the app.

There have been testimonies from different individuals who downloaded the app. It is an app that pays its user. Besides, since it isn’t telling you to pay a certain amount of money, you have nothing much to lose except time. It is a risk that is worth it. Isn’t it?


What are The Advantages of Rewarded Play?


There are a lot of things you will get to enjoy if you decide to use this app to make some extra bucks for yourself. Below is a list of advantages you should consider if you are having reservations about the app.


  • Quick Payout

This is the first thing you should consider if you are looking for reasons why you should try out this app. You will get to enjoy a quick and easy payout once you intend to cash out your bonus points.

Unlike similar apps where you might have to wait for as long as 10 days to 2 weeks, you do not have to wait half as long with Rewarded Play. Once you intend to withdraw or convert your money to a gift card, your gift card or reward will be ready for you in just a matter of hours, at most 3 days.


  • Excellent Customer Service

This is another thing you will get to enjoy if you intend to use Rewarded Play. With this app, you will get to enjoy good and unique customer service. This app prides itself on having efficient customer service that is available 24/7.

Unlike other apps that have poor and inefficient customer service, this app replies to your inquiries in a matter of minutes. If you need any information or you have any problem, contact their customer service and it will be worked on in just a matter of minutes.

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  • Good Selection of Games

If there is one thing that will interest you, it is the fact that you will get to enjoy a good selection of games when using Rewarded Play. You don’t have to worry about playing games you might not like, the games available on Rewarded Play are games that will interest you while making money for yourself.

Another thing you should know is the fact that the games are relatively secure. You do not need to worry about important information on your phone. There are no bugs in the game.


What Are The Cons of Rewarded Play?


Everything that has advantages has disadvantages. While the disadvantages of Rewarded Play are pretty small and insignificant, below are things you should still know for you to have all the necessary information you need.


  • Low Pay

While Rewarded Play might be paying swiftly, it is not necessarily easy to accumulate points on Rewarded Play. You might have to play the game for an extensively long time for you to accumulate a sensible amount of money.

If you dedicate just an hour a day to the app, it might take a long time for you to accumulate a large amount. You have to dedicate much more time for you to have any sensible amount of money.


  • Limited Access

This is another thing that might disqualify you from having access to the app. This app is only available for UK and US residents. If you are outside the 2 places mentioned, you will have a problem downloading and getting registered for the app.

Although you can use a VPN to bypass the restrictions, you should know that it isn’t all VPNs that work for the app.


  • No PayPal

This is another thing you might not like about Rewarded Play. There is no PayPal payment method. The only payment method available for now is just gift cards. If you do not like using the gift card method, you might have a little problem with withdrawals.


How Much Can I Make with Rewarded Play?


There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with rewarded play, it all depends on how much time you put into doing the necessary tasks. You can make as much as 500 dollars for yourself with rewarded play. 

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Rewarded Play is one good method you can use to make money for yourself using your smartphone. All you need to do is to do the tasks assigned to you and you are good to go. You do not have to worth about Rewarded Play being illegitimate, it is a legitimate app that pays and rewards individuals who complete their tasks.


There are some pros and cons of this app, and all of them have been discussed in this article, simply read through and you will get all the information you need about Rewarded Play.

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